Stretch Bed Cloth and Fit new Nets and Leathers in Derbyshire

This week we also visited a table that we re-covered a year ago , we contacted our client  and reminded him that his table was due for a stretching of the cloth and new nets and leathers as we had recommended a year ago , The table had only a few games played on it since the re-cover  , but the cloth did stretch 1 inch from each end and 1/2 an inch on the sides , the old leathers where rock hard and the brass plate was showing , the table now plays faster with it’s re tightened cloth and the pockets look very smart with their new nets and leathers fitted right up to the woodwork .
I often hear of people say that snooker cloth should not be stretched , that is a myth spread by people too tight to pay for it , all cloth will slacken off with time , and it is custom in our industry to recommend a re-stretching of the cloth to not only speed the travel of the ball , but to also prevent rucking as the cue stabs the cloth , this rucking can sometimes cause a rip in the cloth by the cue ferrule cutting into the gathered cloth , and it normally is a large L shape rip , to help prevent this always have you’re table bed cloth stretched at least one time in it’s life span , we recommend after one year. We also clean the slate of chalk dust , especially around the ball position spots , people bang the balls on the spots , this vibrates chalk dust towards the impact and crushed it , this then builds up to a small mountain (Lump) under the cloth at the spot which we remove when the bed cloth come’s off.
The only cloth I do not recommend for re-stretching is Strachan No 10 and Hainsworth match , as these cloths are ultra thin , we fit them and just let them wear out and this will not take long as they are thin cloths already, it is not unusual for these type of cloths to only last 6 months in club use , and a year in private use.
Any other grade of cloth such as tournament or club or Smart  made by these two firms should have a re-stretch at some point in it’s lifespan , we also clean the slate of chalk dust and check and adjust level at the same time .

We removed the old Baulk line with Acetone , and remarked the new Baulk  about 1/2 inch further back so that it covered the old baulk which had moved back because of the re-stretching , this made the re-stretch that much neater , although the baulk is now 1/2 inch further back it is a trade off , neatness or accuracy of marking out to match spec. I always ask the client what he prefers , marking to spec or neatness of table , most choose the neatness .

Would you know the baulk was 1/2 inch out ? …………. I doubt it

The table after the re-stretching and new nets and leathers fitted
Stretch bed cloth and new nets and leathers moira