Spray on Glue on Pool table slate why do they use it ?

Another pool table recover and what a mess under the cloth , you could see a ball rolling down the cushion turning off very bad , the culprit was over spray by cowboy Pool table recoverer .

I always use spread Contact adhesive , and apply it with a toothed glue Comb , I never go anywhere near the playing area with glue .
glue on slate spray on derby 2
Glue on slate spray on Derby
As you can see from the two photo’s above the spray on glue is proud of the slate and well in front of the cushion overhang
A ball will be rolling all over the place when it has to go over this , why do they use it ….SPEED you get what you pay for ,
they maybe £10 to £20 lower priced than GCL Billiards Quote but this is the result , they take around 1hour sometimes even less to recover a pool table , sometimes just Exchange  old cushions  allready recovered over and then a quick spray on with the glue and bond the cloth on , 15 minutes to cover a slate bed !
glue on slate derby finished table
The finished table a DPT Ascot .

they are too busy trying to break records to see how many tables they can recover in a day , They are not going to do a good job
I sanded most of the glue down and then used Acetone to remove the most stubborn , before completing the recover , the slate will have no foreign muck under the cloth for the ball to
roll off now .
winners stabbo removeing glue acetone
another job I did  few weeks ago showing Acetone being used to remove Glue over-spray , just look at the old glue being removed ,
if this was not done would the ball suddenly stop when approaching the pocket slate fall ?
And the outcome would be an expensive recover that is not right and they always say when we are in the area to put it right ….don’t get caught out !
Use GCL Billiards as the first choice , we only do two tables a day one in the morning one in the afternoon or three if in the same room and we offer discount’s for multiple table recovering.