FREE Riley table

Most inquiries are because the table is holding up a house sale , or the other way around the previous owner left it and the new owner wants it removed to use the room for another purpose .

We are getting a lot of inquiries to remove full size snooker tables and just getting rid of them , TAKE THEM AWAY FREE people say , this is not a FREE SERVICE I’m afraid , two fitters wages van use Fuel insurances all have to be paid for .
We offer a recycling service at a cost of removing , but we have to take the table all apart and remove all none recycling waste from it, cloth rubber metal tacks screws and bolts all have to be removed for our recycler to take the wood away , the slate is also recycled into fire places , but these have to be polished cut to size to make into a fireplace .
the cost to remove a table and recycle is down to distance , BUT please note we do not now take tables up or down stairs , we only remove Ground floor tables with no more than a couple of steps involved which we can ramp .
We used to do the stair work but as you get older this has become too much for us .
We are both in our 60’s now .

Even this carved one is now being recycled because no body wants it .


Did you know GCL billiards rent pool tables out to pub’s clubs and staff canteens on full  maintenance contracts .
We have many  tables now  in a few club’s and pubs around the midlands area mainly East midlands , and we also have a major supermarket chain that uses GCL billiards
to supply their new supreme winner pool tables in their staff room / canteens on a rolling contract which we carry out a 6 monthly re-cloth service .
In fact we carry out two re-cloths every year on our tables included in the rental price of £95 to £115 per month and no VAT to pay !  … price depends on model of table and cloth choice grade and colour of  cloth at re-cloth time  ( prices as of  16/11/2022 ) .  ***  We now stock the new Match table from supreme as used in Ultimate pool competitions on TV .
The price of charge of pool table is normally £1 a play and will soon be making you profit per month .
We know of no other firm that offers this high maintenance service .
We only wish to cater for a nominal amount of sited rental tables so get on our books while you can  , as we also have a full billiards firm carrying out re-covering and maintenance not only to pool tables but to snooker tables too .
we therefore only wish to have around 40 to 50 machines sited to run alongside our full maintenance billiards firm .
May we point out we are fully qualified billiards fitters and not a fruit machine mechanic who will be maintaining your rental table .
We are 100% cue sports people who understand cue sport players requirements to play on good maintained tables .
we are focused on cue sports rather than coin slot machines in general .
we therefore offer you a better more professional approach to having a fully maintained machine on your premises rather than a poorly maintained one .

initial contract is for 12 month and after that .
we carry out a 6 month rolling contract renewed at each re-cloth stage .
we change the balls every year  , and supply two sets of balls from new .
you have the keys and all that goes in the cash box is yours .
all we ask is you keep to our contract agreement and pay each monthly the rental payment without missing any payments .
So good is this deal that we have two club’s one with three table’s installed and one with 4 table’s installed , as they worked it out that with tax relief it was better to rent than buy .
and not have to worry about paying expensive re-cloth or new cushions or new coin mech .
they just sit back and take the takings from the machine pay the rental each month and have no worries of breakdown costs or maintenance costs ,
and their table always look good with a new re-cloth every 6 months .

we only use top rated cloth Strachan 6811 tournament  as our standard cloth and if you pay a little extra each month you can upgrade to Hainsworth Match cloth .

Tables are cleaned out too so no dusty balls or sticking balls on dirty rail system

we buy the latest green badge tables , so you know you are not playing on a reconditioned 10 year old machine .

the latest tables come with cast metal corners rather than the older plastic chrome corners of the old model .
and the wood finish of all our tables are Black Pearl .
Get in touch with Carol or Geoff Large at GCL billiards to order your new rental supreme winner coin op table and start making money from  your new table as soon as it is installed .
We would like more sites in the Nottingham Derby Beeston Stapleford Long Eaton area especially , but we do have sites as far as Matlock , Lincoln , Nuneaton and Coventry .


