Another 2 pool table re-covers and we have to remove the mess of the spray on glue

This week we started off with re-covering two winner supreme pool tables with best Strachan 6811 all wool napped cloth.  On removing the old cloth we found the slates were in a bit of a mess with the overspray of glue.  The previous person who covered the slates went mad with the over spray all over the top of the slate, this bonds the cloth around the pockets, but can leave a ridge that the ball stops on when aproaching the pocket.

At GCL Billiards we do not use spray on glue, we prefer to bond our cloths with contact adhesive using a comb to put the glue on the slate edge and the underside of the cloth, taking care not to get any where a ball may roll off, it will take longer but is the best way to do it.

Have a look at the following photos to see what we found and how we sorted it.
glue on pool slate
As you can see a right mess, if we re-covered new cloth over this, the ball would not run true.  GCL Billiards will always clean it off, unlike some speed fitting firms who have to get a large amount of tables done in a day to pay themselves and their middlemen.  They just recover straight over it, which is very bad workmanship.

glue on pool date slate
You can just about see the date of the slate here.  Have a look at the next photo, we stripped the glue off using a chemical and then lightly sanded the slate.
glue cleaned off pool slate
The slate is now fully clear of cloth and glue residue.  A ball has no obstructions under the new cloth for it to suddenly turn direction or stop.

I spent a full hour stripping the mess off these two slates and an hour and half taking extra long staples out of the cushions, 8 mm long when 4 mm would have done the job.
pool tables in process @pavilion
The two pool tables, winner supremes in black, the cloths ready to be glued on.
pool tables finished @pavilion
The finished tables ready for league play with their best quality Strachan 6811 cloth on.  These tables get very hard use and have to be re-covered every 4 months.

A month ago the nearest one got broken into.  They crow barred the cash box off, so we have fitted two siren alarms onto the tables, with two warning lights, one near the coin mech, the other near the cash box.  Also the Pub’s alarm has been upgraded and extra sensors put into the area to cover the window where they broke in.  The new siren alarms on the tables are very loud and work off their own internal battery system.  Recording cameras have also been put into the area.  The thieves got away with no money as the coin boxes are emptied each night, they just damaged the tables cash box and fixings.

As you can see GCL Billiards really went to town on these two tables, spending 6 hours on the pair of them and improving their looks, playability and security.  If you want the best for your table, get the best firm in to do the work …GCL Billiards every time !

We are billiard fitters first and foremost, trained on full sized snooker tables as well as American pool and UK pool tables.  We treat pool tables with the same care and attention we take when working on a full sized table.  We are not speed fitters and always do a first class job.  We may be £10 to £20 dearer than some firms, but we use the best materials, Strachan 6811  and 777 cloth and the best work ethics.  Is saving that £10 to £20 better than a first class job ?   We can do it at a lower price, just ask for the lower priced cloth they use, we can get it! (I am only joking, we would not touch inferior cloth).  As Tina Turner sang, we simply fit the best.  Steer clear of speed fitters and get GCL Billiards in for a proper job.  We do not charge VAT so take that into account too.

New American pool venue in Alfreton opening soon

This week we have been moving Sam 9ft american pool tables from an old Rileys that had shut down in Mansfield to a new venue in Alfreton for american pool.  There is already a snooker club in Alfreton so it was decided that a differant cue sports venue in american pool and uk pool was the way to go.  We had previously installed 4 Winner Supreme Pool tables in this venue and today we installed 2 x 9ft Sam american pool tables.

The tables are upstairs but there is a lift.
alfreton sam pool tables
Two Sam 9ft tables one in purple and the other in burgandy red.  These tables retail at £4,497, expensive but they are the best.  The owners of the establishment picked the tables up at a very good price and they are a new add-on to a well run establishment, which also has many more leisure faclities that are used by the local community.
alfreton sam poll burgandy
Our instructions were to dismantle on site in Mansfield, remove from premises and transport via removals approx 10 miles up the road to Alftreton.  Then re-erect upstairs using lift and re-cover in new American speed cloth.
Alfreton sam pool 4 more to go in
Space for the other 4 tables still to install, as you can see plenty of cue room and space for the tables.  With a little help in decor such as photos and art work plus lighting, the room (which has a bar next door to it through double doors) will be a big hit in Alfreton.  American pool is one of those games that females, as well as males, enjoy.  A quick game unlike snooker, so really a game for anyone to play.

The pool hall side of this business is due to open in one month.  Keep a look out on here for more details.