Another full size snooker table has become available for sale at just £500 the cloth is as new

The table has just been re-clothed then unused
price is for the table as is on site NOT SET UP

if you want a price for dismantle ,load delivery and set up on ground floor , ask Geoff at GCL billiards for a quote please give him full address to deliver to to work out the miles involved .

the table is in between Northampton and Bedford . MK43 area . and is on the ground floor .
be quick if you want this one relocating before Christmas as we are getting booked up fast .
just remember we do not do stairs anymore any set up will have to be on ground floor and no more than two outside steps .

As you can see , the cloth looks unused , and new nets and leathers plus the wood work looks re-polished too
Turned legs , table will come complete with scoreboard and accessories
BUT please note the price of £500 is for the table on site , any dismantle and delivery and set up costs will be extra
Please get a quote off Geoff Large at GCL billiards to arrange this .
the table is just £500 as it stands buyer to arrange removal .

Very rare Riley Serpentine Billiard / Snooker cottage dining table for sale £1750.00p

This is the rarest form of the Riley dining table that was made
The Serpentine design was not an easy option to manufacture so not many where made when compared to the normal square or turned fluted leg design
If you read my write up for the different types of tables that where made by riley in the Riley diner series you will see what I mean .
please click and paste this to read .

The table that is now for sale is this one , a 6ft by 3ft playing area
which was fully re-rubbered and also new re-cloth bed and cushions for a client of mine a couple of years ago and was never used so the playing area is as new .
Steve the owner has had the table tops retouched up due to a mark in it to present it for sale .
And what a time to sell just before Christmas , this will make a wonderful gift not only for the person who plays snooker or pool , but to the whole family . and will become one of those sought after pass me downs from one generation to the next .

As you can see the cloth is as new , note the serpentine wave in and out of the sides and ends of the table cushions , the matching hard wood mahogany 4 leaf tops match this also .
The 4 table top leaf’s that pin into each other also have the wavy Serpentine design that makes this table a rare design one in production numbers , it was more difficult to produce serpentine than just straight cushions .
and at this moment in time a 7ft version is for sale at £3000 on eBay , and in nowhere near as good a condition as my Clients table .

in fact a few on ebay at much more money than we are asking for this nice example listed above .

You could buy a REPRODUCTION at also £3000 , but this is an original one and at just £1750 , is excellent value , if you need a quote for collection and delivery then please ask Geoff at GCL billiards ,
also if you send a courier van and you of course inform him of what he is picking up , we can also give a price to bubble wrap all parts in dismantle form and load the courier up , but you will of course , then have to unload and put it back together .

*** PLEASE NOTE The advert cover photo is a library photo to give an idea what the table will look like with nothing around it , it is at this moment stored in a room with a lot furniture hence why no photo from a distance could be took .
Please look at the two photos in the listing to see what you are purchasing .
You will not be disappointed with your purchase at this price for one of these .
the table could be collected in a large estate car but a transit sized van is recommended .
Table is located in Beeston Nottingham .
Not far from Junction 25 of the M1 . if you wish to view before purchase , but there is no Bartering for this table.
it is a fixed sale price , and at a just above trade price rather than a retail one which should be closer to £3000 .

Coming soon , BCE Westbury steel cushion table in Rare Light Oak ….. NOW SOLD DEPOSIT TAKEN

Now sold and table move arranged through GCL billiards

old advert read

This table is based in the Havant Portsmouth Area . and is now available for sale from it’s private owner direct .
The price is £2500 for it as it stands with all equipment like scoreboard balls and rests .
You will then have to pay for dismantling loading , delivery unloading and set up by a qualified time served billiards fitter , and it will require a re-cloth , and maybe new nets and leathers depending on condition when inspected on strip down .
you may even think about a re-rubber if using it as a main feature match table in a club .
Very rare to find one in Oak which alone would draw attention to it and a main attraction to a club to play finals on .

