Plenty of Re-rubbering done this past week and to do in April and May

We have had an influx of work recently which involves re-rubbering the cushions on full size tables , and these are all separate job’s we have taken in
one set of full size for a job we have coming up in clitheroe  , another in Ashbourne , another in Cambridgeshire, another in Derbyshire .
Re-rubbering is one area that I really have to use my knowledge and skill of time served Billiards fitting , many DIY people think they can take this job on , and I have seen some awful attempts trying to replicate the skilled work of a Time served billiards fitter.
To the point that the rubber is scrap after the DIY attempt , and the person then phone’s me up to do the work as they just have not had the training to do this skilled work  , I was taught by three Fitters to re-rubber , I used a bit of all their methods and skills  and added my own part into that learning too .
I allow a full day to re-rubber a set of cushions , I may get time if  I have more than one set in the workshop to glue another set on to give me a head start the next day if I have two sets in to do , but I like to re-rubber one day , leave overnight and re-cover the cushions the following day .
kirkham recutt new rubber corner pocket
If I am doing the re-rubber work on the table then I can get better results in accuracy as working in the workshop away from the slate you have to rely on measurements and not visual accuracy as seen in the above photo.
mick corner cutt and rasp sanded undercut
The undercut is just as important as the radius
caravan new rubber glued
a set of Northern rubber  being glued on the glueing board before attaching to cushion block
Oak 9ft re-rubber woodhall spa
A set of cushions that have just been re-rubbered and the angles shaped to size , they are now ready for the skilled part of hand rasping and sanding to final accuracy of pocket opening and undercut.
mick rubber date stamp july 2013

all northern rubber will carry a date of manufacture on , in the form of a white printed stamp mark , there is also moulded raised lettering on the under L shape the words Northern rubber
red rubber Avoid low quality chinese rubber in red or black , this has a canvas backing and no Northern rubber lettering on it .
re-rubber undercutt smooth 2bad undercutt on steel block
Above a  right way and a wrong way to undercut the rubber , which would you choose ? both done by billiards fitters , one who just rushed it . Click on the photo’s to enlarge to get a better view.
re=rubber cutting rubberRe- rubber undercutt 1re-rubber undercutt smooth 2jan 2011 rubber
From first cut , to undercut , to hand finishing by rasp and sanding , and the type of quality of rubber used
If you require your snooker table cushions re-rubbering , then contact Geoff at GCL Billiards for the skilled work that it takes to carry this out . 07753466064 or email