Back to Lincoln for new pro snooker light installation in log cabin

log cabin lights fitted
Today I have been back over to Lincoln to install the new pro lighting to the table I put in the Log cabin about two weeks ago.  The owner phoned our contact/agent in lincoln for GCL Billiards to come over and install ASAP.

It was a very tricky install because of the low roof and those beams.  The lights had to be fitted directly to the beams and a strengthening wood plank put up between the beams to support the lights and keep them together.

The Owner was delighted with the new lighting, there was no way a coffin type shade would have fitted to the roof without it being too low.

Cost of the new lighting starts at just £240 for a full size plus miles travelled to fit.  This lighting install with travelling costs was quoted at £310 fitted with two spare tubes.  Two photos below before lights were fitted.  Note that we covered the slate bed of the table with blankets as well as a heavy duty cover and we check for level and adjust after fitment of lighting.  Our pricing for these lights is very competitive.  You just have to check what they sell for on ebay to find out we are the best solution for pro snooker lighting.

We also give a discount for two lights fitted in the same club on the same day.
log cabin fitting lights
Barton table in Log Cabin

SIR WILLIAM BENTLEY 8FT SNOOKER POOL DINING TABLE FOR SALE, with an added table tennis top for dual purpose games

We have a client who is looking to sell on a 8ft x 4ft Sir William Bentley pool and snooker, dual purpose and dual height dining table, which also has the added bonus feature of a table tennis top.  We have no photo as yet but will post as soon as we get them.

The table is located in the Scottish borders, but GCL BILLIARDS can provide a quote to pick the table up and deliver.

Here are a few designs that Sir William Bentley have made in the past.  I am not yet sure if the table in question is of the same design as one of these or it maybe a copy of the traditional Riley raise and fall diner with turned and fluted legs, but you can be sure it is of the same build quality.  Costing nearly £4,000 delivered and installed when new.

Dining tables should have a dual height format whereby the table in its low postion is for dining and in its raised position it is for playing the game of snooker or pool on.

I am awaiting instructions from our clients as to the price they require for the table but it is in their benefit and any future buyer to get it advertised ASAP for the christmas market, hence the rushed advert.  I feel this table would make an excellent Christmas present for a house.  A nice dining table for the wife which would seat 10 maybe 12 people and a cue sports table of decent size for the husband. I am told the table is in immaculate condition.

Please note that the photos are from libary photo stock.  Please await actual photos for the exact design.

Enquiries to c.large@btinternet please put (re sir willam bentley table with enquiry)