3 weeks GCL billiards closed for Holidays and Building work ….no phones will be answered during this period .

I have now broke up for Holidays  and Home building work being carried out , I will be taking three weeks off from Saturday the 4th September
Very busy with work booked in for when we start back again end of September .
To book work in for October and November and beyond please phone after 27th September .
Sorry for any disappointment in anyone trying to contact us during this period of closure .
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Geoff Large
GCL billiards

Closed all day 16th August 2021 …Family funeral .

Sorry to say we are unavailable to contact tomorrow Monday 16th of august due to a Family funeral .
then working in south London in Croydon  for the next two days .
phone time will be very limited due to hands on work .



Fully Booked up for work and Holidays now until October .

I am fully booked out all of August , and the first week of September .
There may be a very small chance of me pulling the odd job in towards the end of September but as with all traveling when we come back of holidays .
we may have to isolate , if we get flagged up as a flight effected by covid .

So I am now taking orders for October .
the cue sports  industry as with others have got extremely busy , with snooker and pool tables coming back into use in pubs and clubs .
as the government eases down on covid restrictions , more work is expected to come in  .

we have also had a big influx of home tables to be installed or re-clothed .
I put this down to all the lock downs we have had , and the private home use tables being in demand for home bars or covered patios or converted Garages  .
all this demand for home tables has caused a shortage in the supply chain for materials that are used to make pool tables .
up to 20 weeks waiting time for a new table ordered from Supreme a little less for Blackball tables .
those sitting on a stock pile will be able to supply , but prices have reached an all time high as materials prices have shot up .
and those sitting on a stock of tables can ask what they like for them .
most table suppliers  have put up their prices not once but as many as three times this year .
and the retailers are also following suit , a £1450 table are now selling for £1695 , prices are crazy at the moment .

Manufactures are trying to get orders out but as fast as they make tables during a shortage of materials or high priced materials , the orders coming in are getting back logged .
I ordered a Pool dining table , only to be told January 2022 as an expected date for delivery or pick up , and an open price as they do not know the cost of these tables until closer to the date as materials are still rising in price .
Hopefully , the prices will come back down when they have a surplus of stock to shift , but while they cannot make enough to feed the demand prices will be high .
at least the cloth manufacturers have not had as many increases and are still able to keep up almost in demand .
it is only the coloured cloths from the norm of Green blue or Red that maybe you have to wait a couple of weeks to come back on the production line .
Grey or Powder blue are just two popular colours that could be effected in supply .

hopefully we will see back to normal pricing and , with the end of covid next year we hope ,
there will be a lot of second hand tables come up for sale , as more people start to use the pubs and clubs more, the table they bought for lock down is not being used , this will cause a price drop .
many people will buy second hand as too many on the market , will have the reverse of what is happening now .
once the manufacturers production come back to normal and they are not as much in demand , I think they will drop the price , the materials will also come back into line at normal prices as demand will not outstrip supply .
Its the same old story in demand hard to get prices rise ,
If you have got a warehouse full of tables , and not  enough going out the door to keep workforce employed, or rent and rates and running costs paid , prices will drop .
At the moment it is a sellers market for pool tables .
with old 1980s tables fetching up to £800 on Ebay and market place , the world has gone crazy when you see old tables like these fetching that sort of money .
Before covid lockdowns  you would be lucky to get £250 to £350 for an old super league in good condition , now you can ask what you want .

well in September fingers crossed we are off to Lanzarote for a couple of weeks , my Daughter and the dog’s will be manning the fort , but will not be taking any bookings or answering phones from September 6th to the 23rd .
So please hang in there if you wish to book work in , please try and do any enquiries  by email , if I do not pick up on any emails before I go on Holiday I will answer them when I get back late September .

Super League pool table lots of upgrades to this 29 year old pool table .

