Rent top of the Range Supreme Match table from GCL billiards in Nottingham Derby Area .

*** £25 a week plus we give you 4 free weeks a year .

We have ready to go , a BRAND NEW STILL IN BOX , 7×4 mechanical coin operated pool table for Rental contracts .
Last one available , 8 month waiting list for next batch to come through .
This is the latest table design by Heywood supreme pool , with grey badge .
It comes in standard 6811 Strachan Green cloth as supplied from Factory …BUT we re-cloth every 6 months on our rental contracts and we can then upgrade you to Hainsworth match cloth .

The Supreme Match table is endorsed by leading professional pool player Gareth Potts .
He says , “The Supreme Match Table delivers a professional ball response at all times , a true market leader in 8 Ball “

We think the latest supreme match table is the best table you can buy or rent .
as used in professional tournaments and finals .

A new set of balls every 12 months with cues and chalk , plus we re-cloth every 6 months .

We prefer Ground floor installations only please .
Photo id driving license required showing proof of renter and position held in club or pub or works canteen to sign for .

What it costs to you to Rent a pool table , under contract from GCL billiards .

A 12 month minimum contract at £100 per month = £25 a week with 4 weeks free per year .
the rental costs is all you pay , you will have no maintenance fees like re-clothing , replacement cushions or coin mech or balls and cues .
and we are not like other firms who re-cloth now and again to suit them , we re-cloth every 6 months each re-cloth is worth £325 so £650 worth of re-cloths is included in your rental agreement , plus replacement cues and balls yearly on the signing of a new contract .
we like to keep within 15 miles of our base here in Long Eaton Nottingham NG10 4JU , this ensures that we can safely say we can keep up with maintenance program , and not when we are in the area like other pool rental firms .

12 month initial rental period then an ongoing 6 months contract after this , renew on each re-cloth after the initial first 12 months

Contact Geoff at GCL billiards now to reserve this table for your establishment , ” IT’s OUR LAST RENTAL TABLE IN STOCK ” there will be a long waiting list for more tables we order .

*** POOL TABLE and accessories remain the property of GCL billiards at all times , THIS IS Rental agreement contract not a hire purchase one .
*** We do not do Hire purchase .

Fully booked up for April and May

I am afraid I am fully booked out for work for the entire months of April and May
No possible cancellations , no can you fit me in between jobs , no spare weekends .
Its just how it’s been this year and to make things worse I have been off ill for two weeks and now playing catch up .
Sorry if you want work doing but phone or book in for June bookings now .
Do not leave it until June to phone up as it will be July when I can fit you in by then .

We are also on holiday from 6th May for two weeks
so not available even messaging for this time period , the firm is closed for business office and work .


This will take a full 10 days to clear up before I am safe to mix again so count from March 27th although I did come down with a fever on March 26th .
this put me back on course to start back to work on the 5th ot 6th of April

First time I have tested positive for covid and the whole household has it ( three of us )
This will mean I will have to contact some of you to rearrange work .
Some will not be affected it all depends how long I am feeling ill and the protocol of returning to work after covid .
I have a couple of confirmed hotel booked jobs these are a few weeks away and will not be affected and because of the hotel booking will not be altered .
There is one Job in Leicester that I am half way through table wise and still have two more days to complete that one , that will be no one first on the list to be rearranged but at the moment is on course for April 5th and this will mean other jobs bumped backwards to fit this one in if I have to cancel it ..
If it is a pool table re-cloth on private owned tables , I have alternative firms that will take these on if you cannot wait but I like to think you will wait a bit longer for me .
this could not have hit me at the wort time as I am due to go away in May for two weeks and booked out when I get back for the entire month of may , I now have the headache of trying to fit 6 weeks of work into 4 weeks , I know it cannot be done , but I will clear as much of the back log as I can .


Geoff & Carol Large
GCL billiards

Fantastic Oak Burroughs and Watts refectory billiard table for sale with Steel cushions .

NOT one to be missed , they do not often come up for sale often in this condition , and my clients are being very realistic in price for this table and the accessories .
You would pay much more from a dealer , so buy direct from the PRIVATE SALE OWNER through GCL Billiards .
GCL Billiards offer you this table at a direct to selling client price , believe me you are saving a lot of money buying this way for this table .

THE TABLE is located in Great Missenden Buckinghamshire on the Ground floor .

This Arts and Crafts style table was manufactured by the well Known Burroughs and Watts Billiards firm circa around 1920/30s , it can only be described as a top of the range table in its day , The oak stringers of the refectory table and carved legs and mouldings plus the ebonised inlays , makes this table a bit above the norm of a basic turned leg design .
The Polish looks in good order as does the cloth , my client did say it went through a refurb some years ago and has not had much use since then , any buyer could have the original bed cloth re-stretched back on .

