Full size Burroughs and Watts Snooker table for sale in Cheshire…….OFFERS

We have a client who is keen to have removed a Burroughs and Watts full size snooker table that is situated in a basement.  The table has a life pool scoreboard included, but this is in a very sad state of disrepair.

Please study the following Photo’s of this fine old table and if you are interested I will put you in touch with the owners.

The table is in Mahogany and has medium to thin tulip legs which date from around 1880 to 1900.  The cushions date from after 1896 as they are not the older top plate design, so this table may have had an upgrade of cushion in its early life or was made to have the older thinner type Victorian tulip legs.

The life pool scoreboard has all the slide out life panels missing and the markers have also fallen off the board, but it has a ball box at the base which looks ok !

This Burroughs and Watts table has STANDARD cushions, they are not steel block.  The name plate refers to a re-rubber in a later life when the Eureka cushion rubber was used.

GCL Billiards would be happy to quote for dismantle and transportation and set up of this table, but the owners are also offering to quote for dismantle and delivery.

We would recommend that a proper professional time served billiards fitter puts the table back up, or you  you may want to go down a lower cost option of picking up the table yourself and just getting a billiards fitter in to re-erect.

Cheshire burroughs and watts FS cheshire B&Watts re-rubber plate eureka cheshire B&w tulip leg cheshire b&w old falling apart scoreboard cheshire B&W cushions ball in pocket

Selling a table or tables? Please read if you want to advertise free of charge on GCL Billiards web site

We are getting a few people leaving a message in the comments section in the for sale section of our blog and just phoning leaving a message for me to phone back.  We do allow you to sell your table free of charge, but please do it in the following manner:

Email c.large@btinternet.com do not leave a message for me to contact in the message section as you are just asking me go around the roundabouts to read this when a direct email is the way to do this.

GCL Billiards do not buy tables.  We are not interested in buying any full sized snooker table.  We are 100% maintenance only. BUT WE DO offer a free service to advertise them on our web site.

When you email please describe the table and have your contact details for telephone number and email address and a postcode where the table is located.  Also state if any stairs or steps are involved in taking the table out.

Send an email to GCL Billiards attaching three to five photos of the table showing the whole table by using a digital camera.  Most iphone pics are not good enough so we cannot use them.  Photos to include the main table showing it in full, including legs, a close up of the leg, a close up of the pocket openings (centre and corner with a ball in the opening) plus any photos of scoreboards and accessories.  Please state what is in with the sale, an iron for example.

Just sending me a messsage with “we have 7 full size tables for sale at reasonabale price, please get in touch” is not the way to go about it.  It is you who is trying to sell, I am providing a FREE service, so please do not make my job hard by giving me the task of doing all the running around for you.  Just follow the procedure above, send photos, with contact details and asking price, plus list any stairs etc.  It is so simple that way, all I have to do is paste the photos and do a little description of the tables from the photos and list it.  This takes very little time for me to do.

We do offer this free advertising service in the hope that whoever buys will use GCL Billiards skilled fitting services to move and assemble the table.

Our sales section has worked for people and tables have been sold on.  Not everyone uses GCL Billiards to move the table, but some do and that is why we set up this free advertsing offer.  Please use us, we want you to use the for sale section, but please do it using the information set out above.

Again to make things more simple:

Photos and description plus asking price and contact details to c.large@btinternet.com .

If you are not sure about value, ask for Geoff to value it based on what tables are selling for in the current market.

*****any comments enquiries left in the for sale section under our advertisements will have to be removed *****

I’m afraid we are very busy and just do not have the time to chase them up, we only answer the email enquiries for items to be put  in the for sale section.

Graeme Dott’s steel block full size snooker table for sale…………….NOW SOLD



**** stop press just been informed that Graeme will accept just £900 for this steel block table as he requires the room , so first come first served .****
Email bigandy@mail2world.com  £900 for a 2006 world champions personal practice home  table that is a BARGAIN.



As always, if anyone would like a quote for removing the table, transporting and then re-erecting in a new location, please send details to me, Geoff Large, at c.large@btinternet.com ,just reference it Graeme Dott’s table quote.

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NOW SOLD to a buyer in Norfolk who spotted it in our for sale section .

Our clients are pleased to inform us that they have secured a buyer through a GCL Billiards Advert to a buyer  in Norfolk
GCL Billiard has secured the work of dismantle and move plus any other work that the buyer wishes us to carry out .
We have sold three 9ft tables through GCL billiards FREE to ADVERTISE blog , this puts the buyer in direct contact with the seller cutting out any middleman profit , we feel this helps secure a sale and hopefully as in this case , secure GCL billiards the work of moving the table .
We have the men and Equipment and the Billiards fitting expertise to carry out this work with no fuss and we also carry Public Liability insurance .
if you have a Billiard / Snooker or pool table you wish to sell , then please consider GCL billiards Free Advert Blog as a form of getting youre table noticed within the community , having this past year sold 3 of these 9ft tables and helped to move on some full sized tables from the free advertising , It proves our adverts do reach the right people who are looking for a table .
9ft orme near worksop retford
As you can see the table is located in a garage or workshop.  The table is ideal for two markets, someone who requires a low cost table of good build quality for their garage or outbuilding, or someone who wishes to have the table fully restored or part restored for use in the home.  The woodwork has marks from use and the cloth may be ok for the garage, but if putting the table inside then maybe a re-cover in nice new Strachan 6811 Tournament cloth would transform the playing surface.
9ft orme near worksop
Room size you would require is 19 feet by 14 feet 6 inches in order to have good cue room around the table.
Is this the table you have been looking for?  If so contact Geoff at c.large@btinternet.com  I can even arrange for you to try the table out before buying.
9ft orme badge retford
The genuine Orme & Sons Ivory name plate , you can tell it is real ivory by the grain of the elephant tusk in the background of the plate , sometimes known as cross hatch pattern.  Although it says “established in 1845” the table is circa 1901 to 1910 as referenced to by “appointment to King Edward VII”.  This is a well made table, made by one of the top billiard houses of the 19th and 20th century.