Full size carved reeded George Wright Snooker table with life pool scoreboard and Iron for sale

A full sized snooker table for sale, made by George Wright circa 1910.  This reeded leg table comes with a full sized life pool scoreboard which alone can fetch over £1000 just for the scoreboard !

George wright for sale 1
The table is in fair to good condition and also has a coffin type modern shade with a table iron, dust cover, 9 cues and rests.

Price for complete package is just £1,200 but this price does NOT  include dismantle and transport and set back up.  GCL Billiards will be happy to quote for that work.

The table is based in the Torbay area of Devon (TQ3 postcode area).  Anyone who is interested sould please contact Geoff at GCL Billiards for further info and contact details of the owner.

The scoreboard is a very nice full size renovated Life Pool scoreboard which alone is worth a minimum of £750 from a dealer.  The owner says that the table iron could do with a rewire, so I’m not sure if it is working or not.  Maybe it just has a bad lead.  I suspect it is working and requires a new plug and lead as many of these old irons do.  New plugs on ebay are around £10.  Various cues and rests plus of course balls and triangle are included.

Below the very nice large Life Pool Scoreboard.  Note the slide out panels with mother of pearl inlays, 3 lives to buy back at.
George wright for sale 2 scoreboard
George wright for sale 3 scoreboard
george wright for sale 4 shade

Another 9ft set up this time near Oxford – a nice George Wright reeded leg

This table was bought from an ebay sale, Geoff having put the new owner onto it and he was succesful in his bid and collected the table from London.  GCL Billiards’ job was to supply new nets, leathers and rails, put the table up in a new log cabin in the garden and refit the existing cloth.  Plus supply the new twin High Frequency lighting.
Oxon George wright 9ft
The above photo of the table roughly level with the slates on ready for the new slate linings being fitted.
Oxon george wright log cabin
The Brand new log cabin, which is a large one that could take a full sized table but no furniture, the owner preferring a bit of space for other things to do.  The 9ft can be seen with its slates on.

More and more people are having these types of log cabins for cue sports tables, from a small 7ft pool table to a full size, GCL Billiards have done them all within the last three months.  The cost of these buildings this size is roughly £6500 flat packed delivered ready for assembly.
oxon george wright new slate linings
The table with new slate lining fitted around the outside edge ready for the bed cloth to be tacked to, the old ones were looking a bit worse for wear.
Oxon george wright moth hole
The moth hole in the bed cloth !

The table had been in storage for over 6 years and the slates were packed into crates.  It was a very professional job, but there must have been a moth larvae on the cloth and the little grubs just love to chew their way through wool.
oxon george wright moth sewn up
The moth hole sewn up.  There were two moth holes in the cloth, but apart from that the cloth was in very good condition and did not require a re-cover,
but maybe next time it will require not just a re-cover but also a re-rubber.
oxon 9ft george wright finished
The finished table.  Those reeded legs are typical of George Wright.  The table was in very good condition and was very easy to put up and get level.
oxon ball in pocket opening three and three eigths
As you can see the cloth is in very good order apart from those two moth holes which are now sewn up.  With brand new nets and leathers plus ball rails, the table is looking good.  The pocket opening is tight at 3 3/8ths at the fall, but with 2 inch balls they look large.
oxon g wright ivory 21 medal plate
A very nice real Ivory name plate circa 1910.  21 prize medals for exhibiting their tables all over the world including Sydney, Paris and London.  This is the original plate that was put on from new.  It was manufactured after Victoria as it says by special appointment to His Majesty the King.
oxon g wright hubble rerubber badge and chalk cup
The Hubble and Freeman badge.  This was put on when it was last re-rubbered, or supplied by them.

The brass cup that swivels out is a chalk cup.  There are only two left on the table, one at each end, but all the cushions would have had one on at one time.  On top of the cushion there are little ivory dots inlaid.  This is to inform the player that a chalk cup is just underneath the cushion at this point.  Many players think these dots are positional markers for getting the angles of the shot correct, but they are not, they are for the location of the chalk cups.  Unlike the dots and diamonds on top of the cushions on an American pool table which are for getting your angles correct, the Brits did not need help to get their game to a good standard like the Americans did!  A bit like riding a bike with stablizers or without them?
oxon George wright matching original scoreboard
The new owner bought a very nice George Wright scoreboard from the same seller for £100.  These boards are being sold for upwards of £250.  There are scoreboard collectors who just fill a whole wall up of with different makes.  The George Wright ones always fetch a good price.

