Only a hand full of Cue sports table fitters around the UK have been approved by Hainsworth as being reliable and competent , to carry out your Cue sports fitting of cloth and table .
They do not hand out these recommendations without fully screening the firm as trustworthy and of a certain level of experience .
It does help though if you can be traced back from firm to firm over a 47 year period , and have feed back to prove that we do care about our clients tables .

Geoff Large at GCL billiards started working on Billiard tables in 1976 , and has worked with 3 Time served billiard table fitters and three different firms, gleaning a bit of experience from each fitter , add a bit of self learning and improving , and now with over 47 years of fitting experience .
Geoff worked for Elston & Hopkin of Nottingham for 24 years 1980 to 2004 , where most of his experience was learnt and perfected .

Hainsworth Billiard cloth , available in grades to suit your play and table design , also an extensive colour choice for Smart and Elite pro cloths , an interiors decorators delight in matching a cloth colour to a rooms décor .
And speed of cloth to suit all types of play , from Club hard wearing cloth , to thinner Professional standard .
Hainsworth smart for instance has a fine nap for what we would call a club cloth , and therefore much faster than the other brands on the market which have a longer coarser nap .