ERIC CLAPTON’S old 3/4 size snooker table for sale (9ft x 4ft 6 inch)

I have for sale a much cherished 3/4 sized snooker table that Eric Clapton gave his ex wife Pattie Boyd when she was setting up a new home.  The table once stood at Eric’s house and studio named Hurtwood Edge in surrey and some serious rock gods have played on this table – Jeff Beck, Ronnie Wood, The Stones, The Beatles etc.  If the table could tell a story of the wild parties that are well documented in Erics and Pattie’s autobiographies!

Hurtwood Edge, Eric’s country home in surrey where he also had a studio and where the table originaly came from before Pattie sold it to me.
Pattie was also married to George Harrison and the song Layla and wonderfull tonight was penned by Eric who wooed her away from George. but they remained good friends .

The table is a 9ft by 4ft 6 inch, a true 3/4 sized table.  These tables hold their value as they are sought after due to them not being full size ,there are houses with enough room to house a 3/4 sized table where a full size table would be too large so they are much sought after and are thin on the ground unlike full size tables.

The table is a Palmer & sons circa 1900 so just over 100 years old and is mahogany with 6 turned legs.  I did not take photo of it when it was up, but will take some of the legs and end cushion name plate.  I will rerubber the table, recover it, and put new nets and leathers on.  If the new owner would like a full repolish then that is down to them, but I could get this done for an additional cost.  I would rather keep it as it is with its original polish and a few marks here and there just as it stood in Hurtwood Edge.

I have a signed provenance from Pattie Boyd that the table was from Hurtwood edge and owned by Eric.  Eric recently sold all of his Guitars in the famous Crossroads auction and many of these where priced at way over what most people could afford. Blackie the worn out stratocaster Eric played so often getting a final bid of  $959,500 in 2004 a world record for a guitar at that time.  By comparison, in 2004 Britney Spear’s used chewing gum sold for $14,000

I am a big Clapton fan.  I have experienced the 60s and the 70s and lived through that period as a young teenager and Eric inspired me to pick up a Fender stratocaster and play in a Rock & Blue’s band myself for around 10 years , I play hank Marvin instumental’s at home now, but now and again play Bad Love and some of the Who’s classic rock theme’s.

I shall regret selling the table as I always thought I would have a games combined music room , but I have decided to sell now and invest the money into Pool table stock for the rental side of the business, as we have had many enquiries for pool table hire .

 A  fantastic piece of provenance of a Rock God who is still alive and kicking and still playing the blues and long may he live , if you have a games or music room large enough and like rock and blues , here is a centre piece for that room and a good talking point of famous ownership. I am not asking for the same amount as a John Lennon rolls royce or Elvis’s Cadilac , or Britney Spear’s used gum .

If it sells then it sells if not I still get to keep it . The table could be pallatised and shipped to the USA if fans that side of the pond would like it , but at their cost of shipping and insurance.

Photo’s to follow

Open up pockets on a modern snooker table for teaching aid in Nottingham, plus coaching scheme for up and coming younger players

Today I have been over to one of our regular clients whose table I have recovered around three times now.  My client has recently passed his coaching course and is awaiting DBS clearance to work with young snooker players to coach them to a higher level of play.

In readiness to coach these younger players, it was recommended to him that to keep them interested in the game, they should play on a table with wider pocket openings.  As our client has his own personal table, he decided to widen the pocket openings from match play 3.5 inches (as seen on TV) to 3 3/4 inches, a 1/4 of an inch wider.
The pocket opening after the alteration is now 3 3/4 inches at the drop of the slate fall.

We will keep you informed about our client’s new venture, and if any young person, male or female, wishes to have a personal snooker coach, then our client has the facility to coach one-on-one or to small groups of 2 to 4 persons.
The excellent Riley Aristocrat snooker table in light oak is now ready for coaching, having just undergone pocket widening and the fitting of a brand new Strachan 6811 Tournament 30 oz all wool cloth.  The room is fully heated and the table plays very fast and true.  It also benefits from pro-style lighting and Aramith Pro 1G snooker balls.

