Table 1 refurbished at the Nottingham Snooker Academy

Today we brought forward a recover that we should be doing next week, but with a holiday booked we moved it forward.

Table one, the first table as you enter the Nottingham Snooker Academy, is a Riley Club circa 1920/30.  These are one of Rileys most popular tables off the production line.  You may notice that the legs have some rings turned into the middle section.  You will find this type of table in nearly every snooker club in the country.  They made them in their thousands and must have been the most popular model Riley have ever made, along with the basic square leg Imperial model.
NSA Table 1 Nottm snooker Academy
NSA practice on new cloth table 1
Lined up for practice, the new recover gets a try out before a match.  Note the table in the foreground, this is the next table lined up for a refurb next month.  This really shows the old nets and leathers and old cloth up with a fresh re-covered table next to it.
NSA close up practice on T1
A close up of the re-furbished playing surface in Strachan 6811 Tournament 30 ounce cloth plus new nets and leathers.
acadamy finished table
Just to show the difference, above the old lighting in the Academy before the fitment of the modern lights.  This is yellow light and dingy showing bright spots of the bulbs on the cloth.  Below the new lighting, bright white light, high frequency non-flicker.  Which would you rather play under ?
NSA all 4 with lights and seating
The new look Embankment cue sports room, now hosting the new Nottingham Snooker Academy, with plush seating on a raised plinth for good viewing.  Plus the new high frequency twin tube lighting with cool white lighting tubes, less shadow, better sightlines, better for the fitter to see what he is re-covering.  It’s a win-win situation, a great snooker venue for serious match play and to learn the game from a qualified coach.

GCL Billiards are proud to be associated with the Nottingham Snooker Academy.  We even wear the new NSA logo on our black polo shirts, along with the NBSA logo.  We also display both logos on our new van.  We like to do our bit to promote the venue.
polo shirt logos

It’s all happening this week two tables sold off blog site, table moves and light unit fitted + more

The for sale section on GCL Billiards’ blog (which are all FREE advertisements) is working, at least for 3/4 sized tables, two sold within the last week.  GCL Billiards do not make a penny from these sales, we just hope we get the work for moving and setting up the tables.

The new high frequency cool white lighting is receiving plenty of interest from people for use above their cue sports tables.

We also have to finish off the last two American pool table moves from Mansfield to Alfreton this week.

Servicing on Friday and working on Saturday in Leicester recovering a pool table.  We really are that busy and it’s summer, a time when it should be slack in the cue sports industry.

We have more work coming too, table instalations, re-covers, re-polishing, re-rubber work, nets and leathers etc.

Our sister company, Double Eight Pool Tables, have rental tables coming up for their 6 monthly and yearly re-covers.

It will soon be August and then September when the work really picks up for the winter leagues.
welbourne 9ft 2
elston Gent table
Both the above tables have been sold from our free advertisement service for clients who recommend GCL Billiards as the firm to move the table once sold.
derby f new lights
New lighting is the way to go.  Most clubs have now seen the light and are ditching the old coffin shades to make way for a much better lighting system for cue sports.  The high frequency cool white lighting reduces shadow.  The white light is better for the eye and your game gets better from using it.  It is also better for the fitter’s eye when he is re-covering the table.  After years of working under bad light I can now see so much better when working under these new lights.  Also the lighting is hung higher above the table, which also lights up the surrounding areas for the cleaner.  We aim for 5 foot above the playing surface as the optimal height to fix the lighting.

Ask Geoff about the new lighting system at  or phone 07753 466064.

Back to Lincoln for new pro snooker light installation in log cabin

log cabin lights fitted
Today I have been back over to Lincoln to install the new pro lighting to the table I put in the Log cabin about two weeks ago.  The owner phoned our contact/agent in lincoln for GCL Billiards to come over and install ASAP.

It was a very tricky install because of the low roof and those beams.  The lights had to be fitted directly to the beams and a strengthening wood plank put up between the beams to support the lights and keep them together.

The Owner was delighted with the new lighting, there was no way a coffin type shade would have fitted to the roof without it being too low.

Cost of the new lighting starts at just £240 for a full size plus miles travelled to fit.  This lighting install with travelling costs was quoted at £310 fitted with two spare tubes.  Two photos below before lights were fitted.  Note that we covered the slate bed of the table with blankets as well as a heavy duty cover and we check for level and adjust after fitment of lighting.  Our pricing for these lights is very competitive.  You just have to check what they sell for on ebay to find out we are the best solution for pro snooker lighting.