All in, this table set up with new lighting, nets, leathers, rails and scoreboard was under £1500.  One of the large billiard houses would sell this table for in excess of £2750, maybe as much as £4000 !

But it is a buyers market and the average price to buy a good used 9 foot  table is £750 before the costs of dismantle, move and set up, plus any renovation work.  3/4 size tables always have a market.  They are not as easy to get hold of, unlike 12 foot full sized tables which can be sourced for very little money as the market is flooded with them.

Full size snooker table relocated from Yorkshire to Oxfordshire for the Army

I am used to working for the many armed forces, I have worked in Army, Airforce and Navy bases around the UK.

For the past two days we had the pleasure of collecting a table from far up in West Yorkshire where the snow was still causing chaos with roadblocks.  We had to detour 40 miles in order to get to our location and remove the full sized snooker table.  Who would have believed we still had that much snow laying on the ground, but we were at a high point.

We were thankful that the access to the room was direct from the drive through double doors which made the dismantle and loading only a 2 hour job.

On the way back we came upon another problem, FIRE!  The road between Manchester and Sheffield was closed, but we just managed to get through before they stopped all traffic.  The fire was caused by a passing motorist who flung his lighted cigarette out of the window.  The lower ground had dried out and so the bracken had caught fire.  Talk about one extreme to another – snow then fire!

The next day we set off early from our Nottingham base towards Arncot Army Barracks for the bomb disposal and training unit.  We had an appointment with Mike at the newly built officers mess for the installation of this donated table which is in very good condition.  I think the table is a George Wright with readed legs.  The owner of the table donated it to the Army for use in the Officers’ mess and they are highly delighted with it.

Just look at the following photographs of the table to see why they regard the table so highly.
Bomb table
The table during installation.  Just one more slate to get off the van.  These were very heavy quality Welsh slates.
Bomb table 3
The finished table, truly in imaculate condition having had a complete refurb by the owner only last year.
bomb table 2
The woodwork was also in very good condition, not a mark on it.  The readed legs are typical George Wright design circa 1900/1910.

GCL BILLIARDS are specialists in moving full sized snooker tables throughout the UK.  The table was delivered over two days, from collection, dismantle, load to deliver, unload and set up.  No fuss, just a complete service from A to B, set up, level and ready for play at a competitive rate.


We have a client who wishes to sell a nice full sized snooker table made by one of the top Billiard makers of the victorian era.

A George Wright readed leg, with external protruding cushion bolts with wood button covers, thus meaning the full thickness of the cushion body wood is used to tighten the cushion up, making for a far superior bounce from the cushions than a normal recessed cushion bolt.  There are 8 cushion bolt buttons missing, but these could be made .  Also two of the nine inner frame muntins have been misplaced, but again two could be made up.

The table used to be in a garden building that is now being fully demolished and rebuilt, so the owner has had the table moved to a far superior room which is nice and dry.  This has been done so that any buyer can inspect the table first hand and try a few balls around it.
I would recommend a full new cushion wood blocks fitted and re-rubber and re-cover for any new buyer.  As you can see from the photo it is a really nice table with its billiard pockets still intact, very rare to see a table with just bag nets on.  It has never had the ball rails fitted to it in its life and it still sports its original rubber from new (and they still bounce).  This table is over 120 years old !

The 2 inch slates are very true and are of course WELSH manufactured so the best money can buy.

As for polish this is down to the buyer.  Some may like to see it just waxed up and keep its true vintage look whereas others may require a full re-polish.
The seller is looking for offers around £2000.  A billiards firm would be looking for around £5000 to £6000 + vat  fully revamped and fitted.  A London billiards house could ask for as much as £10,000.

Look at the original ivory name plate.  George Wright displayed many of his designs at grand exhibitions around the world including London, Paris and Sydney.  With 16 prize medals awarded on this ivory plaque it informs me it is an early model and around 1890 is the date I would put on it.  With Billiard brass recessed top pocket plates and thick slate .you may also note the royal appointment to HRH Prince of Wales.  This is Prince Edward so Victoria is still on the throne.

For more detailed history information about the firm George Wright read this link (from Peter clare @ E.A.clare and Peter Hainsworth) also note the dating of the 18 medal plaque as 1894 so I am about bang on with dating this table to circa 1890.

Anyone wishing to view the table which is based in Leicester then please email me at c.large@btinternet.com , I will then put you in touch with the seller.  All we ask is please consider GCL BILLIARDS for any renovation or removal and set up work etc.

We do not charge a commission for this service of putting a buyer in touch with a seller so please use us, we are fully qualified time served billiards fitters.