As you can see this table oozes class and craftsmanship and the table alone is priced at £5000 which in my opinion is priced to sell , the price is as it sits in the house any buyer will have to pay for dismantle and removal from the property .
All the other accessories are going to be priced separately as these also are of top quality .

The Burroughs and watts Life pool scoreboard in matching oak is priced at £750 , but if bought with the table it is priced at £500 , it is complete with no parts missing and has Ivory or bone slide markers and buttons for the life counter slide out strips .
In my opinion this should be kept with the table and not separated and at just £500 it is a very good price for one of these .
the buyer of the Full size Billiard table gets to choose what he wishes to add to the table .
A matching Rotating cue rack is also available at £750 , or if bought with the table at £500
A range of cues will also come with the cue rack .
A very nice period reproduction light is also available as an extra again £750 or £500 if bought with the table .
There will be a range of rests and balls that will of course come with the table price

So there you have , the complete table with the three main accessories is priced at £6500 .
the price does not include the collection of the table but I can give an estimate of what the costs would be .
To Dismantled this table and bubble wrap it , the cost is going to be £550 , plus 50p per mile round trip
To deliver and set up on ground floor ( NO STAIRS ) with parking and no parking restrictions unloading , unwrapping and erect ready for play it would be £650 plus 50p per mile .
Very long distance may add and extra days travelling fee plus any B&B and E/Meal charges for the fitters .

We could dismantle the table down into manageable parts and load it all onto this van for delivery .
Geoff Large of GCL billiards has been fitting Billiard tables for 47 years .
and has worked on tables of this design before .
Any work on the dismantle loading wrapping and unloading and fitting is an EXTRA to the price of the table .
PLEASE NOTE , The table is a private sale direct from the private seller who has listed it with GCL billiards to advertise on their behalf , any work on the dismantle and delivery and fitting of the table , that is required after you have purchased the table will be with GCL billiards who will invoice you for this work separately , and is not part of any table sale by the seller .
The Burroughs and watts name plate .
Corner pocket leather and billiard bag , as you can see not much use since its refurb .
note also the ebonised trims of diamonds on the knee panels and also buttons on the slide out cushion friezes .

Buttons on the cushion slides also ebonised
long rest and cue tackle is with the table price.
The condition of the bed and cushion cloth as seen in the photo , you could if you wished have a new cloth fitted but this would be an extra , and would be priced up on selection of cloth grade required .
ALL INQUIRIES for this table to Geoff & Carol at GCL billiards , we will pass on any interested parties to our selling clients .
A typical loaded table on our van , total weight with tools and driver and fitter , 1.5 ton .
our van is rated at 1.6 ton load carrying .


I get flooded with texts and Facebook and what’s aap messages on my phone
and these can get lost in the flow of how many I get each week , Buried in a sea of messages as each one knocks the last down the screen and off it .
I know we are living in a tech world and for some this is the norm of contacting , but not for me I’m afraid
Phone yes if no contact then email is the next best thing also leave a message , if you phoned I would probably say send a photo of the table by email anyway to see what you have and to answer any queries . .

My Wife works for me Monday / Wednesday / and Fridays so she may also answer the house office phone .
If am working on someone’s table I will not stop to answer a phone , it would be rude to my client and also his time , I also may be on a time to get the table back in use for , so less time on office duties and on the table is required .

My email is

At my age the best contact method that is quickest to do is Email as I answer emails daily or within 48 hours , unless I am working away or on holiday .
and with emails we have a paper trail of what was quoted and said .
Since my last Holiday , I have been flooded with work coming in thick and fast .
It is hard trying to fit them all in , some I have to turn down as too far or I am just too busy to work out my next free time

Add into this lost days for say snow and ice , Holidays and funerals I have to go to .
Plus some specialist asked for cloth ( Strachan superfine ) is simply not available as the manufacturer rarely makes it and when they do , some one buys the lot to corner the market , and people get frustrated in waiting for it , if my supplier does not have it then I do not have it .

And I am away again for two weeks in May in Lanzarote Again from the 6th of May to 22nd I am off .
Before you all cry out on Holiday again , I am 69 years old this month
I am taking Holidays every three months as a right of working all these years .
I am also away in July for a week too in Cornwall .
and still intend to carry on working well into my mid 70s
I like the job that much .

Also a close colleague I worked with passed away last week and his funeral is on the 20th March
so I have had to cancel both the 20th and 21st to go to that .
I did work with him for 24 years .
For that I have had to split up a 4 day Job I had in Leicester for two tables re-rubber /;re-cover /new nets and leathers , into two 2 days one in March and one in April .

