New pool tables for rental contracts locally to Nottingham , Derby and Leicester areas and surrounding districts .

We have just installed another Supreme winner to our pool table rental contract portfolio
this one is at the Tutbury Club near Burton on Trent .
having heard of our unrivalled Pool rental agreements , that others find hard to match .
Two re-cloths a year , this is ideal Summer and Winter leagues , be the envy of other teams in the league
who maybe playing on old worn out tables , dead cushions , slow cloths , and supplied and serviced slot machine mechanics who have no clue how to maintain a cue sports table .
If you wanted some one to service your car you would not employ a Kitchen installer , the same can be said for Cue sports tables , a Time served billiards fitter will maintain a table much better than a fruit machine mechanic , so arrange your pool table rental from the Experts here at GCL billiards , time served fitter Geoff Large started working on pool tables in the mid 1970’s , so has now been in this industry over 47 years as we speak and still showing no signs of retiring .

A brand new Supreme winner picked up from near Manchester at the factory this morning and installed this afternoon .

This club has new Pool teams entered into leagues .
and they wanted a brand new supreme winner with the back up of a professional firm like GCL billiards to maintain it to that high standard they expect .


Did you know GCL billiards rent pool tables out to pub’s clubs and staff canteens on full  maintenance contracts .
We have many  tables now  in a few club’s and pubs around the midlands area mainly East midlands , and we also have a major supermarket chain that uses GCL billiards
to supply their new supreme winner pool tables in their staff room / canteens on a rolling contract which we carry out a 6 monthly re-cloth service .
In fact we carry out two re-cloths every year on our tables included in the rental price of £95 to £115 per month and no VAT to pay !  … price depends on model of table and cloth choice grade and colour of  cloth at re-cloth time  ( prices as of  16/11/2022 ) .  ***  We now stock the new Match table from supreme as used in Ultimate pool competitions on TV .
The price of charge of pool table is normally £1 a play and will soon be making you profit per month .
We know of no other firm that offers this high maintenance service .
We only wish to cater for a nominal amount of sited rental tables so get on our books while you can  , as we also have a full billiards firm carrying out re-covering and maintenance not only to pool tables but to snooker tables too .
we therefore only wish to have around 40 to 50 machines sited to run alongside our full maintenance billiards firm .
May we point out we are fully qualified billiards fitters and not a fruit machine mechanic who will be maintaining your rental table .
We are 100% cue sports people who understand cue sport players requirements to play on good maintained tables .
we are focused on cue sports rather than coin slot machines in general .
we therefore offer you a better more professional approach to having a fully maintained machine on your premises rather than a poorly maintained one .

initial contract is for 12 month and after that .
we carry out a 6 month rolling contract renewed at each re-cloth stage .
we change the balls every year  , and supply two sets of balls from new .
you have the keys and all that goes in the cash box is yours .
all we ask is you keep to our contract agreement and pay each monthly the rental payment without missing any payments .
So good is this deal that we have two club’s one with three table’s installed and one with 4 table’s installed , as they worked it out that with tax relief it was better to rent than buy .
and not have to worry about paying expensive re-cloth or new cushions or new coin mech .
they just sit back and take the takings from the machine pay the rental each month and have no worries of breakdown costs or maintenance costs ,
and their table always look good with a new re-cloth every 6 months .

we only use top rated cloth Strachan 6811 tournament  as our standard cloth and if you pay a little extra each month you can upgrade to Hainsworth Match cloth .

Tables are cleaned out too so no dusty balls or sticking balls on dirty rail system

we buy the latest green badge tables , so you know you are not playing on a reconditioned 10 year old machine .

the latest tables come with cast metal corners rather than the older plastic chrome corners of the old model .
and the wood finish of all our tables are Black Pearl .
Get in touch with Carol or Geoff Large at GCL billiards to order your new rental supreme winner coin op table and start making money from  your new table as soon as it is installed .
We would like more sites in the Nottingham Derby Beeston Stapleford Long Eaton area especially , but we do have sites as far as Matlock , Lincoln , Nuneaton and Coventry .


