Scotland trip just over the borders to Greenlaw near Coldstream Full size snooker table move to Marchmont House

We have just been over the border into Scotland to a large country house that is having a full makeover.  Marchmont House is a very large Palladian house built for Hugh Hume-Campbell, 3rd Earl of Marchmont in 1750.

The house was sold in the early part of the twentieth century to Captain Sir John Helias Finnie McEwen.  He inherited a considerable fortune from his uncles who had built the harbour at Rio de Janeiro.  Much later the house was sold to Sue Ryder Care and was a nursing home during the 1980s.

It is now in the hands of a multi-website search provider (sorry I do not like to disclose my clients full details as privacy is part of my client’s privilege).

The house is having extensive restoration to put it back as one of the best maintained and refurbished country houses of Scotland.  The house has an approach avenue looking east that is believed to be the longest approach avenue in Scotland for any country house.
The avenue marchmont house winter
A scene of the avenue in winter.

I was contacted by my client’s agents who enquired about moving a full size snooker table that was located at a nearby farm, transporting it over to Marchmont House and replacing what was necessary to put the table into good playing order.  Here are few photos of that actual move:
The farm building that the table was housed in before the move.
Driving up to to Marchmont House.  As you can see, plenty of builder’s vans on site.
The frame of the table installed into the room.  We just unloaded all of the woodwork through the large sash ground floor window from our van parked just outside.
P1020915 P1020916
A rotating cue rack and Life Pool scoreboard also came with the table.
You can just make out the manufacturer’s name in the top of the leg …THURSTON & Co.
The slates were then wheeled on a piano trolley around the long corridor to the room and placed on the frame.  We got as far as levelling the table, plastering the joints and stripping a couple of cushions ready for the next day’s work.

I think we did very well setting off from Nottingham at around 7am, getting up to Greenlaw at around 12.30pm, booking in at the B&B, then off to the farm to dismantle and load, then up to the main house to unload and get to this stage.

It was a little dusty as you can see from the camera flash after sanding the slate joint filler down flush, but here you can see we placed the old cloth onto the table to protect the cushions as we were recovering them.
P1020925 P1020926 P1020927
The new cloth just about to go on.  Note the brand used, we always recommend Strachan 6811 Tournament 30 oz cloth.
P1020928 P1020929
The finished table.  We also waxed all the woodwork and buffed it up.  The outbuilding that was used for the table in the farm before we moved the table had chickens in.  Some had got in from the barn next door and covered the table with feathers and chicken poop.  We finished off with new nets leathers and rails.

We set back off to Nottingham at approx. 1.45pm and arrived home at 5.30pm.  The table did not require a re-rubber as the cushions had been re-blocked and new rubber fitted during some work in the recent past.  The ball responding around 7 rebounds around the table and 4.5 runs on the length which is very good for standard cushions.

All that is required now is for the electricians to put the new lighting up.  We have recommended that they look at our for sale section where a private seller is advertising a set of old gas lamp look-a-like electrical Victorian period reproduction lights.  They repainted the old coffin shade seen to the right of the photo above, so they have a choice.  But what do you think would look right in this period house?  A light like this in the photo below or the coffin shade?
fancy lighting from sir willam bentley billiards
The actual lights for sale.
old gas type snooker lighting swbentley
A library photo of what they look like fitted above a table.

I would like to thank our client’s agent, Hugh, for using GCL Billiards to carry out the work to move the table.  We are extremely grateful and privileged to carry out the work at such a nice and interesting home.

GCL Billiards undertake all types of table removals and relocations around the UK, some in houses as grand as this and others in garden sheds.  It makes no difference to us, we treat every client on the same level.
Next month we have a table to relocate from West Sussex to a garden summer house.  The work will be the same dismantle, load, unload and assemble.  You can be sure we will pay as much attention to detail as we have installing this table at Marcmont House to your pride and joy.

We are very busy at the moment but we can still find time to fit you in if you book us well in advance.  If you know you have a table that requires work in the near future please do not leave it until the last minute to book us in, act now to avoid a long wait.  We are very popular and we do not charge VAT.

10ft Karnehm and Hillman Snooker table from Scotland to Dagenham Essex, fully reconditioned including repolish

essex cabing finished table setup

I have been very busy this week and also have a full week’s work to do next week, so I had no choice but to work Saturday the 2nd March to fulfill a commitment to fit a 10ft Karnehm and Hillman Snooker table in Essex.

I set off from Long Eaton near Derby at 7 am, arriving at approx 9.30 am in Dagenham Essex approx 140 miles distance from my home.  I was met by the client who helped unload the table from the back of the van to the cabin at the bottom of his Garden.