We also give a discount for two lights fitted in the same club on the same day.
log cabin fitting lights
Barton table in Log Cabin

More Pro Lighting fitted + recover full size snooker table and new nets and leathers

Derby F table old shade

Above: the old coffin shade and old cloth, nets and leathers.

Today we have been fitting a set of new high frequency pro lighting to another club in Derby.  We also recovered the table in Strachan 6811 Tournament 100% wool cloth, no mixed fibres with this cloth, just pure 100% new wool.  To top it off we fitted a new set of nets and leathers.

The two league teams that play out of this club are really spoilt.  No more dark, dingy table and no long egg shaped shadows under the balls.  These lights really get into every corner of the table including right under the cushions.  They reduce glare and with the soft white tubes they are easy on the eye.

derby f new lights

Above: the new pro lighting, new Strachan 6811 Tournament pure wool cloth, plus new nets and leathers.  Table checked and adjusted for level and re-tipped 10 cues.

As you can see, the effect of not having a heavy coffin type shade hanging close to the snooker table’s bed cloth really opens the room up.  The table looks more inviting to play.  The old shade ran on 5 x 100 watt bulbs (total of 500 watts energy used).  The new lighting runs on a total of just 232 watts energy used.  A saving of 268 watts!  So fitting these light units can also save the club money in the long run and will soon cover the cost of fitting them.

uk ***Our light units are UK manufactured ***

they are None flicker high Frequency units , do not confuse them with lower cost imported lighting , and the old side starter units that flicker , these are the future of cue sports lighting . Our price is very competitive and if local we always help fit them . providing table covers and level of the table after fitting by a professional billiards fitter.

Below is a photograph of another Derby club that has seen the light, plus two Nottinghamshire based clubs that have also had the light units fitted.

Get in touch with GCL BILLIARDS to have your table converted over to the new Pro Lighting.  The best time to have these lights fitted is at the same time as recover of the bed and cushions, or on a stretch bed cloth, or on a table installation.


Newark pool table x 6 area
Cue club match table
Pro lighting Derby 2

Snooker and pool table recover in Leicestershire – all pub and club owners & managers read on

We are acquiring snooker and pool table recovering work in Lincoln, Derby & Nottingham plus surrounding counties, but not enough work is coming our way from Leicestershire, so I am about to target that area for extra work.

We are an East midlands based company and would like to hear from any Secretery,  Club Managers or owners of bars, pubs, snooker and pool halls in the Leicester area.

We are busy, which shows that we are regarded as one of the best Pool and Snooker table maintenance companies with one fitter having served for over 37 years in the cue sports industry.  If your table is coming up for a recover, then please enquire about our pricing.  We can quote for any work you may require.

Why choose GCL BILLIARDS ?

We listen to our clients, we do not rush jobs and we strive to improve the table.  We may not play the game, but our most important aim is to please those that do.  We always use top quality cloth and rubber and supply such things as the new improved pro lighting that is sweeping the country at the moment.

GCL BILLIARDS are based in LONG EATON which is close to junction 25 of the M1.  From there we can go north, south, east or west and be in any of the 4 or even 6 counties that surround us within an hour or so, even less.

We are very proud to be recommended by the Nottinghamshire Billiards & Snooker Association.  This shows our expertise in the maintenance of Snooker and Pool tables and our work has been passed by the players and officials associated with the NBSA.  They would not just recommend any one !

We are also one of the main firms for Pub Pool table recovering to league standard in the East Midlands with our time served billiards fitting experience.  We apply the same high standards to our pool table work.  We do not operate amusement machines, we are 100% Snooker and Pool.  We know one of the most moaned about jobs that is never put right is the simple job of leveling a pool table.  We take our time and include leveling as well as cleaning the ball runs inside the table of all grease from sweaty hands and cloth build up that forms a hard black wax on the ball rails making some balls stick.  Players pick up one end and smash down resulting in broken feet or legs.  We do a full service on the table and this helps stop all the abuse that can be the cause of a sticking ball.

We always check for level twice, once using a very accurate engineers level and then double check using a digital level.  Using a £20 note to show our clients that the table, if 0.1% out, is only out by the thickness of a £20 note.  However we strive for 0.0%.

WE ALSO RENT TABLES OUT with two recovers a year in the contract for Summer and Winter league starts.  We think we offer the best hire rates localy that operates a proper maintenance schedule.  As stated above we are not amusement, sweety machine, or gambling machine operators, we just do cue sports tables.  We are good at what we do.  There is nothing worse than a recover from a fruit machine mechanic, believe me we have seen enough loose cloths and wrinkled and loose cushions, never mind the level if they ever get round to doing that.  As for the inside of the table, take a look at the photo below of one ball rail that a fruit machine engineer had left.  How do balls roll down that filth without sticking ? There is also online gambling and variety of game that one can enjoy and according to USGS they are as good as going to an actual casino.