*** we would like to point out that your pool table in order to make it pay for your rental site , it must take at least £20 per week or £3 per day ,
that’s 40 games a week 0r 6 games a day  at 50p per go .
if you rental site does not make this amount your commitment for the first 12 months is still £80 per month , we do not do 50% split taking site rentals .
and after all many tables take at least £60 to £100 per week what would you rather pay per month £200 split out of £400 takings or £80 per month ?
also do not forget if you attract pool  players into your pub they also buy drinks .
As they say if you provide a better maintained new table you will attract more custom to your pub or club as the word gets around you have a good maintained table .
Maintained by GCL billiards

POOL TABLE RENTALS AT GCL BILLIARDS ….best value around the east midlands for New Supreme Winner 7×4 table rentals

At GCL Billiards we offer a one year contract for pool table rental.
in that first year we re-cover the table twice at every 6 months and if you time it correct this coincides with your Summer and Winter League start weeks .
the tables we install are all one colour Black satin pearl cabinet , and comes supplied with Strachan 6811 club green cloth already fitted from new by Supreme themselves .
we upgrade this 6811 Strachan club cloth to the better grade 6811 tournament at 6 months and keep it on that cloth for the entire time you rent the table .
we also supply a new set of balls every year and cues and a box of chalk .
All maintenance is covered within the price of £18.50 per week for 52 weeks which works out at £80 per month with all recover’s and the maintenance included .
we do not charge VAT .
after the first year you will be placed on a rolling 6 month renewal , which you renew at re-cover time .
so you are not tied into a long contract after the first year .

The Supreme winner in Satin pearl black latest green badge version with metal chrome corners and flatter alloy cushion trim

Solid metal chrome corners with raised Supreme lettering , ( old ones are plastic sunken lettering )
and flatter alloy trim between cushion and top surround .
this trim is now being made flatter as it used to get in the way of cueing over.

the latest supreme winners have a slot groove and allen bolt fixing that travels right up into the pocket this stops balls bouncing back up off the rail and back onto the table .

old type are smooth hard type that allows the ball to bounce back up and sometimes back onto the table .
most annoying .

latest table in satin black and that Green badge .

we can cover in differnat coloured cloth but we prefer Green as it is the most restful colour to the eye .

We are 100% fully cue sports specialists , you will not get a one armed bandit or amusement machine engineer working on your table that we supply
A common occurrence if you rent from a gaming machine supplier , and not a 100% committed Billiards / snooker / pool  table supplier .
We do not operate any other type of machines ,no one armed bandits , no football tables , no gaming video machines to distract our 100% commitment to fitting Cue sports tables to a high degree .
You will have an experienced fitter who is a fully qualified time served billiards fitter and works on Snooker and pool tables for many well respected clients around the country and abroad .
We do not bodge tables recovering or installation and leveling , and like to work with our clients to make sure they get the best attention to detail .

We have various types of bubble levels from standard engineers levels to Digital Protractors / Inclinometers as seen above
we invest in expensive levels to get a more accurate reading , we do not turn up with builders levels that may be out by such large margins .
they are OK for laying slabs or bricks but not good for leveling cue sports slate bed tables .

I would never use one of these to level your pool table , they are just not up to the job of high degree of accuracy

a £20 note is 0.1 out of level .
if I could get any table to be within or below 0.1 then that is as high as you can get any table level .
and that is our goal .

0.0 is my goal .and unless you are one of these clubs that move tables around or to one side on entertainment night it should remain that way
one thing I do stress out to clients though is , people sitting on a table will also send it out of level .

Our coin mech of choice is the reliable Essex Engineering Straight six
we can place you table on any price you wish from 20p upwards right up to the latest new £1 coin .the standard rate in most clubs though is 50p per game .
if you wish to give your clients a free play table one night a week , it is simple to do , on the free night take cash drawer off and let your clients catch the 50p as it comes back out just under the coin mech .
We find Electronic tables are not as reliable as our Essex coin operated tables , so therefore we do not operate Electronic pool tables.

We also vac and wash ball runs , this is a general clean out of the table at re-cover time , this makes sure your table plays without balls sticking or dirty dust being transferred to new cloth ,
we find other firms leave this important part of maintaining tables correctly and just let it build up .
So if you require a new Pool table , you are fed up with poor machines supplied or poor maintenance or quality of cloth , and are within our catchment area of Nottingham and Derby .
then please get in touch to discuss the possibility of acquiring a new supreme winner pool table installed and maintain by GCL billiards .

POOL TABLE HIRE at GCL BIlliards …..You try and find a better deal with an experienced billiard fitter carrying out the maintenance.

