Shortage of Strachan 6811 pool cloth with suppliers .

Not an Alternative but a solution that may be better for you .

Due to the shortage of Strachan 6811 pool cloth with both our main suppliers , we are taking action by ordering more Hainsworth stock in for pool table re-clothing , now some die hard Strachan users , will say oh that’s not as good , but you will find that is is not only just as good but in some cases better depending on grade of cloth choice .
Strachan and Hainsworth are the two main cloth producers for the Billiard trade in the UK and the world in fact .

It took me a long time to realize just how good Hainsworth cloth is , their Match for instance is very popular and the Smart is recommended for heavy use such as pub pool tables with its fine nap yet longer lasting qualities .
Still a Strachan die hard fan …then ask around your fellow players and you will see that Hainsworth is not just an alternative but a better choice in most cases .
I have a large selection of Hainsworth smart for 7ft pool tables in different colour choices in stock
so if you need to be different and look for a designer colour to blend in , I am sure I can get it for you if not in stock .
I have Hainsworth Match in Green the odd silver and the odd powder Blue and just about to order some of those special edition colours too of silver and powder blue .
I also have the super fast napped Hainsworth Precision cloth , a fast very fine thin cloth which is great to play on , but will require more re-clothing as it will not last as long as Smart or Match .

So if you are in the market for a pool table re-cloth in my catchment area of Nottingham and Derby or East Midlands , then Contact Geoff at GCL billiards for a quote … we are always busy , but this is a good sign for any consumer , the fitters that can come at the drop of a hat do not have much work on unless they have just had a cancellation or can work on a Saturday to pull you in , which I am prepared to do , as I use Saturdays as my training up day for my future son in Law , who is going to take over the pool side of Rentals and re-clothing of pool tables of my business , when I finally retire which is some years off yet .