Open up corner pockets on full size snooker table in Blackburn

Today I have been up to Blackburn to do a variety of improvements on a full size snooker table in a private house.  The main work was to open up the pocket openings which where close to 3.3/8ths at the fall, and to make them 3.5/8th at the fall to template angle.  Here are a few photo’s of how I went about completing this work and other improvements on this table.
Blackburn cloth turned back on each corner
The first thing I did was to remove the cushions and strip back the cloth at each corner pocket, then refit to see the actual size of the openings without cloth over top of the rubber .
Blackburn template too big for pocket opening
As you can see from above photo, the template is not fitting into the pocket openings as they are too tight.  Professionals play on 3.5 inch openings, most clubs play on 3.5/8th to 3.3/4 openings.  These were too small at 3.3/8th opening.
Blackburn pen line on pocket rubber before cut
Pen marking the rubber using the template as a guide, we are ready to start cutting a new angle more suited for a home play table, as the owner was having problems getting a ball to fall on 3.3/8th pocket openings.
Blackburn cutting rubber opening pockets up
Cutting the rubber with a very sharp knife to just inside of the pen line, we then finish off the cut by sanding back so that the pen line just disappears .
Blackburn template in corner fitted snug
Where once the template did not fit, we have opened the pockets up so that the template fits nice and snug.  The pockets are now 3.5/8th at the fall of the slate.
Blackburn Riley bracket with bolt new
This table has adjustable slate supports in the centre of the table, we call these slate supports muntins.
I do not know why ?  but the firm that installed the table had left two brackets off, so our client’s father made two new ones, and the other four brackets had the adjustable bolt missing so the centre muntins did not support the centre of the slate.  It is important that the slates are supported along the middle of the table, if not you get what is known as slate sagging.  This will mean a ball played down each side rolling inwards from each side, and this can only be rectified by lifting and supporting the slate in the centre of the table .  So with two new replacement brackets and 6 new bolts we have rectified this problem.
Blackburn all brackets now working with bolts
A view along the underside of the frame showing three of the adjustable brackets supporting the muntins (centre slate support beams). A simple yet effective way of supporting the slate allowing for adjustment.
Note the leg looks like it is off the floor, this because the firm that fitted the table used round shims under square legs.
Blackburn packed slate with window shims
You may remember I did a write up about this table a few weeks back, showing packing that had been inserted and also a problem with slate falls not being the correct shape (see above photo).  Those packers are double glazing shims for aligning UPVC windows to the outer brick opening!  It was obvious that the client would spot this and ask for a second opinion, and then the other problems became apparent.

The client informed me that the seller of the table had replaced the slate for much better ones with good slate fall shape, and had made good the packing by removing it and getting the table much more level.

I was bought in to finish off the job to a higher standard, and this I achieved, by making it possible for the client to make shots into the corners that he is more confident in potting and not to get frustrated at too tight a pocket to aim for.  Also to make sure the table was level and would stay level by making sure the adjustable muntin brackets worked and the two missing ones replaced.  Finally to remove the round packing shims under the legs that made it look like the leg was off the floor and put square custom, made on site, shims to fit perfect.  This took me 15 minutes with a mitre saw and a piece of scrap plywood. All my client has to do now is to stain the edge of these square shims to match the frame colour mahogany, and finally play on the table  making some good high breaks.
Blackburn finished with templates in
As you can now see the templates including the middles now fit perfect
Blackburn jeremy finished table
The finished table set up ready to play.  I am sure our client and his Father-in-Law who kept me supplied with tea all day will have many a happy hour spent on this table now it is playing correct.

I also took the nets up one loop as the client was complaining of balls getting stuck in  sagging nets.  By taking up one loop the net sag disappeared.  I also wrapped each end of the net around the wire loop screw rather than tacking it!

The pocket plates were also loose and screws had been stuck into the lug holes to try and lift them up and stop them rattling.  A simple thin strip cloth packing inserted into the twin lug holes was all it required to make the two pin pocket plates fit tight and not sag down.