Photo’s are just a taster better photos to follow soon from the seller .
very rare to find these now for sale and even rarer in Oak .

the last price I can find on these BCE tables in mahogany was £8000 plus delivery and set up , but they will now be closer to a Riley aristocrat price , but look again this one is OAK , you would have to pay extra for a Oak table .
They are sought after tables , prized as being one of the best steel tournament cushioned tables going
Even John Higgins sold his own match star table and replaced it with one of these BCE Westbury’s sourced by GCL billiards .
But John’s was a mahogany one , there are thousands made in mahogany , but only a few special ordered oak ones where manufactured so rare to find , and I think will not be up for sale long before someone spots it for what it is , and compares the price of say a new Riley Aristocrat , which are £14193.60p new today on the riley web site , for comparison ask Riley how much they will make a BCE Westbury for in Oak .
Then come back and bag this Bargain , this would make an ideal club match table .

Riley now market and make the BCE Westbury and have relaunched it and advertised it as the ,


The BCE Westbury Snooker Table; 1982 – 1992. As used at the World Professional Snooker championships and other televised events.

BCE are re-launching the iconic BCE Westbury Snooker Table as used by the WPBSA between 1982 – 1992 when the motivating factor was, the table selected for these WPBSA events was the best in its class.

Click on this link or paste it , to see a … Light OAK …. BCE Westbury being used as a Final table in the Masters Snooker final of 1985 Alex Higgins V Steve Davies .

Supreme coin operated 7×4 pool table wanted

I am in need of a black pearl supreme winner pool table , coin operated mechanical coin op type straight 6 .
Green badge onwards , willing to look at other colour bodies of main table
Cloth condition not bothered a sit will be re-clothed also rubber bounce not too bothered
but cabinet must be good order .
CASH waiting

SOLD ! Burroughs and Watts full size oak snooker table for sale fantastic condition £1500

NOW SOLD and not for sale unless buyer pulls out

We have a client based in Slough , who would like to sell their full size snooker table
the table from the photos looks to have been renovated by alliance billiards and is in very good condition . my client is looking for £1500 which is rather less than he paid for it a few years ago .
so look upon this table as a mid range priced table that in rough condition would cost around £500 to £750 , but then you would have to pay a lot to get it to this standard .
in fact much more to go down that route than this route of already renovated .
as you can see from the photos it is a very nice turned and fluted leg in medium oak , not many oak tables around for sale , plenty in mahogany but not oak .
Typical leg design of Burroughs and watts with concealed church window knee panels , with secret lift push and tilt out action to reveal the leg bolt heads .
accessories are in with the sale all inclusive at £1500 , buyer to arrange to have the table dismantled and relocated .
GCL Billiards could quote for this work after purchase .
but get a quote anyway to see total costings , please send a full address post code location of where the table is to be delivered we only do ground floor installs now , this table is located on a ground floor at present .

as you see exceptional condition .
Cloth looks almost new , and wood work as just been re-polished .

Probably the best ornate full size billiard table available for sale in the UK

No exaggeration here this is probably one of the best ever carved tables to be sold in the UK
not often seen on the market as a private sale, but more often in expensive London Auction houses or high end Billiards retail outlets. It would not look out of place in Harrods.

This very ornate Billiards table by the well known Manchester billiards firm of Orme & Sons is available for sale through GCL Billiards.

The table is a private sale and is located near to Lichfield and Rugeley in the West Midlands for viewing to serious buyers only.

The table is for sale at £25,000 which for such a bespoke item direct from the owners, no middle men fees, no auction premiums, it is a very reasonable price for such a fine billiard table, which you would rarely see come onto the market especially in this renovated condition.  In a top end billiard firms ownership it would be well into the £40k mark.

Ok you will have to arrange dismantle and relocation and set back up.  GCL Billiards will quote you for this work if you provide a full address including post code and if it is on the ground floor at the buyer’s address with no stairs.

This table is being sold from the ground floor also, so no problems for collection.

WARNING this table move will require a full large size removals lorry. A normal 35cwt van would not be large enough or offer good protection to the dismantled table and would be overweight.

