Snooker table Karnehm & Hillman 8ft x 4ft for sale . a much sought after size with sectional slate bed ….PHOTO’S now added

We have a client who has sent us some photo’s of a very nice condition Karnehm and Hillman 8ft x 4ft with full size balls
These tables are very well made and being a square leg will suit modern look furniture .
these tables are very much sought after due to the size not being full size yet still offering that full size feel in cushion rebound and build quality you would expect ,
And the reason is they are made exactly like a full sized table , sectional thick slate , bolted into slate cushions , full size rubber profile , full size pockets ,
also a 8ft may be better to play with 10 reds in place of 15 but they can still take 15 reds if required. the table also has 6 legs so the center legs which will stop any slate sagging of the length a common occurrence on 4 legged 8ft tables .
I will be adding photo’s of the table at a later date when the owner sends them to me unlocked to download , I can see the photo’s but cannot download them to this site at the moment , therefore here is one similar being a 10ft one , ( PHOTO’S NOW DOWNLOADED SEE BELOW  last 4 photo’s. )
Essex Cabin K&hillman finish 10ft,
the table in this photo is a 10ft version of a Karnehm & Hillman
the one that my client has is smaller then this table at 8ft but the exact same design and only 4 buttons on each cushion .
not as pristine as this fully refurbished one but still in very good condition cloth and woodwork wise , just the usual zip marks and knocks  on the cushions .

Below is the actual table for sale , I have managed to unlock them from the Microsoft security that was stopping them .

as you can see this table is also in very good condition , and it takes a full size ball so my client says , the table used to belong to my clients father who passed away recently and was still playing in his 90s
my clients father was also a fully qualified referee who officiated in the first televised match at the National liberal club , my client has photo’s of him playing Joe Davies .
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This table is located around the TW2 area of London , if you wish to buy this table please make an offer , if you wish for a price to have it dismantled and transported then erecting , please ask Geoff at GCL billiards for a quote giving your post code
to email
it may help to get a price for moving it first before you make an offer .