First job if the day was in Crich Derbyshire .
The comrades club .
Super League pool table re-cloth in Hainsworth match .
New set of full size rubber cushions .
Two new door locks . And a new super six coin mech set to 50p a game . Then level .
Plays as good as any modern table now , and its 29 years old as it had a date on it .
back in the day these super Leagues where the best table to have , some players to day even say they still are .
well with the new larger rubber in the cushions it does play much better now and the speed of the Hainsworth napped cloth is a delight to play on .
It was a bit expensive having all these upgrades and new locks and coin mech , but the Lads who play on it say it’s great .
They are just waiting for the local pool league to start up again .
the Comrades club is an excellent club , and just been renovated .
Thankyou for the business .

Sir William Bentley swivel over 7ft diner with chairs £2000 to around £2600 delivered and fitted ?

This very expensive sir William Bentley swivel over 7ft diner at a Bargain price of just £2000 complete with all chairs .
the table is now in storage and requires delivery and install and I think this can be achieved with an all in price of around £2600 ?  Fitted by Sir William Bentley our client is saying .
the table is in storage from Sir Willam Bentley themselves close to Swindon and Newbury .
so ideal if you are close to them for delivery .

Fantastic inlayed and flamed mahogany table top .
this is the dining side of the table .

Swivel it over to reveal a 7x 3ft 6 inch slate bed billiards /snooker /pool table
with this design there is not storage problems for removable tables tops like you get with the Riley raise and fall billiards diner .
so a unique way of combining a dining table to convert to a Billiard table without too much fuss just move the chairs out the way flip over insert the two slide retainers and away you go .

cues rack scoreboard and cues included
A superb craftsman made table awaiting a  new owner .

chairs included 8 like this and two carvers .  10 in total .

all inquiries to Geoff or Carol


BARGAIN 10ft x 5ft Billiard /snooker table for sale just £400 NOW SOLD !!!!!



more 10fts or 9fts are popular tables sizes and are people are always looking for this size of table
also some 8fts are popular if 6 legged and three section bolt into slates for cushions ..
if you have one why not try and sell it on GCL billiards web site …you are also free to try it elsewhere which was the case  with this 10ft and was sold via ebay

someone from Leicestershire was quick off the mark and snapped this Bargain up !

Due to our client needing the table gone quick we have negotiated what we thing is a good  COME AND GET ME PRICE of just £400
A 10ft x 5ft table , you may wish to have the bag nets changed to rail nets and rails and new leathers fitted .
the price is for the table with all accessories as it stands , buyer to arrange removal and within the next 3 to 4  weeks time scale maximum .
House sale has forced this quick sale price so don’t hang around if you are in the market for a 10ft .
first come first served as they say .

You are looking ideally for a room size of 20ft by 15 ft to fit this table in with comfortable full size cue room all around
but a little smaller room and you can get away with say a  small cue for a cushion shot .

the table is situated between  Braintree and Colchester . in Essex .

list of accessories as in email .

We want to sell our snooker table that seller has listed .

We have a lovely Snooker table, we must sell quickly as we are moving house, the table is on ground floor with easy access, Snooker table.10’6″x 5’6″, really good condition, complete with cover, score board, assorted cues ,1 long cue and 1 long rest, two short rests, snooker balls, pool balls, brushes and homemade light, triangle chalks, cue rack, baize in good condition.

A really nice table built in iron bark a really hardwood.

Buyer inspects, dismantles and collects

6 x Turned and fluted legs in the style of the old Burroughs and watts tables .
the cloth looks in decent order from the photo supplied .