Our advice is that a time served billiards fitter must be part of that removals package on dismantle and install, which would be an extra costing on top of any purchase price.

Our small 35cwt van is ok for a standard leg low end table, but not this highly carved high end table it would be too small and overweight.

But I will accompany any removals firm.  I work closely with a local Nottingham removals firm that would have a large enough lorry to carry this table and in well wrapped conditions.

Please study the photos of the table.  I am about to find out what is currently being sold with the table accessories wise, as the previous owner also has a lot of billiard room photos and paintings and collectables that are being sold separately.

Please note all those wall decorations are not with the table, neither is the light fitting.  I will find out about the scoreboard, cues, balls and other accessories, which I think should be included.

Orme and Sons Beaufort model table, top of the range in 1905, only a few were made and some had different carvings to the legs.  So carving wise there may be a one-off design to each table.

Orme & Sons catalogue advert for the Beaufort table no 682 design (circa 1909)

The cloth is as new.
Nice light to medium oak polish to cushions.

Just look at the ornateness and solidness of those legs and panelling friezes. Fine Edwardian craftsmanship at its very best.

Another view of the whole table so you can take in what fine craftmanship went into manufacturing it.
A fine piece of furniture and talking point to any country home or large town house.
I do not know who purchased the table from new, but whoever it was, they wanted to make a statement when they commissioned this table to be made.

More light to show the carvings.
Note the bag nets, this table was manufactured when billiards was the no. 1 game.
It would be a shame if someone had fitted ball rails and ball hole nets on this table.
Original design new nets and dark stained leathers complete the original look of the table.
I also like the way they have stained the carving areas to show that part off.
Again they wanted you to notice the workmanship of the carvings.

You want a closer look at that leg carving?

Pocket opening showing no track lines and therefore the cloth is as new, so it will not require a new cloth unless you want to have one fitted.
No description available.
Rare model life pool scoreboard also included.  Balls, cues and rests confirmed.
It looks like this is the original scoreboard also made by Orme & Sons that came with the table from new in the very early 1900s.  Very unusual to see that the number roll bars are operated from two knobs on the front and the green is also unusual to find.

If you would like more information on the table please contact Geoff at GCL Billiards.


I will pass on any genuine enquiries to the owner.

7ft Riley Oak Barley twist combination dining /snooker table for sale .

For sale direct from the owners for £1500 as it stands Buyer arranges collection .
GCL billiards do not own this table you are buying direct from the seller , no middle men or auction fees to pay .
A set price which we think is very fair .

Rare to find in barley twist leg form , many variations from straight square turned , cabriolet and ball and claw , but the barley twist one is one of the rarest to come up for sale .
Try and find another for sale , you may find the odd one but they are not falling off trees in barley twist leg form .

the table in the up position , the playing height is raised up on four brackets which also have the facility to turn screw up and down for levelling .
note the barley twist legs design , very rare to find them for sale .
this table is a 7ft and should have a serial number starting A7 stamped under each table top leaf .
A stood for Accrington where Riley had their Factory , and the 7 is the size of the table , numbers after A7 are the real serial numbers of the table .

Superb wood grain to the 5 table tops when placed on and lowered for dining height .
this is all solid Oak no veneer rubbish and has been in this family for many years passed down from Generations before .

another angle showing the 1/4 sawn oak , when you see this oak pattern you know it was selected for its grain to show upper most .
again shows the table is Solid oak and not low cost veneer , what would it cost today to have one made from Solid oak wood with those rare to find Barley twist legs .

still playable with this cloth on , but it would look better with a  re-cloth and maybe new bag nets and leathers .
the woodwork you could just bri wax up , I find if you fully renovate you take all originality and makes the table look a modern replica
also it is very expensive to have one stripped stained and re-polished .
and it just just not need this in my opinion .
may require a few bolt cover leg buttons which seem to be missing in the photo s , unless the owners still have them knocking around .