*** we would like to point out that your pool table in order to make it pay for your rental site , it must take at least £20 per week or £3 per day ,
that’s 40 games a week 0r 6 games a day  at 50p per go .
if you rental site does not make this amount your commitment for the first 12 months is still £80 per month , we do not do 50% split taking site rentals .
and after all many tables take at least £60 to £100 per week what would you rather pay per month £200 split out of £400 takings or £80 per month ?
also do not forget if you attract pool  players into your pub they also buy drinks .
As they say if you provide a better maintained new table you will attract more custom to your pub or club as the word gets around you have a good maintained table .
Maintained by GCL billiards

When I first started in the Billiards industry 1976 . and my last few working years as a billiards fitter .

Above Chettles industrial Estate on Ilkeston Road Nottingham showing weigh Bridge office .
CIRCA 1970’s
on the left My Uncle Ron Hume ( Curly ) he got me into Billiard fitting .
a keen Golfer and member of the Variety club of Great Britain .

I came out of the Army in the year of 1976 , and started to work for my uncle’s firm Trent Valley Pool & Snooker tables Leisure firm in Chettles industrial Estate and office on lincoln Street basford .
I worked alongside my cousin Gary Hume and A sub contract billiard fitter called Mick Robb who had a firm called Belvoir billiards .
I stayed at Trent Valley Leisure for 4 years , then on advice from Mick Robb , I left and moved to Elston & Hopkin of Goldsmith Street Nottingham .
although I still did a bit of work for my Uncle Ron and cousin Gary over the years while I worked for Elston & Hopkin , mainly at weekends or evenings
and my boss at Elston & Hopkin did knew that I helped them out now and again . although their work and sales where nationwide and E&H where local east midlands mainly very little outside a 50 to 80 mile radius
.so no conflict of interest .
John hopkin was a very good Employer and Boss .

The entrance to Elston & Hopkin Empire billiard hall on Goldsmith Street . Now demolished to make way for the royal concert Center building in 1980 .
Photo is Circa 1970’s

In 1980 Elston & hopkin where just being relocated from the very old Empire Theatre Building on goldsmith Street Nottingham where they had a billiard hall and a very fine fitted out Solid Mahogany sales counter for billiard table spares . cue sales and so on .
I also got married in 1980 to my Wife Carol , who I am happy to say we are still together after 39 years of marriage and have two Daughters Helen and Kimberley and in 2018 our first Grand child Emily arrived .~
Sorry no Boys to carry on the business .
Elston & hopkin moved into a workshop on Canal Street , also now demolished , and then into the Newark Street premises from 1980 .
having a 18 table billiard hall , office and workshop on the top floor .
of Davisella house right on the corner of Newark street & Manvers Street .
Elston & hopkin moved out in the early 2000s and sold out to Universal logic in 2004 , I went with the firm to work out of a warehouse in Gainsborough Lincolnshire for the next 7 years .
I look back on the 43 years I have been working as a Billiards fitter .
I have learnt from everyone around me from my Uncles firm and Gary Hume to Mick Robb who was a big influence in my work , to Roger Perczynski and Alan Pykett at Elston & hopkin .
I also learnt a bit of Computer presentation and promotion from my last boss Ted Roberts .
I have had my ups and downs , but became self employed in May 2012 when I had started GCL billiards .

I have met some characters , and worked for some very famous people , as you can imagine it is not everyone who has a room for a full size billiard table , and most celebs and sports personalities do at sometime in their life have ownership or inherit through a house sale a full size table .
But I get as much satisfaction working for normal working folk like myself as I do the high society and famous clientele .
I look upon myself as the Caretaker in my time period of the billiard tables I work on .
I am now approaching 65 years of age , and starting to feel the aches and pains of fitting such heavy tables .
a bit of arthritis , a bad knee joint from my football days , and the normal getting old feeling that you feel creeping up on you .
To the point that upstairs locations are now null and void and no go areas .
let the younger fitters lift slate upstairs or into a basement .
So I do not do this type of heavy lifting anymore , one bad job could put me off work for a long time so why risk it , just ground floor to ground floor locations and the van loading if I wish to carry on to my 70’s
I do not know how long I will be doing this line of work , but I do aim to get to 70 years old at least full time .
So at least another 5 years and two months to go yet .
and maybe do 3 days a week then 2 days a week until retirement , but it is not unusual for 80 year old fitters to still be fitting tables and doing Re-cloths , At Elston and Hopkin they had an old fitter called Joe doing it until he was 80 odd years old .
he fully retired just before I started there .

