Strachan SuperPro Worsted speed cloth fitted to a DPT table in Nottinghamshire

Just been over to Bingham in Nottinghamshire to re-cover a home play DPT  brand manufactured 7×4 pool table.  This cloth is extremely hard wearing and is just what the owner of the pool table requires as he has some very young children using the table.

This speed cloth is more durable than the wool napped cloth and is used mainly on american pool tables, but we do get UK pool table owners and players asking for it.

This cloth costs more to buy in and is around £20 more expensive than the wool napped cloth.  You can expect to pay around £185 for a 6×3 or 7×4 pool table re-covered in this cloth.

Also note the new cover we supplied.  This is a good quality fitted Peradon cover and costs £21 to buy at the same time as a re-cover.   Please ask for one to be supplied at the same time as you book us for a re-cover.
super pro speed cloth

Very level Pool table and a recover in blue Strachan cloth in Leicester

Leicester pool after recover
The table after the re-cover in Blue Strachan cloth.  Note I put a skirt on after the recover, this will help keep the wear down at the ball end when racking up.

Today I have been over to Leicester to re-cover a pool table, before I have to go over to the East coast for the rest of the week’s work.
Leicester pool table before

The table is in the City Centre and is based in an office block with over 30 workers using the table, so it is in constant use during all break times and was very worn as the photo above shows.  The table is a DPT make, so not a bad table to re-cover having the modern allen key fixing bolts in the cushions.
leicester pool level 0.0 spot end

Rack end of table is 0.0 on the digital level
leicester pool recover Baulk level 0.0
Baulk end is also 0.0 for level .
leicester recover level middle section 0.0
The middle section of the slate also showing 0.0 for level .

I got the level bang on at 0.0 in all the main areas across the table and it’s length.  These electronic digital levels are ideal for finding low spots on thin pool table slate and they have an audible sound beeper so that when you are adjusting the feet up or down it will sound when it is is level, so no need to keep getting up and down to check for level.

At GCL Billiards we strive to get your pool table playing level, this we find is impossible for other fitters or coin op engineers to do.  Many times I have  checked a table that has just been re-covered by a firm (I may be doing other work in a club on say the snooker table) and I get asked “can you level our pool table?  We have just had it done and it is way out the coin op people just cannot get it level”.

If this sound like your table, then you know where to go next for a re-cover …GCL BILLIARDS.  We do it right, we get it level to within 0.1 and thats the thickness of a £20 note!  We also clean the inside of the table out when we service a pool table.  It is a full service every time, we do not cut corners and we do not speed fit.

I am off to Skegness tomorrow recovering 5 full size snooker tables and then on the way back on Friday there is a pool table to look at, with loose cushions and a re-cover to sort out in Tattershall Linc’s.

More input from these jobs at the weekend on the blog.