Re-cover pool table at roller World in Derby and also work fitting second hand cushion upgrade to snooker table in the Cue Ball Club Derby

Today I have been over to two tables one was a pool table based in roller world in Derby ,
and the other was fitting a set of upgraded second hand cushions to the cue ball club which just happened to be underneath roller world.
Roller worls pool dismantle re-cover
The supreme  winner at roller world had  a few problems with level
This was down to the last cloth being fitted underneath the slate on the edge and packing with beer mats
the main problem with these type of tables is people sitting on them , this results in sagging cabinet
We have a simple solution to fix this
roller world clean out cabinet
If you look closely you will see that I have stapled two strips of cloth on the inner slate support , this was done both sides ( Click on photo to enlarge)
this lifts and supports the center of the slate and helps to eliminate the sagging slate and out of level effect this can have
we also clean out the entire inner of the table and wash down the ball runs of grease and sweat and dust build up , close attention is also given to the ball release system and workings to make sure they are working correct and clean .
a clean inner workings helps to keep the balls running freely , GCL billiards do a thorough job of getting your table playing correct and level using best quality cloth
roller world finished table level
the finished table checked and adjusted for level , recovered in Strachan branded 6811 pool cloth .
cueball fit new cushions old ones off
My second job of the day was to go around the corner and visit Cue Ball club which is just underneath roller world where I re-covered the pool table .
Cue ball has been running under different names for many years and the tables where bought in the 1980s
I gave some advice when the recent management took over about three years ago , and that was to change the cushions over to better standard ones made much more stiffer and out of good Mahogany .
The chance came to replace the cushions when another snooker club closed down and around 11 sets of Riley mahogany cushions and pocket plates came up for low money .
The photo above is the removal of the old cushions
cueball fit new cushions finished
The same table with those newer Riley cushions fitted , we also re-covered the cushions before we fitted them in Hainsworth Match cloth
the table had a recent re-cover just a couple of months ago so the bed cloth is as new .
We have around 10 more tables to upgrade , this will improve the tables vastly . and I am sure the members will notice this
Cue ball Derby has an on going improvement policy to improve the club in decor and equipment and this will put it above the average club who lets there premises stagnate
I am sure with this attitude , The Cue ball club Derby will be a very busy club for many years to come