Supreme winner recover in 6811 Strachan cloth

I was contacted by Brian who has a new winner supreme at his home , housed in a rather spacious conservatory .
He was looking for a high quality cloth for his pool table , and I had recommended the Strachan 6811 all wool cloth with fine nap to him .
Brian has all the kit for looking after his Pool table including a very expensive Full size Billiard table iron .
a must if you want to keep that nice fine nap flat for a speedy cloth yet retain it’s napped wool cloth to make that cue ball perform on side and swerve plus screw back shots .
try these sort of shots on nylon speed cloth and the cue ball will not perform , it may be a speedy table using man made fibre speed cloths but these all wool Strachan cloths have been proved to be the best for the type of cue sports played here in the UK.
Have a look at the following photo’s , Brian had some new cushions fitted although I did point out at just over two years old his old cushions where perfectly fine .
the Winner supreme with it’s new cushions placed in order and numbered , we always cover 5&6 cushions to the right as the nap on all side cushions should follow in the same direction as the bed , some speed fitters cover them in all one direction , this is wrong , so always feel the side cushions on your table and make sure the nap is going in the same direction as the slate bed nap , the end cushions nap should go to the left .

always make sure you clean the ball runs when the slate is being re-covered , as grease and muck from these rails transfer to the balls and back onto the nice new cloth you have just fitted , a fitter doing speed work always seems to leave this job plus all the muck inside the table floor , I have seen tables with many crisp packets nub ends , half eaten sandwich , plus other unmentionable food , used condoms if your unlucky , false teeth ? , old sticky sweets ..the list goes on , you name it I have probably found it in a pool table including a gold sovereign that had fell out of someone’s ring .
Again we find the spray on glue that was applied at the factory , these where a problem a few years ago , the recent ones coming out of the factory are much better , this one was a bad one , see photo below to see how it came out when cleaned off with nail varnish remover ( Acetone )
The slate has been soaked in Acetone and the old glue rubbed off to reveal a nice clean slate , a must if you want the ball to roll true up to the pocket fall , if I had left that old glue on like speed fitters do and again used spray on glue the table would have been unplayable , but they would have been down the road having extracted the cash for doing the work and no chance of them calling back to rectify it , and sadly there are a few firms out there that behave like this .

The cloth that was used , Strachan 6811 100% pure new wool cloth with very fine nap .
The finished table , looks inviting ! lets play pool .

Not finished yet though , we have to level the table , we never leave a job half done . by not booking too many table’s in for recovering  in one day we have that extra time to make sure your table is fully playable and that includes levelling within a thickness of a £20 note .
Double check of level using a good old fashioned Engineers level , and the more modern Digital level. 0-0 is bang on
digital level 0.1 £20
What it looks like when the level is out by the thickness of a £20 note ….. =  0-1

If you have a pool table that requires the same care and attention I give all my clients , then go to the firm that cares about it’s reputation in the cue sport industry …GCL Billiards