One of the best Snooker Players you could meet out there , Dennis Taylor
My Granddaughter Emily .

WE ARE NOT A SNOOKER CLUB ! do not phone us up trying to book a table to play on please try Stapleford cue club or any mentioned below to play snooker or pool .

We do not own a snooker or pool club , but if you do require to find a club to play local to us , try Stapleford cue Club they are the closest snooker club to me 2 mile down the road .
Stapleford Cue club is situated at
148 Derby Road behind the pizza hut take away .
tel 01159 394 504

if you are very close to Derby then try
under rollerworld access to right in carpark
Derby DE21 4AW
tel 01332 360924

other side of Nottingham then try
Newark cue club
41 Barker Gate
NG24 1UA
tel 01636 612030

I get many phone calls asking if we are open to book a table to play on ?
We are not advertised as a snooker club , we are a Billiards /Snooker / Pool table or as a collective a Cue sports table MAINTENANCE company
This means we work on tables repairing or maintaining them .
our other business is long term contract of coin operated pool table hire to pubs and clubs we do not own our own club .
I am sorry to say it is getting beyond a joke at how many people phone us up sometimes at 12 to 2am in the morning and Today ( Christmas Day ) of all days to ask what time we shut or are we open today.
we suspect these are Taxi Drivers knocking off work or taking a break and wanting somewhere to play snooker or pool .
I do not know of any all nighter snooker clubs most close at 12pm at the latest .

but just to refresh what we are about .

This is what we do
Ashbourne 9ft rubber and cushion blocks gluedpool table keyworth 7ft riley superleague strippinglivingstone strip and cover cushions bluerushcliffe tables and shades on vanBaulk line re-cover june 2015 working on cushions apartBaulk line re-cover june 2015 Geoff on cushion strip
If you require to book a table try Stapleford cue club they are the closest snooker/pool club to me
winners at stabbo cue club x 4
stapleford cue club
cueball pool room busy
Cueball in Derby pool room and plenty of full size snooker tables
Newark cue club 41 Carter gate Newark Nottinghamshire NG24 1UA ………….tel 01636 612030 for booking to play on pool and snooker tables .
Hunters Bar Dec 15th 2015 7 recovers on pool
Hunters Bar Grantham 1 Union Street , Grantham next to lidl’s , NG31 6NZ……………… tel 01476 579493
Hunters bar has 7 UK pool , 4 american pool , and 6 full size snooker tables to play on .

GCL Billiards is CLOSED until mid JULY to Late JULY ….due to Surgery on hand due to Duyuptren’s contracture

We are not taking any work on now until after July
I am having surgery on my hand to straighten curling fingers due to Duyuptren’s contracture .
or Viking or Pope’s disease as it is commonly known .
This is caused by thick lumpy nodules forming on the guiders of the fingers , this shortens the guiders to contract and bring the fingers in towards the palm of the hand .
surgery corrects this and straightens the fingers out , but it is an intrusive surgery that requires at least 6 to 10 weeks of healing and physio after the operation .
Zig Zag cutting of the palm of the hand is required to get into the nodules , as an example I will show what is going to happen to me on June the 3rd .
as you can see from the two illustrations , I will not be able to move those fingers freely until at least 6 weeks have passed and maybe 4 weeks of physio to get them moving again .
I need to be able to fully grip cloth to stretch it , also to grip tools or pinch cloth between finger and thumb , and to load and unload heavy slates .
I will ask all my clients and future clients to wait a bit while this is done if you want GCL Billiards to do the work on your Q sports table .
I will continue to answer emails and put you down for future work come July and August .
also to offer advise on your Q sports table .
I am worth waiting for , I have been a billiards fitter for over 47 years , I work from many recommendations including being listed on Hainsworth fit list of fitters .
I use top quality materials , and I keep away from the low priced Chinese cloth and rubber .