A few accessories are with the table , I do not know if it has an original riley  scoreboard ?
the one in the photo is not what was original to the table when new from Riley’s .
but I see these riley diner scoreboards all the time on Ebay   see here

the original would be something like this if they have one but in Oak , they also did one a bit more squared off too .
Antique Mahogany Billiard, Snooker Scoreboard by Riley of Accrington at 1stDibs
So there you have it a rare to find Barley twist 7ft version of this well known Raise and fall Dining table design .
I would think the table was made between 1900 and 1967 , but I would say circa 1920/30s .
lovely piece of solid oak furniture that has a dual purpose and a delight and conversation piece for visitors .
I have had a few myself over the years , and have one in 6ft form with cabriolet legs in garage as we speak in mahogany but not as nice as this 7ft version , which I must get out and also advertised too .

the end slide in cushion panel you can still see the E J RILEY transfer  .
it would be shame to strip it down to bare wood and make it look modern and no age to it .
just wax it to bring it up a bit and show its age small buckle marks as well .

Remember the price is for the table with accessories , this is not a delivered price and is a private sale direct from the owners
buyer arranges dismantle and collection .

if you want more information and different styles of legs that where made on this riley designed and manufactured table
showing differ Nat design quirks .
copy and past this to read.

Riley Billiard / Snooker diner , a pleasure to work on this rare Barley twist oak snooker table . circa 1930 / 50

Superb Condition Full size Vintage pre 1895 snooker / billiard table for sale …. at a very affordable price of £2000

We have a client who wishes to sell their fully refurbished at great cost  full size snooker  / billiard  table
at present famous sports celebrity owned ( premier division footballer )
Client confidentiality is to be observed so I cannot say who it is , without consent .
My client has inherited the table on a house sale , but prefers his American pool table which is in his old property  and which we have to move into this space .
As you can see immaculate condition and re-clothed in Taupe colour cloth

some accessories like rests and the balls are with the table sale
we are not asking for a lot for this table and I have negotiated a price of £2000 as it stands for a very quick sale and pick up .
Price is accessed because we have taken into account what it may cost a new owner , on top of the £2000
it varies on price to have one collected and installed it all depends on distances , and if two days or one is involved or a very long day .
the table will be dismantled and Bubble wrapped of all polished parts , and available for collection from the Alderley edge area , near Manchester .
Be quick on this one

as you can see the polish on the table is very good as is the cloth condition
talking about the cloth I think this is a Hainsworth smart  manufactured  taupe coloured cloth  a very bespoke colour choice and would have been a special order colour .
very rare to find and choice  , so a bit exclusive to have this coloured cloth .
The cloth could be refitted so a re-cloth is not required in our opinion .

Scoreboard is included .
there is no lighting so you would have to arrange for a suitable lighting to be installed if you bought the table .
which I think is a very good price for such a fine period table in this excellent condition .
there is some previous vague history with the table that it once belonged to Alex Higgins ,
I have always stated unless you have photo proof or signed documentation never to sell a table that this is true , yet I will mention it .
my client does not make this claim , it was just something that was passed down to him via the house sale .

If you require a quote for a pick up of the table and load and deliver and  Ground floor installation ,
please let Geoff at GCL Billiards know and give your full post code address for the quote .

You do not have to use GCL billiards you can arrange any billiards firm or pick the table up yourself .
table will be bubble wrapped , just back up to the storage  Garage , slates are near the door standing upright like a door .
just load your own van if you wanted to keep the price down for collection , you can hire  a 35cwt sprinter or long wheelbase  van for as little as £100
then just pay for a more local billiards fitter close to you to set back up and re-fit the cloth .

What ever route you go by for collection ,  we fully recommend professional billiards firm or fitter assembles the table for you .
Bad fitting of any cue sports table will be a big disappointment to any player .

All inquiries to Geoff at GCL Billiards for the table sale

via our email

we will pass on any interested persons inquiries ,  to our clients Father in law who is dealing with the table sale .