At GCL Billiards we offer a pool table rental service that is Great value. option one @ £15 per week is one recover per year . option two @ £18,50p per week = two re-covers per year , ideal for winter and summer pool league’s , always start the new season with a new cloth and have good tables to play on. ripley winner finished We always use top quality Strachan 6811 grade cloth , this cloth has the finest nap for playing top class pool . Be the envy of your local league by having a table on rental from GCL billiards . Most tables are maintained by Slot Machine ( Fruit Machine) firms with no experience of how a Cue sports table should perform , they mainly stick thick long lasting cloth on, and swop over new 1 year old cushions with old many year old cushions sometimes even having different cushions with different aged rubber on !
Derby pool table perished rubber
Just imagine playing on cushions like these , They also have slack cloth and rubber hanging off and table is never installed level  , how do I know this? From experience putting their work right, and taking photo’s to prove it !
coop wel 3 red 2 black one blue cush
Above an example of swop over cushions , on this table we have one blue rubber , two black rubber , and three red rubber , all put on by a Fruit machine engineer who recovered a mass of cushions in the warehouse and just picked any 6 up to fit to this table , this would never happen at GCL billiards !
cricket new cushions
the only time GCL billiards swop cushions over is to replace them with Brand new one’s

At GCL Billiards we are 100% Cue Sports table maintenance fitters with 40 years experience , we do not operate Fruit Machine or Game video Machines , we put 100% into the pool table to make sure it is playing it’s best , you will not find anyone more focused in the type of work we do .
winners stabbo slates recovered in 6811 strachan By having a proper time served Billiards fitter you can not get better people to maintain your hire pool table . Our preference is to use all supreme make tables and 99% of them are the Supreme Winner as used by the Professional and National pool players and teams. We offer a straight rental of a fixed price per week , let me explain why this is better than a 50/50 split for both the hire firm and the customer. If a pool table is maintained correct , then the use increases , if your table exceeds more than £30 per week in takings , then you are much better taking the fixed rental of one re-cover , if above £37 per week then go for the two recovers per year . If you took an option of 50/50 and your table takes £200 per month then the payment per month would be £100 , and not the fixed rate of £65 per month for a one recover option. you would be giving money away to the tune of £35 per month . The hire firm like’s to have a fixed rental agreement because it is set in stone and our investment in the pool table and maintenance is guaranteed . If the 50/50 split meant more money for the hire firm and less for the Landlord , then the Landlord of the pub would soon change the agreement ,  and ask for the lower priced fixed rental anyway so best to be up front and that is why we only do fixed rental terms. The Landlord always has the keys and he takes all the takings , we send fixed rate invoices to be paid by direct payment . We have a Supreme winner in stock ready to locate , just pick up the phone and dial 07753466064 , we like to stay within a close area for our pool table hire service , mainly within a 20 / 30 mile radius of NG10 4JU , this ensures quick response for any maintenance work or call out. prince 7ft red We do a few Supreme Prince table out on site’s , but we and professionals and local pool teams prefer the Supreme Winner. these table we find are more sturdy than the turned leg Prince . We are aiming to expand our pool table hire operation and double it in the next year so we are looking for good pub and club site’s to expand into . we are investing a great deal into this expansion of pool table rental site’s . We want to become the FIRST CHOICE for pool table rentals. We have had no complaints with the site’s we have , in fact nothing but praise not only from the owners of the establishments we have them in , but also from the pool teams that play and visit these pool table site’s. they can really tell the difference in the quality cloth we use. winner at the gladstone This Supreme winner table was our Third table to be sited ,and has been on site now nearly 24 months. although this one is  in oak cabinet finish , GCL billiards prefer the Black pearl finish , but because of demand outstripping supply at the Factory , we had to take two of these light oak cabinet tables because they where urgent to our needs . also players prefer the Dark cabinet of the black pearl as the cloth area stands out more with a black surround. there is currently a waiting list from the factory of three weeks for Black pearl tables , but we try and have an order going in every month for a new table so as to be ready to place a table on site , we also have returning tables from say when a pub landlord leaves and the new landlord wants to use the space of the pool table for say Food eating area . in this case the tables are fully valeted and cleaned out washed inside , any worn part replaced and a total re-cloth in Strachan 6811  grade cloth which has a fine nap.
supreme 3 on van room for one more
Above photo showing three new Supreme winner tables that we placed in one club loaded on our Van  . we do give a slight discount for multiple tables on one site.
supreme factory 1
although Heywood who make the Supreme Winner have a large manufacturing base near Oldham , they just cannot keep up with demand for the supreme winner pool tables ,this make of table is the number one choice for professionals and home use. All the tables you see in this Warehouse have been reserved and are ready to load or collect. there is three week waiting list , so GCL Billiards is now going to order one or two every month . to keep up with demand for our rental site’s.


Contact Geoff  by email to discuss GCL Billiards supplying a Supreme Winner pool table or phone mobile 07753460664 or Home 01159725355