Next month I am opening up another full size snooker table’s pocket openings to 3.3/4 inch.  This is because that client is now a qualified development coach.  He has sought advice from other coaches and they recommend larger pockets for young people who are new to the game. By having 3.3/4 inch pockets they will gain confidence and mature into good players who will then go on to play on tables with tighter pockets with that confidence.  Otherwise they may just give up because they have not gained that confidence and experience of potting balls and making breaks.

This makes sense to me, but some good players frown upon it.  What they do not realise is confidence is the main thing to build on, the skill factor comes next.

I often tell them a story about a young teenager I knew back in the 1980’s playing in a club in Sutton in Ashfield in Nottinghamshire.  He was playing on pockets that were close to 4 inches!  I made a remark to him, “you will not make it as a pro playing on pockets that large”.  That young man was Gary Wilkinson.  He was once ranked 5th in the world!

Replace standard Snooker cushions with steel block cushions on this Oak Riley Square leg in Derby

The majority of Snooker / Billiard tables were made in Mahogany, so finding second hand cushions in oak is not an easy thing to do, finding them with steel cushions is almost impossible.  But I managed to track a set down for my second cousin and old school friend Mick Kirkham.

Last Christmas I installed a snooker table that Mick had bought many years previously from Anthony Hamilton, the snooker player from Nottingham, and had it installed in an outside barn.  This time he was having it put in a new extension basement purposely built for the table. Mick and his Brother totally stripped and renovated all the wood work on the frame and the standard Riley cushions, before I re-rubbered them and erected the table.

Here are a few photo’s of that install last year. Before I show the upgrade to Burroughs and Watts period steel cushions circa 1895.
slate in basement lowering in
Mick used a crane to load the slates into  the basement before he capped a floor over the basement

When first installed Mick had the original set of Riley cushions on.  He had heard of steel block cushions and he said if I ever came across a period set of steel cushions with oak surround he would upgrade to these.
Above photo: the table when finished in December 2013.
Again a photo of his original Riley oak cushions in December 2013 when I put new Northern rubber onto them and cut the pockets for this Riley table .
Kirkham cushion son before recover of steels
11 months later November 2014 , and above you see the same table but this time I have just fitted the steel cushions and had re-rubbered these cushions and re-cut the pocket openings and  angles to Professional template size.
The above photo shows the cushions after this successful operation.  I call this the dry run fitment to make sure everything aligns up.  It is always best to re-rubber on the table the cushions are going on and not to guestimate the pocket openings on a work bench.
You will see we are protecting the bed cloth with sheets of cardboard during this fitting process.
kirkham corner template uncovered steels in position
This next photo shows the replacement second hand steel cushions on the table with the template fitted snug within the jaws of the pocket opening.
Note the thickness of the steel plate, on this early prototype steel set the plate is 1/2 inch thick, on late steels they are 3/8th thick.  Also the end of the steels is angled on early sets and straight on later sets as the next two photos will show.
There are not many early 1/2 inch thick sets of steel cushions around so an even rarer find with this set.
Kirkham early type angle steel ends
In this photo my finger is pointing to the angle of the steel plate where it meets the end tack wood block.   These end blocks are very difficult to make as you have to work to angles and rebates to make them.
As you cans see from this later edition steel cushion the angle is now not here and the steel is longer to almost come to the end before the end tack block is seen.  You can also get other variations of steels with compound angles where the actual steel is also bevelled at the ends, this is how the modern steel block cushion you see on star tables today have evolved.  Burroughs and Watts were experimenting as they went along in production, so it is easy to spot an early type built around the time they first used steels in the year 1895/6.
Early type had thicker steel and angles on the end.
Kirkham shavings with slips on table
I add this photo to show my fitting friends in Canada that you actually shave slips of wood down to trap the cushion cloth into the back routed out slot in the steel cushion and not use spray on glue contact adhesive
Kirkham slip in back of steels
This photo shows the planed down slip inserted by tapping in with a flat thin plate into the rear of the steel cushion, that is what the slot on the rear of steel cushions is for.
Note the Strachan 6811 tournament cloth, this is what we recommend for good quality play and good life span. 100% pure new wool no man made fibre mix with this cloth, as Tina Turner sang, it’s simply the best !
Kirkham corner steels template in
Kirkham centre steels template in
The above two photo’s show the cushions fitted tot he Riley table, and with the templates in position fitting snug.  We also fitted a new set of Peradon leathers and best quality nets.
When mick tried to strip the cushions of the oak Steel surrounds, they would not stain up light oak, this was down to the age of the oak and the stains it had taken before not coming out, so he stained it a honey oak and also re-stained the frame to match.
kirkham riley steels finished spot endkirkham-finished-table-610x457
As you can see the table in 2013 with standard cushions and the table in 2014 with steel cushions fitted
Kirkham old cushions stacked up
This leaves Mick with a problem with what to do with a fantastic condition set of Riley oak cushions that will fit a Riley table with welsh slate and 5 bolt holes on the side cushions.  I have instructed him to put them up for sale on my web site for £350 the set.
They come with new Northern rubber fitted in December 2013 at a cost of £325, all the wood work repaired some with new bottom mouldings, sealed and finished and come complete with the original pocket plates and nets and leathers.
Anyone who has an old oak Riley table with knackered cushions that require a re-rubber and also broken wood work, then look no further. These cushions would be a much better buy than having your old cushions re-rubbered and the wood renovated.
Kirkham set of old riley cushions and pocket plates