The client required adjustable muntins (muntins are slate supports) to prevent any future slate warp (sagging in centre).  A K&Hillman table’s muntins do not touch the centre of the slate.  By chopping the original fixed muntins down and notching them to fit the new brackets, the table was ready to assemble.
Adjustable muntins K&hillman
The new adjustable bolt brackets in position
Adjustable muntins K&hillman 2
and the old muntins notched out, cut down slightly to fit the brackets.  Now a simple method of adjusting the muntin (slate support) upwards by the turn of two bolts either end of the woodwork.  This will stop any centre slate sag.
Essex cabing muntin conversion
underneath photo of frame showing that the slate support muntin has been adjusted upwards and is supporting the centre of the slate width, preventing possible slate sag.
Essex Cabin at bottom of Garden
the wood clad cabin at the bottom of the Garden
Essex cabin K&Hillman 10ft
The table roughly level and slates put on.
Essex Cabin polished cappings beeswaxed
The table was a full renovation of re-polish, re-rubber with best Northern Rubber and re-cover in Strachan 6811 Tournament cloth.  The top cushion cappings where treated to a final coat after wire wooling of Beeswax.  Note that the finish is satin and not gloss, this will not reflect the above lighting back into the player’s view when playing.  It also shows the natural wood grain of the mahogany, you may have also noted the wood is not too dark.  I am always weary of very dark wood tables, why hide that beautiful wood grain?  If it is good wood show it!
Essex Cabin K&hillman finish 10ft
The fully repolished table showing legs and frame, note buttons cover the bolts, this is the Karnehm and Hillman style of design.  The white packing toe pieces under the legs are going to be stained black by the owner.
Exxsex Cabin repolished K&Hillman
Side photo of repolished frame – note new hooks and x-rests plus adjustable long cue and butt rest.

I arrived back home at 7 pm, having spent 12 hours traveling and working on site putting this table into its new home.  The table came from near Glasgow in Scotland in November and has been an ongoing renovation, fitting inbetween jobs to fill any slack time up, not that I have had much slack time!

Tthe new owner is delighted with the workmanship.  In November his foundations for the cabin were being laid.  The cabin was completed ahead of schedule, I had a provisional delivery date for the end of February.  I was two days late, but the owner says it was worth the wait, it was just what he wanted.

This table was one that I recommended to our client in November.  It was advertised on ebay, but no takers, so I said keep an eye on the table sale as it is a good make and a rare 10ft which my client was after.  My client was successful in getting the table at a very good price.  He then decided he wanted it fully renovated as new, from a working mens club near Glasgow to a log type cabin at the bottom of a garden in Essex via GCL BILLIARDS, a firm you can trust to carry out this type of work to a high specification.  From source to install this is our speciality.

If you are interested in buying a table please look at our For Sale section, these are tables being advertised at no cost to the buyer or seller, direct from the owner to the buyer.  You agree a price with the seller, then just contact GCL BILLIARDS to carry out any work you may require.  From a simple pick up and deliver and install to full renovation or part renovation or repair.

NOW SOLD Burroughs and Watts 9ft x 4ft – 6 inch snooker table , a genuine 3/4 sized .

SOLD SOLD SOLD . this 3/4 sized table is off to Perth in Scotland on the 11th of November 2013 to a holiday let and will now be enjoyed by people renting out the Holiday let.
We have had some very nice 9ft tables sold on GCL billiards web site , they are sought after and we do get people phone and email us asking if we have any for sale .
they are a popular size , as many people have room for a 9ft table but not a full size .
I have been instructed to advertise a very nice 3/4 sized Burroughs and Watts Snooker table , these 9ft tables are getting harder to locate , there are many full sized tables on the market but very few 9ft or 10ft tables around .
Burroughs and watts where one of the best Manufacturers of billiard and snooker tables in the 1800/1900s this table being from the period of circa 1910/20.
I have valued the table at £1000 to £1500 , but the owner is willing to listen to offers as they require the room for other use , the table is at this moment still in use so can be seen and tried out before purchase , the table is located in the Ashbourne area of Derbyshire .
As can be seen from the photo’s below the table comes complete with antique scoreboard and a modern cue stand , the table may require some work , it all depends on the Clients requirements.

9fts of this quality do not come on the market often.

At GCL Billiards we advertise free of charge , all we ask is please refer us for the removal and transport of the table as our reward , we are not in this to make money out of the sale of the table but a continuation of fitting work is our aim .
If you have a table for sale or you are looking for a table , please get in touch for us to add youre details to the for sale/wanted  gcl billiards blog .
We do get hits on this blog all the time from people looking to sell and buy cue sports tables , it’s free and easy to advertise , and we are having success with table sales and wanted.
I am off to Scotland next week to move one such 10ft table that was wanted , for a client in Essex, he had been in touch asking us to locate a 10ft for him and found one in Scotland , we informed him of one and he purchased the table direct from the seller , our reward was the Moving and setting up of the table plus a re-rubber and recover , this free advertising heps all involved , the buyer , the seller , and us the fitting team , everyone is a winner .

Enquiries for this table  …NOW SOLD !


Full size snooker table. Enbild World Class Match Table. Dark/mahogany
wood. 8 turned legs. Hand floated 1/¾ inch slate bed. New cloth and re-
covered by Keith Davis ( Ex World Champion Steve’s brother) and never
been played on since. Beautiful table to include all possible
accessories including, shade style light, extra cues, all rests,
extensions, balls, iron, cover, brush, wall scoreboard  etc. Buyer to
be responsible for pick up. Illness forces sale. Other snooker room
items available in this private sale.  One owner since new.  Photos
available.  £1250. 

please get in touch with Geoff and I will put any Genuine people in touch with the seller.

Please use GCL BILLIARDS in any dismantle and transportation of the table , Geoff Large used to work for a Firm that where East Midlands agents for ENBILD and has set many Enbild tables up in the 1980s and 90s ,they are good tables with hand floated slates.
Hand floating is a way of getting the slates better for trueness than straight out of the packing crate , which 90% of tables where in the 80s and 90s , The table is based in SCOTLAND.