Full size carved reeded George Wright Snooker table with life pool scoreboard and Iron for sale

A full sized snooker table for sale, made by George Wright circa 1910.  This reeded leg table comes with a full sized life pool scoreboard which alone can fetch over £1000 just for the scoreboard !

George wright for sale 1
The table is in fair to good condition and also has a coffin type modern shade with a table iron, dust cover, 9 cues and rests.

Price for complete package is just £1,200 but this price does NOT  include dismantle and transport and set back up.  GCL Billiards will be happy to quote for that work.

The table is based in the Torbay area of Devon (TQ3 postcode area).  Anyone who is interested sould please contact Geoff at GCL Billiards for further info and contact details of the owner.

The scoreboard is a very nice full size renovated Life Pool scoreboard which alone is worth a minimum of £750 from a dealer.  The owner says that the table iron could do with a rewire, so I’m not sure if it is working or not.  Maybe it just has a bad lead.  I suspect it is working and requires a new plug and lead as many of these old irons do.  New plugs on ebay are around £10.  Various cues and rests plus of course balls and triangle are included.

Below the very nice large Life Pool Scoreboard.  Note the slide out panels with mother of pearl inlays, 3 lives to buy back at.
George wright for sale 2 scoreboard
George wright for sale 3 scoreboard
george wright for sale 4 shade

New Client for 2013 , Snooker and Pool tables in Derby

Just got a telephone call this morning from a local well known club that has just been taken over , they where desperate to have 5 tables dismantled for alterations today , I was just enjoying my Christmas & New year holidays and had to cutt it short to come in and do this work for them .

They have 15 full size tables and they are going to have 10 Supreme  Winner pool tables to county pool standard and hoping for a match room with a further 3 or 4 full size snooker tables , located near the Centre of Derby with a large Car park , they have also given the go ahead for one full size table move set up  and Recover plus nets and leathers to start the ball rolling of the Snooker Table refurbishments , then it’s see how they go for more Regular work each month in 2013 .

I would like to thank them for choosing GCL BILLIARDS for the work going forward in 2013 , and also the the people who have recommended us to them . it just goes to show that if you do good workmanship , then the work will come in through recommendation as well as the web site and advertisements.

table logistics option 2 , NEW VAN ON THE WAY lower cost removals of table ? + Ebay

Today I have purchased a new van due for delivery in a week or two ,  for moving tables at a lower price , I would prefer to use jonills removals for safer high class moves , as they are profesional removers and being as they have a much larger vehicle they can also move youre entire house contents or part of it , they also have plenty of men available for those awkward moves .

A colour to get noticed ?

option 2 of table dismantle and move

With time’s being hard in this recession and people not having much money around , I decided that an investment in a larger van was required to offer a competitive quote to logistics of you’re Snooker Table or Pool table. You could also click to see and figure out your logistics.

I will still offer the same care and attention , in that every leg and cushion plus sides and ends will be well wrapped in removal blankets . I will also offer a lower quote if you do not require extra men from my end , if you prefer to offer youre own added labour to help load and unload , then I am happy to go down this route also .

Prices will be on how far I have to travel and any extra labour required . I am sure people buying on ebay may want to use this lower cost service , I will look at any table listing on ebay and give advice on the table and if it is suitable for youre requirements , but please note, I am looking at photo’s , I cannot test such things like rubber bounce and slate trueness and state of woodwork and cloth  if I do not see the table first hand , it will be a judgement of knowing the make of table and it’s suitability for you from photo’s . then give you an informed choice as to if you want to bid on it .