Remember GCL billiards is a one fitter operation , I have to work on tables , do the ordering , answer emails and phones , post out things , I do not get a lot of free time .
it is not a 9am top 5pm … 5 day week firm , that turns off the light and closes the office door and finishes each day , and has the weekends off .
I work most weekends too , unless I am told to take a break .

The unfortunate truth of owning and running a business.

Running a business is really hard.

What they don’t tell you is that it can cause severe stress and anxiety, and drains you mentally to the point of depression in even the most laid back people.

People will talk about you, compare you to others, use you, they will view you as a service and not a person anymore.

People expect you to be available 24/7 and at the drop of a hat because “you work for yourself so you can make time” unfortunately this is not the case most of the time.

Friends and family will expect discounts and people will value you and your hard work less than a big chain store.

You have to worry about if you forget to email/message someone back, are they going to think it was on purpose? Did you disappoint them? Will they hold that against you? When in reality you just can’t get to everyone’s messages and emails.

Starting up and running a successful business puts incredible strain on personal lives, friendships and relationships, many of which fail because there is just often no work life balance. You need to be the director, the worker, the admin, the marketing team, the accountant, the cleaner….. All whilst being a parent, a husband or a wife, family support, friend… it’s one of the hardest things you will try and balance

There’s a reason you don’t see many people succeed in small businesses after 5 years. If they are successful they are overwhelmed. It takes a toll. It’s freaking exhausting. Especially the past couple of years when so much has been out of our control.

Here’s a small reminder that we are just normal people with hectic lives. Be kind, be patient, support small businesses…….and hopefully more of us will stick around!

I copied this from another small business owner

Immaculate and Renovated Burroughs & Watts Steel cushion , full size snooker table with all accessories For sale £2500 North wales location .

I have a client who wishes to sell there much loved Burroughs and watts Full size steel cushion table , he has spent a lot of money bringing this table up to tournament spec , and at this price it will sell .
This is a private sale direct from the owner , the table is sold as is on site and it is up to any buyer to arrange for the table to be dismantled wrapped transported and then re-erected .
GCL billiards will quote for this work as long as it is on ground floor at the delivery end .
But you are free to use any Billiard fitter or firm of your choice .
You could if you know how , collect yourself then just hire a fitter at the home to fit it for you professionally .
But I recommend that the whole job is done professionally on such a nice table in this condition .
This table has the much sought after Steel Block cushions as used by professional players.

The table is located at Rhos on sea North Wales .
As you can see the table is in very good condition , having had a full Re-rubber and new cloth
Nets and leathers are good too and some very nice new top end ball rails .
The table will come with a full complement of Rests and cues
and has the professional rack system underslung at one end .
Corner pocket opening for an example , note no ball run wear marks in the cloth yet
as you approach the pockets , this cloth has had little use since the re-rubber and re-cloth .
this cloth could be refitted , so no need for an expensive re-cloth for a few years yet .
The all important end badge has not been removed , as you can see it states Steel vacuum Cushions
the table dates I think , from around 1920s onwards up to 1960s when Burroughs and watts where taken over by Riley .
Made from Quality wood in those days .
You may see a bit of belt buckle rash around the edge of the cushions , this happens to most tables .
it can be touched up by a competent polisher on site once installed .
The legs and frame look superb
The table also comes with an under slung tube heaters system .
heat helps the table play fast , and the rubber to rebound at maximum rebound value , all professional tables have some sort of heating system installed from these tube heaters to the heat matting type too .
if you wanted to upgrade to the heat matting then there is a guy in the UK who travels around doing this
and I could pass on his details to you .
Original Burroughs and watts triangle ball holder is also in the the accessories
and My client did say he had an Iron and Brush too along with Silver Dust cover .
all in with the table .
A small rack and cues is also with the table .
And a scoreboard

As you can see the table is complete and ready to go , Tables of this quality do come up for sale now and again at around £1500 in poor condition requiring a lot of money to be spent on them for example here is what some costs to do a table up these days

A complete strip and re-polish £1500
A re-rubber and re-block £450 to £495
A re-cloth from £600 to £850 Depending on cloth type used
nets and leathers £150 a set fitted
set of top end ball rails £90
Slate Heating system from £120 to £495
set of one G ball professional standard to within one gram in weight of each other £280
dust cover £25
iron £300
Bruch pure bristle £40
Scoreboard from £50
lighting system twin tube x 2 £200

That’s almost £4000 that has been spent on this table ( not counting the table itself )
My client wants £2500 for the table , even with allowance for a firm to remove and set up you will be better off buying this table than buying a rough one and having it renovated .

Typical costs for a firm to collect and deliver and set up to GROUND FLOOR

£450 to dismantle collect and wrap plus 50p per mile round trip

£550 to deliver and set up plus 50p per mile round trip the next day

of course if the table is being moved just down the road on a journey return without much detour , and it can be done all in one long day the costs will be lower
These costs are not part of the table sale , the table is being sold privately as is on site .

