Sam K steel American pool tables, 4 more tables set up in Derbyshire now a total of 6

We are this week completing a job of 6 K steel american  nine foot pool table’s that we transported from Mansfield Rileys that had closed down to a town in Derbyshire , we set two tables up with part one of the work , but the room  bookings for the other part of the Room for other use prevented us from installing the other 4 tables , now those room booking’s have been completed we are free to get on with phase two , the install of 4 K steel tables .
When we arrived we found all the parts that we carefully stacked in order had been moved and all mixed up because of room decorating  , although these tables are universal and any part will fit any table , I have been trained to always keep a table together , that way it always goes back up with no problems .
so we set about sorting all the parts out on the floor to make sure we where putting the tables back together as they came apart

First photo is of all the frames set out for identification and ready to assemble
genesis 4 k steel start assemble
Second photo is of the 4 frames set-up and in position allowing for cue room and a few tables and chairs ,and  the first set of slates on the far corner table
genesis 4 k steel frames up
the next photo is of the tables all level and the slates are on , the joints have been filled with soft sand Car Body filler for nice smooth slate joints , and are now ready for the next job of putting the new cloth on , we have made a start of stripping the cushions , our plan is to do two tables tomorrow and two the next day , we will not rush and get the tables done in less days , we like to get the tables right we spend a lot of time on the level of the table before we move onto the re-covering ,  we are not speed fitters .
we will add to this job description report tomorrow with more photo’s.

genesis k steel 4 frames with slates level and filled

The next 2 photo’s are the tables with the cloth being put on , the slate beds have been recovered and we are laying out the cushions to attach the upper cushion shroud before  fixing to the top

Genesis during recover two covered
genesis finished beds done laying cushions out
the finished job looking from the bottom end
genesis finished all 6 from bottom end
As you can see we got the tables perfectly in line to each other , nothing spoils a room more than tables not being in line with each other , let’s hope they fit the lighting in line too which is going up tomorrow.
Genesis finished  6 all in line pool tables
Another view of the finished tables form the window end , at this end we had to move the tables again after we had recovered them , they wanted to put a TV lounge at one end of the room , by moving the tables for them we created enough space for our clients to do this ,We have special lifting jacks and heavy  duty trolleys for moving these tables in one go within a room, if you have this type of Sam k steel pool table DO NOT TRY and lift these tables you will do damage not only to yourself but also the slate bed which is tied down with bolts to the frame , a few photo’s of the American New York skyline a route 66 sign and maybe a Murial of the statue of liberty will give the room the american feel they are looking for , I  was at the Range superstore in Nottingham the other day and noticed they have plenty of american themed photo’s some 4 foot by 4 foot a  Murial of the New York skyline in day and night , so have advised they get down there and buy some , they where very keenly priced . a few TV screens are also being dotted around the room and a jukebox .
Genesis all finished from window end