They come with all slide in panels and an end Riley name plate period to the table, and the cushion cloth has not had more than 40 games played on it.

I will be advertising this set of cushions for sale in the for sale section of our web site so if you are interested in them please phone Geoff on 07753466064 , it will be cash on collection from Ockbrook near Derby.

Scotland trip just over the borders to Greenlaw near Coldstream Full size snooker table move to Marchmont House

We have just been over the border into Scotland to a large country house that is having a full makeover.  Marchmont House is a very large Palladian house built for Hugh Hume-Campbell, 3rd Earl of Marchmont in 1750.

The house was sold in the early part of the twentieth century to Captain Sir John Helias Finnie McEwen.  He inherited a considerable fortune from his uncles who had built the harbour at Rio de Janeiro.  Much later the house was sold to Sue Ryder Care and was a nursing home during the 1980s.

It is now in the hands of a multi-website search provider (sorry I do not like to disclose my clients full details as privacy is part of my client’s privilege).

The house is having extensive restoration to put it back as one of the best maintained and refurbished country houses of Scotland.  The house has an approach avenue looking east that is believed to be the longest approach avenue in Scotland for any country house.
The avenue marchmont house winter
A scene of the avenue in winter.

I was contacted by my client’s agents who enquired about moving a full size snooker table that was located at a nearby farm, transporting it over to Marchmont House and replacing what was necessary to put the table into good playing order.  Here are few photos of that actual move:
The farm building that the table was housed in before the move.
Driving up to to Marchmont House.  As you can see, plenty of builder’s vans on site.
The frame of the table installed into the room.  We just unloaded all of the woodwork through the large sash ground floor window from our van parked just outside.
P1020915 P1020916
A rotating cue rack and Life Pool scoreboard also came with the table.
You can just make out the manufacturer’s name in the top of the leg …THURSTON & Co.
The slates were then wheeled on a piano trolley around the long corridor to the room and placed on the frame.  We got as far as levelling the table, plastering the joints and stripping a couple of cushions ready for the next day’s work.

I think we did very well setting off from Nottingham at around 7am, getting up to Greenlaw at around 12.30pm, booking in at the B&B, then off to the farm to dismantle and load, then up to the main house to unload and get to this stage.

