Two Stretch Snooker Bed cloths 8ft and full size in Nottinghamshire.

We have just been called back after 12 months for a major service visit to re stretch the bed cloths on two tables and retip a few cue’s and check levels in a local club , the 8ft is in the downstairs Bar area and is used every Lunch time by a group of Old Boys
the 12ft is upstairs and is an Enbild manufactured table made around 1980’s and bought for just £200 when the local electricity board closed their Social club they had two for sale I bought one and this club bought the other around 12 years ago , Enbild always Hand Floated their slates , unfortunately most modern tables are not hand floated .
stretch beds Rudd

Above the full size Enbild bought for just £200

stretch bed 8ft rudd

The 8ft Snooker Table in the Ground Floor bar area , this table is a well used and has been in this club for many years , infact I have been working on it on and off for the last 39 YEARS
this table was made by John Gent when they where based on convent Street in Nottingham ,  and is dated to around 1890 .
The old boys are on this table every Lunch time , I enjoy the Banter I get with them when working on the table , first they moan because they cannot play but they are Ok with it really , it’s only once a year that I have to stop play to either stretch or re-cover . the Old boy in white is Walter who is in his 90’s and a right character he is .
Note that this 8ft has been well made with 6 legs , those made with 4 legs have problems with slate sag in the middle , the centre legs are a must have on tables above 6ft , but even most 7fts only have 4 legs .

When I re-stretched the 8ft I replaced all the wood Tack slate  linings on the bed , the old one’s where getting past their best and I was finding it hard to get tacks to stay in , some of those wood linings where as old as the table . now it is as good as new and plenty of wood to tack into.