That busy I have to work on my 60th birthday

Work is piling up and due to a little illness I am 3 days behind in my schedule.  Today is my 60th birthday, but that did not stop me from taking more work on.  A dismantle of table in the cotswolds, the owner having just sold his house for £4.75 million.  And what a place it was with indoor swimming pool, Cinema room, Gym room and snooker room, and that was just in the basement which had a lift for access, so we were very thankful having the lift to get the slates back upstairs.  I have worked in some very nice places but this one is going to stand out as the best designed one that I have worked in, smack in the middle of the Cotswolds, with plenty of land around it.

You can see from this video tour in German  of how the house was built in the cotswolds and the vast size of the plot and house  , it will amaze you , and what you see above ground there is even more space under the building where the games area was also located . the House was made in Germany and erected in the cotswolds . the owner is Igor , who you can see in the video in the Brown jacket , an nice guy to meet , he is now downsizing , he informs me that the house is now sold to a very young person in his mid twenties , who is in the sports supplement business for weight lifting .
Sadly he is more into weight lifting than snooker and wants the entire snooker and ground floor area to house his vast Keep fit machine collection .  even though there already is a Gym area most of us would be proud of !

van igor loaded inside cargo
The Riley Viceroy loaded , this is a very heavy table with good thick welsh slates and solid oak frame and solid oak  inner frame , they do not make them like this anymore.
Note that we put the slates beyond the back axle , We do this because it would be illegal to have them sitting on the back axle as the weight limit on that axle is just 1 ton = 1000 kg  , although the carrying capacity is over 1650 kg , the load has to be spread around , if we where caught with the above axle weight load limit exceeded it could be a very expensive fine and points on the Drivers license.
we like to get as much forward of the rear Axle as possible .
for years we used to load with slates at the rear for ease of loading and unloading , but where advised it was the wrong way to load because of weight distribution not even  , so having taken this advice on board we now load to be legal . it is much better to drive with weight forward of the axle , and less wear on suspension  and steering , so good for the Vehicle.

igor oak riley viceroy end shot
I am fully booked out for April , and I am hoping for a little slack as the weekends are getting involved with my work too .
Rear view of van Igor
But hey that’s life one minute your slack then the next your too busy , still got to get my investment back for the van , so removal of snooker table’s is one area I am looking to increase work in .