All gone , NEXT BATCH DUE DECEMBER 2023 , Rent top of the Range Supreme Match table from GCL billiards in Nottingham Derby Area .

Sorry all new stock have gone out on site , last one reserved today for install at the week end to Ashbourne
phoned up today to inquire about more supreme winners and my next order is due December 2023 .
I am going to try another make of table for our rentals , to see if I can get their stock in sooner .

*** £25 a week plus we give you 4 free weeks a year .

Sorry last one now gone , a BRAND NEW STILL IN BOX , 7×4 mechanical coin operated pool table for Rental contracts .
Last one available , 8 month waiting list for next batch to come through .
This is the latest table design by Heywood supreme pool , with grey badge .
It comes in standard 6811 Strachan Green cloth as supplied from Factory …BUT we re-cloth every 6 months on our rental contracts and we can then upgrade you to Hainsworth match cloth .

The Supreme Match table is endorsed by leading professional pool player Gareth Potts .
He says , “The Supreme Match Table delivers a professional ball response at all times , a true market leader in 8 Ball “

We think the latest supreme match table is the best table you can buy or rent .
as used in professional tournaments and finals .

A new set of balls every 12 months with cues and chalk , plus we re-cloth every 6 months .

We prefer Ground floor installations only please .
Photo id driving license required showing proof of renter and position held in club or pub or works canteen to sign for .

What it costs to you to Rent a pool table , under contract from GCL billiards .

A 12 month minimum contract at £100 per month = £25 a week with 4 weeks free per year .
the rental costs is all you pay , you will have no maintenance fees like re-clothing , replacement cushions or coin mech or balls and cues .
and we are not like other firms who re-cloth now and again to suit them , we re-cloth every 6 months each re-cloth is worth £325 so £650 worth of re-cloths is included in your rental agreement , plus replacement cues and balls yearly on the signing of a new contract .
we like to keep within 15 miles of our base here in Long Eaton Nottingham NG10 4JU , this ensures that we can safely say we can keep up with maintenance program , and not when we are in the area like other pool rental firms .

12 month initial rental period then an ongoing 6 months contract after this , renew on each re-cloth after the initial first 12 months

Contact Geoff at GCL billiards now to reserve this table for your establishment , ” IT’s OUR LAST RENTAL TABLE IN STOCK ” there will be a long waiting list for more tables we order .

*** POOL TABLE and accessories remain the property of GCL billiards at all times , THIS IS Rental agreement contract not a hire purchase one .
*** We do not do Hire purchase .