Three job’s today all on Pool tables in Leicester & Long Eaton

Today I started off in Leicester , a High end Car Dealer outlet required their 6ft Slimline Supreme Prince pool table recovered from Black to Green .
The table had the usual glue on top of slate which had to be cleaned off before any recover could be done .
Glue on slate BMW
glue off slate BMW
Above two photo’s of Glue residue with black cloth fluff still in the old glue , and the next photo we had washed it off using Acetone .
BMW 6ft cloth laid on
With the slate being cleaned of all old Glue on top of playing area , the new cloth is laid out on top of the slate ready to glue
BMW glued cloth ready
The New cloth has been laid on , the old cloth used to protect the new cloth from any new glue spills ,
**Note we do not use spray on glue , but Contact adhesive . Spray on glue is not the way to re-cover pool tables , if you see someone using it on sited tables then Buyer beware
they will get over spray on the slate top and on the Ball rails and all inside of the table , a sign of  a speed fitter
this table took just two and a half  hours to re-cover a speed fitter may have done it in half the time before moving onto the next unsuspecting Customer !
BMW cushions stripped every staple out
And we took every Staple out of the cushion’s , speed fitters just take a few out of the end of the cushion , and that’s on a good day !
Sometimes they do not take any out at all .
BMW bed cloth finished
slate completed ready to mark out and Iron , Speed fitters do not Iron !
BMW finished recover in Green 6ft slimline prince
the finished Table , this is the slimline Prince model , same top surround and slate and cushions as the more expensive coin op table you would see in Pub’s, but at a lower price.
winner supremem new type ball rails with allen screw and recess
after this work , I went back to Long Eaton to fit a brand new set of cushions to a 6ft Winner supreme table , and also upgrade the Supreme Plastic gully rails , as the table was 13 years old and on it’s second set of gully rails now fitted with no 3 set fitted .
super 6 coin mech
The super 6 coin mech is much better than the ESD 5 slot type which you can pick up at a very low price , we always recommend fitting the best super 6 coin mech to commercial pool tables they are much better built and last far longer , we make sure our own Rental tables are fitted with them as their is less chance of breakdown . they are around 3 times the price of the ESD but you get what you pay for .
So armed with the coin mech , I then visited a local Pool club to fit a new Coin mechanism set on £1 play . Then back to the office to update the web site blog and also look at work for next week , tomorrow I am recovering a full size snooker table at a British Legion in Derbyshire .
Work is coming in steady , we are not too busy in March  yet  , and hope to fill the gaps in the coming days and weeks , so if you have a Cue sports table that  may require work  , contact Geoff at GCL billiards for a quote .