It was a little dusty as you can see from the camera flash after sanding the slate joint filler down flush, but here you can see we placed the old cloth onto the table to protect the cushions as we were recovering them.
P1020925 P1020926 P1020927
The new cloth just about to go on.  Note the brand used, we always recommend Strachan 6811 Tournament 30 oz cloth.
P1020928 P1020929
The finished table.  We also waxed all the woodwork and buffed it up.  The outbuilding that was used for the table in the farm before we moved the table had chickens in.  Some had got in from the barn next door and covered the table with feathers and chicken poop.  We finished off with new nets leathers and rails.

We set back off to Nottingham at approx. 1.45pm and arrived home at 5.30pm.  The table did not require a re-rubber as the cushions had been re-blocked and new rubber fitted during some work in the recent past.  The ball responding around 7 rebounds around the table and 4.5 runs on the length which is very good for standard cushions.

All that is required now is for the electricians to put the new lighting up.  We have recommended that they look at our for sale section where a private seller is advertising a set of old gas lamp look-a-like electrical Victorian period reproduction lights.  They repainted the old coffin shade seen to the right of the photo above, so they have a choice.  But what do you think would look right in this period house?  A light like this in the photo below or the coffin shade?
fancy lighting from sir willam bentley billiards
The actual lights for sale.
old gas type snooker lighting swbentley
A library photo of what they look like fitted above a table.

I would like to thank our client’s agent, Hugh, for using GCL Billiards to carry out the work to move the table.  We are extremely grateful and privileged to carry out the work at such a nice and interesting home.

GCL Billiards undertake all types of table removals and relocations around the UK, some in houses as grand as this and others in garden sheds.  It makes no difference to us, we treat every client on the same level.
Next month we have a table to relocate from West Sussex to a garden summer house.  The work will be the same dismantle, load, unload and assemble.  You can be sure we will pay as much attention to detail as we have installing this table at Marcmont House to your pride and joy.

We are very busy at the moment but we can still find time to fit you in if you book us well in advance.  If you know you have a table that requires work in the near future please do not leave it until the last minute to book us in, act now to avoid a long wait.  We are very popular and we do not charge VAT.

8ft x 4ft solid oak snooker table …TABLE NOW RESERVED BY BUYER.,

TABLE HAS NOW BEEN RESERVED ! so taken off sale .

Due to a mix up in size of table (size provided by the seller who mistook it for a 9ft), the Enbild 8ft x4ft table is back up for sale, but this time it is not located down south but in our workshop dismantled and bubble wrapped ready for delivery with all parts present and correct.

The original buyer requires an oak 9ft table, so we are looking around for one.  Unfortunately they did not want to cut corners and come down to an 8ft as they have space for a 9ft, which I fully understand.  They thought they were buying a 9ft and when we arrived to take the table down we found it was an 8ft table, so the deal fell through.  But we had travelled all the way down to Torquay in Devon to pick this table up for the buyer, so we did a deal with the seller which resulted in us bringing the table back to our workshop for sale.

The mix up was not the fault of the buyer and the seller has been good about it to GCL Billiards as they admitted the fault in the measurements.

This table will make an ideal Christmas present, and the build quality is second to none.  Where would you find another built so solid out of solid hard woods with hand floated slates ?

8ft snooker tables built with 6 legs to this standard are very thin on the ground.  The slate support muntin’s also come up to meet the slate which is a very good feature as you will not get slate sagging.

Interested ? contact Geoff on 07753466064 or email

Enbild were a Billiards firm based in Liverpool and made good solid tables in Oak and Mahogany.  They were well known for hand floating every set of slates that came in from Italy.

This table is the better solid oak wood finish.  The legs are extremely heavy, and are very chunky with a large turn to them.  There is a matching scoreboard and a wall cue rack also in oak, and a nice wood canopy lighting shade in gold finish.
9ft enbile torquay pocket opening
GCL Billiards are now the owners of this table, and you will be buying direct from GCL Billiards.
The table can be bought as it is collected from NG10 near Nottingham with original cloth, or with a full recover in Strachan 6811 cloth delivered and set up.

