, NOW GONE another table scrapped , slate’s and frame recycled and cushions being relocated to another table.

We have a client who is looking to sell their old type full size table. NOW DISMANTLED AND RECYCLED .

We had no choice but to recycle the slates within the building trade and the frame to the furniture trade , but we managed to use the Steel Block Burroughs and watts cushions and pocket plate’s on another table which had very bad split woodwork , so like to think we have saved at least part of this table within the Cue sports trade.

As with all our clients, it is free to advertise tables.  We do this in the hope that any buyer will use the services of GCL Billiards to move the table and any work they may require on the table etc.  Please take note this table is in an UPSTAIRS LOCATION.  We have people skilled in the art of billiard fitting and only a qualified person should attempt to take this table apart.  A lot of damage or injury could be the result if unskilled labour is used and could cost you in the long run.  We have the right equipment to move the slates which in an upstairs location can be a nightmare for unskilled people to move.
coventry table b&Watts ball
Not too sure but the table may be a Burroughs and Watts make.  The leg and cushion design certainly looks from that maker although the last people to work on the table where Halls Billiards.
Coventry table leg B&Watts
The table in it’s full glory
Coventry table full size photo

Burroughs and Watts steel block full size for sale

We have a client who is looking to sell their taken down and stored  ready to go Full size Burroughs and Watts Snooker Table .
We do not have much of the table to show since it’s dismantle , I always advise to anyone to take photo’s before it is taken down .bens b & watts steel full
these steel block cushioned tables are sought after , the design of useing steel plates in the cushions for extra and true bounce is still used to this day , and the Match TV tables as played on by professional snooker players are fitted with these type of cushions , only the pocket plates have been improved on for the modern game , the steel cushion design is the same design used today as when they where first invented by burroughs and watts in 1895 . this billiard table is from the circa 1900 to 1940s I think .
bens b7watts wood capping badge
The end badge off one of the end cushions , the referance to steel vacuum cushions where to a system where holes or a contiuous slot was routed  into the wood blocks that the rubber was glued to , thus forming an air pocket behind the rubber , this they refered to as a vacuum , so they call it the Burwat Steel vacuum cushion , it was a bit of a sales gimmick realy and they soon dropped the vacuum design and stopped putting the holes and slot into the block ,  but the steels do make the balls bounce that little bit more and more true as they come off at the angle , but good heavy wood cushions like those made from Cuban Mahogany did this without the aid of steel .  the thing is there is plenty of steel about but not enough cuban mahogany , Thurston tried a system to beef their cushions up by implanting slate inside the wood to make them more heavy , this they called the Adamant cushion ,( NO not Adam Ant the singer ! )  but b&watts had cornered the market with this new steel cushion so all others fell by the wayside.
any way this shows why Burroughs and watts used steel to make them the market leader in Billiard tables at that time , the Steel Vaccum cushion realy put burroughs and watts on the map , and the other leading billiard firms of the day like Thurston and orme and sons etc lost a good amount of trade through the development of these patented cushions .
Bens burroughs and watts 1
the turned leg of the burroughs and watts table , you may note the church window design which has a thin piece of wood insert called a knee panel to slide in to hide the frame bolts .
DISCLAIMER ….GCL Billiard has not inspected this table or taken it down , so cannot be sure all the parts are there , you will have to go through the parts with the owner to make sure it is all there , this is one of the pitfalls of buying a table allready dismantled , if it was still up , you would be sure it is all there .
I am not saying it is not all there , but things can get lost or misslaid when moveing them , I have a few horror stories of arriving to assemble a table to find parts missing , so know it can happen .
bens B7watts end legs section
If you require this table picking up and checking for parts , transporting and assembling , then contact GCL Billiards for a competitive quote .
If you are interested in the table then please  email c.large@btinternet.com and I will put you in touch with our client .
all we ask is please try and use our Professional qualified Billiard fitting services to move the table and set it back up in return for our free advert .

rough price Guide £500 —£1000….. GCL Billiards valuation and is  price negotiable with the Client .

Selling a table or tables? Please read if you want to advertise free of charge on GCL Billiards web site

We are getting a few people leaving a message in the comments section in the for sale section of our blog and just phoning leaving a message for me to phone back.  We do allow you to sell your table free of charge, but please do it in the following manner:

Email c.large@btinternet.com do not leave a message for me to contact in the message section as you are just asking me go around the roundabouts to read this when a direct email is the way to do this.

GCL Billiards do not buy tables.  We are not interested in buying any full sized snooker table.  We are 100% maintenance only. BUT WE DO offer a free service to advertise them on our web site.

When you email please describe the table and have your contact details for telephone number and email address and a postcode where the table is located.  Also state if any stairs or steps are involved in taking the table out.

Send an email to GCL Billiards attaching three to five photos of the table showing the whole table by using a digital camera.  Most iphone pics are not good enough so we cannot use them.  Photos to include the main table showing it in full, including legs, a close up of the leg, a close up of the pocket openings (centre and corner with a ball in the opening) plus any photos of scoreboards and accessories.  Please state what is in with the sale, an iron for example.

Just sending me a messsage with “we have 7 full size tables for sale at reasonabale price, please get in touch” is not the way to go about it.  It is you who is trying to sell, I am providing a FREE service, so please do not make my job hard by giving me the task of doing all the running around for you.  Just follow the procedure above, send photos, with contact details and asking price, plus list any stairs etc.  It is so simple that way, all I have to do is paste the photos and do a little description of the tables from the photos and list it.  This takes very little time for me to do.

We do offer this free advertising service in the hope that whoever buys will use GCL Billiards skilled fitting services to move and assemble the table.

Our sales section has worked for people and tables have been sold on.  Not everyone uses GCL Billiards to move the table, but some do and that is why we set up this free advertsing offer.  Please use us, we want you to use the for sale section, but please do it using the information set out above.

Again to make things more simple:

Photos and description plus asking price and contact details to c.large@btinternet.com .

If you are not sure about value, ask for Geoff to value it based on what tables are selling for in the current market.

*****any comments enquiries left in the for sale section under our advertisements will have to be removed *****

I’m afraid we are very busy and just do not have the time to chase them up, we only answer the email enquiries for items to be put  in the for sale section.

Full size carved reeded George Wright Snooker table with life pool scoreboard and Iron for sale

A full sized snooker table for sale, made by George Wright circa 1910.  This reeded leg table comes with a full sized life pool scoreboard which alone can fetch over £1000 just for the scoreboard !

George wright for sale 1
The table is in fair to good condition and also has a coffin type modern shade with a table iron, dust cover, 9 cues and rests.

Price for complete package is just £1,200 but this price does NOT  include dismantle and transport and set back up.  GCL Billiards will be happy to quote for that work.

The table is based in the Torbay area of Devon (TQ3 postcode area).  Anyone who is interested sould please contact Geoff at GCL Billiards for further info and contact details of the owner.

The scoreboard is a very nice full size renovated Life Pool scoreboard which alone is worth a minimum of £750 from a dealer.  The owner says that the table iron could do with a rewire, so I’m not sure if it is working or not.  Maybe it just has a bad lead.  I suspect it is working and requires a new plug and lead as many of these old irons do.  New plugs on ebay are around £10.  Various cues and rests plus of course balls and triangle are included.

Below the very nice large Life Pool Scoreboard.  Note the slide out panels with mother of pearl inlays, 3 lives to buy back at.
George wright for sale 2 scoreboard
George wright for sale 3 scoreboard
george wright for sale 4 shade