A couple of things to add in , the one G ball set in case , and the tube lighting .
all included in the sale .

Completed a Re-rubber and re-cloth , plus nets leathers and new ball rails to this very well made 7ft near Loughborough .

An example of my work on this well made 7ft table , made from a new frame and slate but cut down cushions from an old Orme & sons table , this was done in the 1980’s by another firm .
I have just completed a refurbishment of the playing surface and cushion rubber .
the thing that makes this table a good one is the full size bolts used in the cushions rather than the normal wood screw on cushions on most 7ft tables this one has been built correct .
And I made a point of this by informing my clients today why I thought it was a good table .

The table stripped down and old rubber removed and glued up blocks and rubber .
Best quality Hainsworth Northern rubber with yellow dot was used , this is the same rubber as used on TV tournament snooker tables .
The bed cloth removed showing the modern Italian made slate , with thick outer surround sub frame that the lug nuts are inserted into for the large cushions bolts .
The table polished frame is also a modern 1980s made frame and legs .

This is a full size bolt and lug , as used on full size snooker tables .
The lug is put in a rebate hole and plugged and glued in viewed from under side of wood sub subframe on slate edge , by using a bolt up system the cushions will be tight and better rebound , if they had just wood screwed the cushions it would not be as good .
The finished table , with new Peradon UK pocket top plate leathers , and new Peradon quality nets and ball rails .
Pocket opening with ball showing approx. space to pocket a ball , and the Hainsworth info for cloth care & maintenance of the Smart grade cloth used .
Corner pocket opening
The cushions came from an Old Orme & sons 9ft or full size table , as I could read Manchester stamped in on the underside of the cushion , and Orme always put that on their cushions , the Orme lettering part had been cut off , when they where cut down to fit this smaller 7ft table .
The table ready for a game of pool , I also checked and adjusted for level .
Ball size is 2 inch , if they want an easier game then 1.7/6th is the cue ball size , if they got this 1.7/16th size balls in the spots and stripes , they will find it easier to pocket , but the 2 inch in my opinion is ok .
it all depends on the standard of accuracy of the players , to decide the size of ball for this table .
The burgundy , Hainsworth smart napped wool mix cloth looks very nice on this table .
I recommend that any napped wool cloth is ironed every 10 hours of use , A full size billiard iron is very expensive at around £300 , but there is a lower cost option that does the job for these smaller tables and pool tables , from Decathlon on line only not in store at around £40 , it is a smaller iron , you have to press down , and always try it on newspaper or some spare cloth before putting it on any billiard / pool table bed cloth .
it heats up in just three minutes and ready for use , just unplug and use , never have it plugged in when ironing as it gets hotter as you are using it .
Many pubs use this type of iron on their small 7ft pool tables .
As a closing point , I would like to draw your attention to a label found on the underside of the cut down cushions , it appears that the cushions where originally on a full size I would say at a club called .
The Chorley Cum Hardy Conservative club , this club I think is now closed and used as offices .
it was based at  617 Wilbraham Rd, Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Manchester M21 9AN .
the old rubber was dated in early 1980 and I think the 7ft table may have had cut down cushions converted and frame made in late 1980 or early 1981 .
probably by Riley’s . or one of the Liverpool firms .
A solid 4 leg frame that does not sag in the middle .

Back from Holiday , January already booked up

After our two week break in the Canaries

We are back to work , I have a few table moves this month along with a American pool , snooker and UK pool re-clothing too .
I am now taking bookings for February and March .
So if you require tables moved , or essential re-clothing and re-rubber , nets and leathers or new pockets
then GCL billiards is the Cue sports firm with the vast 47 year personal experience to do this type of work .
Geoff Large with over 47 personal years billiards fitting is the man to trust to work on your table .
Geoff will not only re-cloth but will look at the last work done and improve on it if possible .
some of the work we do .

Re-rubber and pocket opening adjustments .
Table assemble installations , dismantles .
we also do American pool tables
America and UK pool tables
we also re-rubber or replace exchange sets of pool table cushions
old hard rubber taken off and new superior black rubber replacement , if wood is too worn we will search for new cushions for you as replacements , we never rubber rotten worn out wood .
we offer a range of colours and nap or no nap speed cloth grades and different manufacturers , Hainsworth and Strachan which is our two normal top two manufacturers , we avoid fitting low cost Chinese badly made or grade of cloths or the Euro cloths .
We try to use mostly UK made products .
But we must now state that the best rubber UK made Northern rubber is sourced from Indonesia and now manufactured in Indonesia using the same recipe as used in the UK .