The table will come with 6 cues and three rests.  The table has some second hand balls with it for snooker and for pool.  The snooker set is full sized balls.
Room Size for this table, ideal 18ft by 14ft is required with a full size cue.  If you used the smaller 4ft cue then 14ft by 12ft.  Of course you could have a very long room with 18ft width and place this at one end sideways and still have plenty of room for other use.
9ft enbild torquay rack full of cues
Above the nice matching scoreboard .
The colour of the table is light golden oak which would suit many modern homes which have oak embellishments such as skirting windows or doors plus oak beams
The above photos do not show the true colour so we have better close up shot
KODAK Digital Still Camera
KODAK Digital Still Camera
The leg design on this Enbild makes it the top model Grand duke.  Apart from the odd ding this table’s woodwork is almost as new, it has only seen very light use, although the cloth has very deep cue stab marks in so the table ideally should have a new cloth on bed and cushions.

The rubber bounce is fine.  We have the ball hitting seven cushions on throw around and 4 to 5 runs on up and down run when thrown too.
The table has had home use since the 1980s/90s, there is a supplying firm based in Liskeard Cornwall.

We are a little out of pocket due to our trip down to Devon, which is why we have ended up owning the table.  Please get in touch with Geoff at GCL Billiards to discuss what type of sale you would require.  Price will depend on how much work we have to put into the table, delivery and set up costs.  We require your post code and if any stairs are involved in the install process of getting this table relocated and set up.

We are willing to sit on this table for a while so if you require it for say a Christmas present, we can hold on to it complete the cushion recovering and deliver say a few days before Christmas or a Birthday ?

You will not find better build quality for made in the UK table, at the price we are prepared to sell this table at.

Phone around the top UK makers to see what a 6 legged table built to this spec would cost you.  The price for a 8ft to 9ft would be approx. the same.  Then phone Geoff to see what you can have this table for.  Not many 8ft snooker tables with 6 legs come onto the market in solid oak under £4,000 custom built most are 4 legs at £2995 and I doubt you will see  another one with these thick sized turned legs.

*** please note *** This table has a three section slate bed with proper bolt into slate cushion fixings, unlike many 8ft tables that just wood screwed fixings of cushion with bad bounce and thin one piece slate beds.  Although we do not recommend upstairs locations for this table, with it having a three section slate bed it is much easier to locate upstairs than a one piece 8ft slate bed table.

Also note it has 6 legs, some 8ft tables are built with just 4 corner legs, result is a sagging slate bed towards the middle, the span of 8ft is just too much to not have centre legs to support it.

A 4 leg table is not as good buy as a 6 legged table and that is fact known from experience of working on snooker tables for nearly 40 years.  Take a look at the photo below, it looks good ?

In reality this table over time will sag down in the centre as the heavy slate deforms the side wood rails downwards. This table is a low cost Chinese Riley copy …… our Enbild 8ft is a much better buy.
8ft with 4 legs

Do not be tempted by low cost buys such as this table ! unless you know what you are buying .

8ft table 4 legs square

Just for comparison this 8ft with 4 square legs but fancy veneer is £2995 brand new by a top UK manufacturing billiards firm.  We think our Enbild 6 legged 8ft is a better buy than this and our low price including fitting will amaze you !

Still interested ?  Then don’t delay we expect to sell the table by Christmas, be the first to reserve it.

Re-cover / Re-rubber plus fit new rosettes to Cox and Yeman Snooker table in Nottinghamshire

Monday and Tuesdays work, strip and re-rubber with best Northern Rubber made just down the road at Retford, a Cox and Yeman full size snooker table in North Nottinghamshire close to the Lincolnshire border.

We then re-covered the bed and cushions in best Strachan 6811 Tournament grade cloth.  We also sorted out a contact in Ireland for our client who had some original Cox and Yeman rosettes which are used for cushion bolt covers.  These are made from bronze but there was not a full set.

We sourced a foundry in Retford who cast some new rosettes, then sourced a new tap and drill set to re-tap a new thread into the original Cox and Yeman cushion bolts and supplied new brass securing screws for the rosettes.

You may also note we replaced the coffin shade with new high frequency soft white lighting, which really lights the table up.