PHONE GCL BILLIARDS TODAY for a proper professional service of recovering, rerubbering, new cushions, level and accessories.  Balls, cues and even pro lighting can be supplied.

Below: same table with Dirty ball rails

Dirty greased rails

Another install of new pro lighting

Today we have been hanging two sets of lights above two tables at a club in Derby.  The team who play out of this club spotted some that I had supplied at another club in the same league and was that impressed they requested GCL BILLIARDS to supply new lighting to their club.

The club did provide me with an electrician for the connection of power to the lighting, making sure there was an earth feed to the wires, which on this occasion there was not as the old shades were wooden and required no earth.  So a new earth was sourced and connected to the hidden sockets for the lights.

On this installation there were two beams, so the lighting units could not be directly mounted to the ceiling.  We used the existing chain from the old shade and mounted two three metre box section steels to each set of lights.  This kept the lighting together and easy to install.  They are approx 5 foot from the bed of the table to the underside of the lighting.

Above you can see the old shade taken down which had three 150 watt bulbs in a total of 450 watts.  The new lighting has 4 tubes at 58 watts each totalling 232 watts.  That’s nearly half the running costs of the old shades and much improved lighting.  These old shades used to retail at around £350 in the 1980’s.  The new pro style lighting are ….just gone up by £10.70p to £239.70p …sorry but just been informed of increase in cost of tubes and light unit from 1/01/2013 . but still great value.

Notice we have protected the bed of the newly re-covered tables by using dust sheets and plenty of cardboard and blankets.  The level of the tables was checked after installation and only one leg had to be shimmed on the near table.

GCL BILLIARDS stock the new pro style lighting which have high frequency tubes and do not flicker like the old fluorescent tubes with side starter inserts.  The balls have less side shadow and the whole table is lit that much better.

Priced at just £239.70p including postage for a twin unit plus any hanging kit required, or £135.50p  for a pool table plus hanging kit if required. NO VAT CHARGED.  If the club is local I will help to install and deliver personally.

Enquiries phone Geoff on 07753 466064 or 0115 972 5355.  Or email

Enquiries for the new Pro Lighting units for Snooker and Pool tables

We are getting more enquiries mainly in the Nottingham and Derby area for the new twin tube units that are high frequency non-flicker with white light tubes and ideal for cue sport use.

We will post out two units for a full size snooker table including tubes for £229 a set or £130 per single unit for a pool table.  Rated at 58 watts per tube, the lighting is very good and local players in Derby can experience this at Mickleover British Legion, where the Match table has had this new lighting installed along with a full renovation of the playing surface in strachan 6811 tournament and Re-place the Rubber for new Northern rubber .

If local I will deliver personally and help install the lighting and then check for table level after install.  Only qualified electricians with a part P qualification are allowed to connect any electrical units up by law.  This is for your own insurance standards too.  Even though these units are as easy to connect as a three pin plug, they should be wired up by qualified electricians AND MUST BE EARTHED !

If ceiling is a short distance we recommend fitting directly to the ceiling for that neater look (see above photo).  If it is a high ceiling then a hanging wire fitting kit will be required which is an extra cost (see photo below).

or we may even suggest for ease of fitting , to use the existing chain from youre old shade like the photo below . for full size tables this will require two 3 metre lenths of U channel available from B&Q for not much extra. around £6 a lenth ?

Many thanks to the pubs and clubs who have had the new lighting installed and for recommending GCL BILLIARDS to visiting cue sports teams for both snooker and pool tables lighting .  There is nothing worse than a dimly lit table and as these three photos prove, a well lit table is an inviting table to play on.  I am sure the takings will go up too which has been proven in some of the clubs that have had these light units fitted.



GCL BILLIARDS now sell the modern lighting strip lights with daylight and soft white tubes , these are 58 watt per tube , and give a light that is close to professional as you can get . REPLACE that old coffin shade and realy see what you are aiming for .
Example photo below are the actual units and the owner was that impressed he has replaced most of the table lighting in the club with these lights . 3 snooker tables and two pool tables .
these lighting units are realy catching on around the UK .pretty soon all serious cue sports clubs will have them as standard equipment .

Priced at £229 includeing postage for a 12ft table = 2 x 5ft units
and for a pool table £130 includeing postage = 1 x 5ft unit
all units come complete with tube’s.

Another club that has also Seen the LIGHT !