Pool table price for recovering in Strachan cloth …sometimes we have offers on !

Due to people getting confused with old offers that GCL Billiards have done in the past such as Christmas discount offer on pool table recover or a special offer run because we do not have enough work in and we are trying to spur people into booking us for work for that slack period .
So look out for special offers on Pool table recovers and make sure it is an up to date advertisement on our web site and not one from 18 months ago.
Burgundy 777 stamp

We have had two enquiries from the same source for recovering prices in the last week , I gave the prices below of what we charge only to be told but you are advertising recovers from £145 in Strachan cloth , I had to point out that offer was 12 to 18 months ago and the offer advert did say EXPIRES on DECEMBER 22nd 2012 ,our web site is an ongoing blog site and I do have every offer on there from 18 months ago , these offers expire when the materials discounted to me are used up.
The free ball run is every December just about but it can only be offered if I get the free balls , the cloth discount is when the wholesaler is having a clearance offer on their stock . and we pass these discounts onto our clients.
6811 pool cloth
steves 3rd recover stamp 6811T

I will make it very plain as to the normal price we charge for re-covering a UK pool table in the Two main Strachan cloth grades that we do

For Strachan 777 pool cloth our normal charge is £165 this includes cleaning out the table , and levelling plus fitting any extra cost parts which you pay for as an extra FITTED free of charge such as gully boot runners and pocket liners if you have these done at the same time as a re-cover , you will only pay cost for these extra items and what the postage was to us when having your table recovered.
For example a set of the new upgraded gully runners for the Supreme pool table normal price is £50 per set supplied only , but if you have then fitted at the same time as a recover we can do them at £30 a set. these Gully runners are the latest that supreme are manufacturing and they do not allow the ball to bounce back up and back onto the tbale like the original hard plastic type .
winner supremem new type ball rails with allen screw and recess
The New upgraded Gully rail …see below for further information
Winner supreme old type hard smooth ball rails

Old gully Runner above with smooth plastic , these allow for bounce up of ball , a common problem with early supreme tables.
Winner strip down for recover blue 6811

For higher nap grade Strachan 6811 pool cloth we charge £185 and the same conditions apply as above .

If you require the 6811 tournament which in my opinion is much slower than the 6811 pool and is made of exactly the same materials , the tournament is 30 oz and the 6811 pool is around 28 oz with very fine nap. there is a noticeable difference in thickness of these two cloths and in my opinion the slightly lower cost 6811 pool is the winner for the best results on a pool table , that is why the manufacturer makes it that weight , they are both 100% pure new wool cloths , add £10 extra for Tournament cloth so £195 per recover .
super pro speed cloth
We sometimes get asked to fit Speed cloth to UK style pool tables , although we do not recommend it we can offer this special order cloth for the same price as the 6811 pool at £185 per recover , but this cloth will not be on any special offers as it cost’s us more to buy than the 6811 so is already discounted. We like to recommend the Strachan Super pro cloth as the choice of speed cloth , it is much better to fit than these stiff euro thick low price options and plays much better too . and there is only £20 difference from the lower cost option of a 7ft pool table .
winner supremem new type ball rails with allen screw and recess

above a photo of the new type of ball rail gully that supreme now fit to their new tables , if you have the old worn out type or are having problems with balls bouncing back up from the old hard smooth plastic type gully, then we can fit these new bolt down type at the same time as a recover just order them at the same time . and we will fit them at cost .

All above price’s are for 6ft and 7ft tables , we only supply 7ft bed and cushions , this is because people get confused as to the size of table they have and order 6ft when it is a 7ft table they have , most are 7ft anyway  , to avoid confusion we only order 7ft packs of Strachan cloth , if you have a 8ft table please inform us as these are higher priced.
winners stabbo slates recovered in 6811 strachan

WE DO offer DISCOUNT for multiple tables being recovered at the same time , but please note we do not rush our work and take our time to make sure you get the best job done on your pool table by a Time served Qualified billiards fitter , and we have the recommendation of our local snooker and billiards association the NBSA, to back our claim up that we know what we are doing .
pool tables in process @pavilion

Now and again we get a special offer from our cloth supplier and offer a free set of standard imported balls free for general play , these are not High class balls but they are a free .
We also now and again get a special deal for cloth and we try and pass this onto our clients rather than make a few extra £ s ourselves , these offers only come around now and again and the timing for your pool table recover would have to come in line when these offers are announced which is random so I am afraid it is pot luck if you get a free set of balls or a lower price on your cloth .
import competition balls
We also level to a high standard , sometimes rectifying by shimming here and there as the manufacturer sometimes can be slightly out with their cabinet manufacture that supports the slate .

Digital level 0.0 digital level 0.1 £20

Now that I have put the prices on the web site blog  , there will be a few who undercut me , what you have to take into account is , are they up to the standards of GCL Billiards , do they rush a job to do as many in a day as possible , do they use low cost spray on glue to fasten the bed cloth to the slate only for it to come off within a few days , do they take every staple out of the cushion’s and re glue the rubber back on if it is falling off , do they clean the table out and do minor repairs for free , do they use second’s cloth and charge for perfect cloth or even unbranded cloth .
We know of one Wales based firm who undercuts out pricing of pool table recover’s using substandard cloth and poor workmanship , at the end of the day is it worth the risk to save a few £s , the lowest quote is not always the best quote , by using GCL billiards you cut out the risk of bad materials and bad workmanship .
silver winner after corner balls

We are busy during January , but may offer a discount for February , so if you are planning to have your pool table recovered then get in touch with Geoff at c.large@btinternet.com to see if we have any offers on .