FULLY BOOKED OUT FOR WORK UNTIL , Hand Operation JUNE 3rd then 6 WEEK RECOVERING FROM IT to Mid JULY at earliest .

I have been on the waiting list at Derby Royal for a operation on my hand to straighten bent fingers,
this will mean I cannot use a staple gun or pull cloth to stretch onto slates , or re-cloth cushions and resew nets and leathers for up to 6 weeks after the operation .
I have been waiting a long time for this operation , I used to play guitar but stopped doing that because of bent fingers due to Dupuytren’s contracture , which effects the thickening of skin , bending fingers over to the palm of the hand .
Dupuytren’s affects the tissue under the skin of your palm or fingers called the fascia. The fascia becomes thicker and less flexible. Over months or years, it can make your fingers bend towards your palm. This bending is called a contracture. Dupuytren’s can sometimes be uncomfortable or painful.
It is Hereditary hand disorder , my father and uncle both had this .

It is not too painful at the moment , but I hope to have full movement once the operation has been successful , I may even be able to play the guitar again , something I stopped doing years ago because of the curling fingers on my left hand .
But I still have all my collection of Guitars still , and the practice playing will be of some use in recovering from the operation and gaining much better use of the hand .

I would like full movement back of my fingers to prolong my working life , if I leave it too long I will loose the grip I need for pulling cloth , But of course I need to rest the hand for a few weeks before beginning any movement , hopefully it will be successful and I have much better movement than before .
So from the 29th of April 2024 to 15th of July , I will not be taking any more work on .


Only a hand full of Cue sports table fitters around the UK have been approved by Hainsworth as being reliable and competent , to carry out your Cue sports fitting of cloth and table .
They do not hand out these recommendations without fully screening the firm as trustworthy and of a certain level of experience .
It does help though if you can be traced back from firm to firm over a 47 year period , and have feed back to prove that we do care about our clients tables .

Geoff Large at GCL billiards started working on Billiard tables in 1976 , and has worked with 3 Time served billiard table fitters and three different firms, gleaning a bit of experience from each fitter , add a bit of self learning and improving , and now with over 47 years of fitting experience .
Geoff worked for Elston & Hopkin of Nottingham for 24 years 1980 to 2004 , where most of his experience was learnt and perfected .

Hainsworth Billiard cloth , available in grades to suit your play and table design , also an extensive colour choice for Smart and Elite pro cloths , an interiors decorators delight in matching a cloth colour to a rooms décor .
And speed of cloth to suit all types of play , from Club hard wearing cloth , to thinner Professional standard .
Hainsworth smart for instance has a fine nap for what we would call a club cloth , and therefore much faster than the other brands on the market which have a longer coarser nap .

Burnley billiard works Full size Snooker table NOW SOLD !


The table has sold .


Sold as viewed on site from photos or by viewing before purchase .

We have a client wishing to sell there very top end model that Burnley billiard works produced ,
I have moved one of these before and that one was used by Rex Williams .
this is an identical model with its oversized squared off balloon legs .
the table looks very well made and solid table and is in excellent order , The cloth is in not bad condition and could be refitted back on .
The polish also looks in good order and not your usual scratched and scuffed working men’s club table .
the Price of £1000 is very good for this well made table , this is an on site price for the table and accessories as found .
Dismantle transporting and unloading and setting back up can be priced up through Geoff at GCL billiards , We do not do stair installs anymore though but you are free to use which ever billiard company you wish to choose .

