Looking for or selling a Snooker table on ebay , We are the Experts in re-location of all snooker tables

We have moved a few tables for clients either buying or selling snooker tables using Ebay as the selling format .
some of these people also include GCL billiards in the advertisement as a Billiard firm that specialise in the art of dismantle , Transport and re-erection of the table.
As well as our own web site which we let sellers use to advertise their tables as another way of getting their table to the Market , we also recommend they use ebay to give a double prong attack of selling.
You cannot put a direct web site link or email link to GCL Billiards in the advert on Ebay , but you can put GCL Billiards and the telephone number 07753466064 , for any buyer to get a quote for relocating the snooker table .
And for example here are a few photo’s of tables on ebay from 99p to just under £500 that are currently for sale as we speak .
ebay B&W sheffield 99p
This one located in sheffield from 99p start price.
ebay lichfield 100
This one in Lichfield from £100 start price
Ebay nottingham 200
this one in nottingham from £200 start price
Ebay titan table 400

A titan table with what looks like steel block cushions on it from just £400
ebay chilwell estfan 450
here is one I dismantled for a Client in chilwell nottingham from £450
ebay york 499
and one in York for £500 or swop for pool table .
Any of the above tables and any other you wish to choose from the selling pages of Ebay , we would be happy to quote for any Table relocation
Geoff Large is a  Billiard fitter with 40 years personal experience , not a made up of say 10 years from one fitter and 20 from another and two at 5 years to get to 40 years as some firms like to tot up to mislead their experience , but 40 years time served for one fitter .
We have experienced labour too to help us move tables , and the right Vehicle to also load neat and well wrapped up , we also offer a bubble wrapping service if the table is not being set up for a while so as to store all parts dust free and also to protect against damage .
we can also store in heated Dry warehouse in nottingham through our own storage agent Jonills removals which also includes Insurance .
stevens mr cook table into storage container
A table being stored on site for a client , from main house to lock up container in his own Garden .
stevens mr cook table inside storage container
in the container , stacked nice and neat

rex 7 fully loaded on van
A table loaded onto Van , all polished surfaces are protected by blanket wraps
van sign writing back and passenger side
This Van is the correct size to carry 1658 kg load , Legally , there are many vans out there that are actually overloaded and illegal  when carrying Full size snooker tables and all tools plus up to three people.
the long wheelbase version of this medium wheelbase actually carries less weight, it is things like this that Geoff has taken on board to make sure GCL billiards are within the law when out on the road carrying full size snooker tables . A set of italian slates weigh 1000kg , welsh around 11oo to 1200 kg depending on thickness , a Burroughs and watts steel block cushion with steels and three men and tools is about up to the legal limit with around 50 kg to spare .
It is important things like this that GCL billiard take on board to make sure your treasured snooker table arrives safe and sound .
So recommend GCL billiards for any Ebay Snooker table sale, and your table just may get more enquiries knowing that they do not have to look and search for a table fitter when one is at hand and mentioned in your advert , and we have many happy ebay buyers who have used us to relocate their table.

Link to ebay Full size snooker listings