If you require a quote for van and two fitters to dismantle load traveling to and from our base in Nottingham and unload and set up on a Ground floor
then contact Geoff at GCL billiards for a quote .
the cost of relocating is   NOT    in with the price .

all inquiries to Geoff or Carol



WANTED 6ft Gatley Classic or Edinburgh / Roma pool diner in silver oak or Driftwood

Wanted a second hand pool diner 6ft version and not a 7ft .
the three makes  I am interested in are the Gately or Supreme Classic diner
or the Edinburgh blackball silver oak diner
or the Optima Roma in silver oak .

the Gatley classic Diner above , or some may say the Supreme classic diner .
in the Drift wood wood melamine .
I am only interested in a 6ft version please  ( outside length cabinet dimensions ) not slate size ,  cloth colour not important as I will be re-clothing it ..

the other one I would go for if a Gatley Classic is not available is the ,
Edinburgh Blackball in silver grey oak finish
or the Optima Roma also in Grey colour wood cabinet .
again only 6ft length  cabinet size dimensions  .

FAIR PRICE PAID depending on condition and how close it is to travel to pick up .

Cloth condition unimportant as it will be re-clothed .


Geoff Large at GCL billiards if you have one of the above for sale .


07753466064 .

For Sale , Full size Dismantled on site Burroughs and watts oak deep arched steel cushioned table

My work today was to travel to Oxfordshire to dismantle a very nice looking Burroughs and watts oak table
with tournament steel cushions , bubble wrap all parts and store in outbuilding on the Estate of this very large country house .
I see some very nice houses on my travels and this one is up there with the best .
our client wishes to sell the table  so we are putting it out to tender to see what interest we can get .
I can give a guidance to value based on my report on the dismantle and from the photo’s I took on dismantle .

a very nice golden oak woodwork of quarter sawn English oak .

superb presence when you look at this table it oozes that rich quality of a well made English oak table
and has the period style bag nets and dark leathers fitted .

the much sought after steel cushions are fitted to this table and the rolls Royce of English Billiards of Burroughs and watts
I would say this table is circa 1920s /30s and has the Rigidus framework or cross bearers to keep the slate supported along the joints .
that is why on a rigidus frames the centre legs are closer together , rather than equal spacings with outer corner legs .

Five Welsh thick 2 inch slates , they do not make slates this good today .
you cannot get any better than Welsh and Irish slate beds on Billiards and snooker tables .

Modern repro scoreboard which has some damage to the slide slot .

also a modern repro cue rack that revolves .
there is a set of long rest and cue , plus three rests and around 4 or 5 cues .
there may also be a choice of lighting to go with this table by negotiation .
in an art deco style of chrome and smaller oblong shades .
there are few small wood parts that have a crack or two in the table , one being on centre pocket   , you may have to have spliced a new bit in .
also some of the lower end arch mouldings are slightly damaged and one centre arch is cracked and need gluing .
I like to describe a true scenario for anyone to confidently buy the table that there is no more to say about the table that would devalue it .
this table would look  good in a large Country home or a con verted farm barn , where oak is the dominating facture to the décor .
the pockets are a bit tight but if you had a re-cloth in a cloth of choice , then why not have some of the rubber sanded away for an easier game .
after all we are not all professional players , and these pocket openings are very tight at the moment some only 3 and 1/4 inch  at the fall , which is very tight .

please note table has been dismantled and placed in storage in a bubble wrapped form

it cannot now be viewed , but the photos show it as it was on the day of packing .  19th June 2021 .

I know what a  top end Billiards firm would retail this table at , and what a private sale  would sell it at in its current condition .
if this was an ordinary table it would not be worth much , it is our job at GCL billiards to find some middle ground for Buyer and seller
the table is not going to be top dollar , but it is not a run of the mill low cost table so expect somewhere in the middle of retail and low price .
the table is not up for a quick sale , our clients have plenty of storage space , and are happy to sit on it for a while .
so please do try and keep your offers,   to a reasonable price that reflects the build quality , the fact these tables do not come up for sale often at private prices , as the trade snaps them up and put them back on the market at high prices .
now is your opportunity to get in before the trade , if those large billiard houses get hold of these type of tables  then expect much higher prices .

our seller also will and does take into account the cost of collecting and fitting a table . but our client also knows of the history of B & Watts and the type and quality of build of the table they own .

all inquiries to Geoff or Carol at