We like to feel we went a little further than most billiard firms would do, to source original Cox and Yeman rosettes with the help of a billiard firm in Ireland (thank you Gerard) and then to find contacts and suppliers for the owner to make some new ones from a mould of the originals.  It was a task that we where happy to complete.

Look at the following photos of the table with the new rosettes fitted.

We completed this work over two days taking our time to make sure all the work was completed to a high standard.  The pockets where also opened up to 3 5/8ths at the fall when we cut the new rubber pocket openings.

Below: some very strange pocket plates on this Cox and Yeman.  Large horse shoe designed corner pocket plates with screw lugs and the centre pocket plate has large tapered square lugs.
cox and yeman pocket plates screw hole cox and yeman centre pocket square lug
Below when viewed directly from above the opening, the size of pocket is 3 5/8ths at the fall.  The table before the re-rubber had different sized pockets from 3 3/8ths to 3 1/2 inch.  The owner was having difficulty in getting good breaks on the table.  We fitted the lighting a few weeks back and this improved his game, but with the new pocket openings I am sure he will be getting above the 50 which is his highest break so far.

cox yeman three and five eighths opening
Below a ball in the opening of the fall to show how it measures up.  We try to aim for 3 5/8th pocket openings but after the fall on these standard cushions the opening narrows to 3 1/4 inch.  We do get a few people trying to compare a standard wood cushion with a steel block opening.  We have to point out that some cushion’s woodwork will not allow for the rubber to be cut back after the fall to the same size or larger as was the case with this table.
cox yeman recutt pockets ball
Below: the original rosette.  All the new ones were cast from a sand mould taken from this rosette.
cox yeman rossettes original
Below: the new brass rosettes covering the cushion bolt heads.  This design of bolt cover was only used by Cox & Yeman.
cox yeman new rosettes Brass
Below: a side view of the table showing the rosettes.  These are the new brass ones cast at a local foundry in Retford for very little money.
cox yeamn table side

Below: the re-rubbered cushions being re-covered and new slips fitted.  Note the slate joints have been raked out of old crumbling plaster of paris and filled with soft sand car body filler.
cox & yeman recoverin the cushions new slips
Below: the new high frequency white light lighting.
cox & yeman lights

Below: the finished table

Cox Yeman table

Customer’s photo of finished table with balls set up

cox and yeman good photo
And customers comments about the work GCL Billiards Carried out


I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you again for the work you did on my table.  We’ve played about a dozen frames on it so far and I am extremely pleased with it.  Playing on the new table is a completely different experience: it is very fast and the cushions are much more responsive than before.  Of course my position play is now all over the place because the white ball no longer ends up where it used to – but I am sure I will get used to the new speed. It has become, by quite some way, the best table that I have played on.

I look forward to seeing you for a restretch in a year’s time.

Best wishes


, NOW GONE another table scrapped , slate’s and frame recycled and cushions being relocated to another table.

We have a client who is looking to sell their old type full size table. NOW DISMANTLED AND RECYCLED .

We had no choice but to recycle the slates within the building trade and the frame to the furniture trade , but we managed to use the Steel Block Burroughs and watts cushions and pocket plate’s on another table which had very bad split woodwork , so like to think we have saved at least part of this table within the Cue sports trade.

As with all our clients, it is free to advertise tables.  We do this in the hope that any buyer will use the services of GCL Billiards to move the table and any work they may require on the table etc.  Please take note this table is in an UPSTAIRS LOCATION.  We have people skilled in the art of billiard fitting and only a qualified person should attempt to take this table apart.  A lot of damage or injury could be the result if unskilled labour is used and could cost you in the long run.  We have the right equipment to move the slates which in an upstairs location can be a nightmare for unskilled people to move.
coventry table b&Watts ball
Not too sure but the table may be a Burroughs and Watts make.  The leg and cushion design certainly looks from that maker although the last people to work on the table where Halls Billiards.
Coventry table leg B&Watts
The table in it’s full glory
Coventry table full size photo