Burnley billiard works Full size Snooker table NOW SOLD !


The table has sold .


Sold as viewed on site from photos or by viewing before purchase .

We have a client wishing to sell there very top end model that Burnley billiard works produced ,
I have moved one of these before and that one was used by Rex Williams .
this is an identical model with its oversized squared off balloon legs .
the table looks very well made and solid table and is in excellent order , The cloth is in not bad condition and could be refitted back on .
The polish also looks in good order and not your usual scratched and scuffed working men’s club table .
the Price of £1000 is very good for this well made table , this is an on site price for the table and accessories as found .
Dismantle transporting and unloading and setting back up can be priced up through Geoff at GCL billiards , We do not do stair installs anymore though but you are free to use which ever billiard company you wish to choose .

Contact Geoff with your full post code and confirmation your install is on Ground floor and involves no more than one step or threshold ., and I will then give you a price based on miles travelled and if one or two days are involved .
Relocating is not a parcel force or Courier job , it involves two fitters and a van , the equipment to move the slates and the knowledge and experience to dismantle and set a table up . it is not a man and a van job .

Geoff Large at GCL Billiards has been in the billiard fitting trade for 47 years , first working for his uncle , then in 1980 he joined Elston & Hopkin billiards of Nottingham , working for Elston’s until 2012 , since 2012 working Self Employed billiard fitter to present day .
We do things a bit different when selling tables , we like to put buyer in touch with seller , rather than have a large premises storing tables and the expense or rent and rates , we try and do Private direct sales and move the table direct from premises to premises rather than have the added costings that go with resale of tables from a show room .
this way the Buyer gets the table at a very reasonable price and then adds the fitting charges to the Price , this total can be from 1/3rd savings upwards of retail prices of buying from a dealer .
Often we save the buyer not only Hundreds but into the thousands on the purchase of a table .
We then do not have the expensive overheads of Workshop / Warehouse / and showroom , Thus passing on those savings to our buying Clients .
And the seller gets a quicker sale as most sales are due to house move or room required for other purpose .

Not ready for the table yet , no worries as long as you have a Garage on site we can also Bubble wrap at cost of bubble wrap and tape , We will then put the table for storage on your site or Home , it does not take a lot of room up when dismantled and can be stored down the internal side of a garage taking up about 16 strip inch of space from the inner side wall .
but it is best you have your room ready or at least the flooring and ceiling done so you can have the table installed on delivery .

Full Size Riley Regis Snooker table for sale £750

Very Good condition accessories included

We have a Client who wishes to sell their very nice conditioned Riley Regis .
cloth looks in very good order so does the woodwork polish from the photos our client has supplied .
Price is for the table as it stands and does NOT include dismantle loading or delivery .
GCL Billiards will be happy to quote for such work , just supply a full address post code and we will work out the miles to charge and the dismantle and fitting of the table charge .

The table is in the Edgbaston Birmingham Area of the UK .
buyer could collect or arrange collection , table must be paid for before collection .