Pool table Hire for Nottingham / Derby area we supply the best tables at the best rate with the best maintanace program

Looking for a firm to supply you with a new Supreme winner at the best rates which includes excellent maintenance program choice
We are increasing our portfolio of pool tables that we hire out on long term contracts to local pub’s and clubs in the Nottingham and Derby area .
Our table of choice is the best you can buy , the supreme winner 7x4ft as used in world Black ball pool championship 2014 at the Bells sports centre in Perth
perth world pool 2014 championship
the Bells Sports Centre Perth venue of the world 8 ball championship 2014
Look at the photo’s below of one of our tables in a Pub in Chilwell Nottingham , this table is having a Recover ready for the up and coming winter league
they will also require another recover for the summer league in 6 months time .
The slate out of the table with new cloth laid out and old cloth on top to protect from glue contamination when we spread glue to side of slate
we do not use spray on glue as this is the cause of many tables not rolling true with glue build up down the sides and in front of pockets the use of spray on glue is not good .
We apply the glue by comb spreader to the slate that is not in the line of play , so the ball cannot roll off a large clump of glue in the playing area,  as there is none applied by us to that area .
P1020987 P1020988
We also vacuum out the inside of the table , we then wash down all ball rails , this is where all grease and sweat from hands onto ball which then transfers to ball rail and build up like a black wax and makes the balls stick and stop on the rail
Firms who leave this are asking for trouble and this could cost them time and money being called out to a table that has sticking balls on the ball runs due to not cleaning them at every re-cover .
and the last thing a client of ours wants is down time on the pool table due to shoddy workmanship .
also the customer get frustrated with sticking balls in the ball runs and pick up the table at one end and bang it back down to free the ball , this can cause the adjustable foot on the legs to break , making future levelling of the table a problem .
Keep the inside of the table clean and that includes the pull out drawer ball flipper and also spray the coin mech with wd 40 to allow the coins to enter easy without jamming .
the finished table , new Strachan 6811 all wool fine nap cloth , cleaned out inside and also ball flipper tray cleaned and the coin mech lubricated to stop coins jamming .
and we then check and adjust for level . and refit a new racking cloth to the end of the table.
This well maintained table is ready for another Winter league season of trouble free use .
we listen to feedback from our clients , and one establishment phoned me to ask if I had any stickers to put on the table to remind customers to use the racking cloth as they where getting excessive wear around the triangle end of the table .
I started to look around and found hardly anywhere that would make me some at a reasonable price , in the end I looked on vista prints web site and found some bumper stickers , but had to order 50 of them to get the price below £3 per sticker .
Now not  a lot of companies would splash out £150 on stickers , but I like to give value for money with our rental tables and therefore supplied these to be fitted on the end cushion surround .
so now I have started to fit these onto the tables as we go around re-covering them , and the feedback I am getting is a high percentage now take notice and use the racking cloth , a little thing but effective .
this table is one of the best I have worked on for level , you get some tables that require a little shimming under the slate to get the 100% level that most teams crave for , this table has played true right out of the box and is a joy to work on .
some of the bodies that come out of the factory can be  a little out , and if  the slate is not sitting level in the table then a little shimming is allowed to fine tune the slate bed .
this table is bang on and this establishment knows they have one of the best if not the best table in their league , maintained by GCL billiards to a high standard  .
Geoff Large is a time served Billiard’s fitter , and has worked on many different types of cue sports tables , he has seen many changes in the way pool tables are manufactured over the years from chip board and ply to compressed fibre board of todays tables .

if you require a pool table re-covering or you wish to hire a pool table o contract  from GCL billiards in the Nottingham or Derby area  , then please get in touch with us , for a more personal service , we are not side tracked by fruit machines or video games , we are just 100% cue sport table maintenance  firm , we do sometimes offer pool table hire outside our area but this depends on certain factors  , please ask .