Contact Geoff with your full post code and confirmation your install is on Ground floor and involves no more than one step or threshold ., and I will then give you a price based on miles travelled and if one or two days are involved .
Relocating is not a parcel force or Courier job , it involves two fitters and a van , the equipment to move the slates and the knowledge and experience to dismantle and set a table up . it is not a man and a van job .

Geoff Large at GCL Billiards has been in the billiard fitting trade for 47 years , first working for his uncle , then in 1980 he joined Elston & Hopkin billiards of Nottingham , working for Elston’s until 2012 , since 2012 working Self Employed billiard fitter to present day .
We do things a bit different when selling tables , we like to put buyer in touch with seller , rather than have a large premises storing tables and the expense or rent and rates , we try and do Private direct sales and move the table direct from premises to premises rather than have the added costings that go with resale of tables from a show room .
this way the Buyer gets the table at a very reasonable price and then adds the fitting charges to the Price , this total can be from 1/3rd savings upwards of retail prices of buying from a dealer .
Often we save the buyer not only Hundreds but into the thousands on the purchase of a table .
We then do not have the expensive overheads of Workshop / Warehouse / and showroom , Thus passing on those savings to our buying Clients .
And the seller gets a quicker sale as most sales are due to house move or room required for other purpose .

Not ready for the table yet , no worries as long as you have a Garage on site we can also Bubble wrap at cost of bubble wrap and tape , We will then put the table for storage on your site or Home , it does not take a lot of room up when dismantled and can be stored down the internal side of a garage taking up about 16 strip inch of space from the inner side wall .
but it is best you have your room ready or at least the flooring and ceiling done so you can have the table installed on delivery .

Full Size Riley Regis Snooker table for sale £750

Very Good condition accessories included

We have a Client who wishes to sell their very nice conditioned Riley Regis .
cloth looks in very good order so does the woodwork polish from the photos our client has supplied .
Price is for the table as it stands and does NOT include dismantle loading or delivery .
GCL Billiards will be happy to quote for such work , just supply a full address post code and we will work out the miles to charge and the dismantle and fitting of the table charge .

The table is in the Edgbaston Birmingham Area of the UK .
buyer could collect or arrange collection , table must be paid for before collection .

Stimp Meter as used for all ball speed applications on napped and speed cloth

We use a Billiards Stimp Meter ramp to test the speed of a table and also rebound value of rubber cushions .

We often have to prove that cushion is not responding well and in need of rubber replacements , most of the time this is obvious to the player when playing a shot off the cushion and ball not reacting to the pace it hit the rubber cushion at ,and also when a table is stripped down of cloth and you inspect the rubber .
The Stimp meter ramp is also used to demonstrate cloth speed , a long napped cloth is much slower on ball run than a no napped speed cloth .
this Stimp Billiard table meter was manufactured by the late Dave Gibson of Beeston Nottingham in the 1980s , he used it to test his own tables in his billiard hall at Beeston Nottingham .
I purchased the Stimp Meter from his widow on Dave’s passing ,and use it often .
The ramp also has a laser red dot light that projects a red dot to the back of the ball as it leaves the ramp to show roll off due to nap direction or unliveliness of the table .
A ball clamp to give precise set release of the ball unassisted ball fall is required to get exact readings and measurements .
this photo shows a rebound value of 338.5 centimetres or 133and 1/4 inch .

Herbert holt ? refurbished 9ft Snooker table for sale £1495 OVNO .

Buyer arranges collection
We have a client who wishes to sell their 9ft table complete with all accessories as per photos .
a good three welsh slate refurbished period table .
I do not know the actual manufacturer but Herbert Holt has a plaque on stating he refurbished it at some point in its life .
Polish looks in good condition .
Tulip carved mahogany legs with scrolls .

Herbert Holt was a billiards player born 1909 who formed a billiard repair company , son of another billiards player Willie Holt .

please contact Geoff at GCL billiards for further details