Renovation of a very poor Winner supreme pool table in Derby .

We have collected  a winner supreme pool table for renovation in Derby , the finish of the cabinet is called Brushed alloy , someone took a T cut and tried to make the top surround chrome ? they made a right mess of the top surround , we had a choice silver wrap fablon or silver spray paint , we tried the fablon but it did not look good , so we decided the spray paint was the best way to go.

A photo of the table before we cleaned it up
silver winner before renovation

The cabinet was OK , but it did have a few scuff marks here and there which we could not do anything about , but we sprayed the top with a silver alloy finish paint , renewed the cushions and recovered the table in 777 Strachan cloth , we gave the entire table a thorough clean out , the feet where clogged with dog hairs , and the inside was like a rubbish bin had been tipped up inside it .
it is amazing what traffic film remover can do to spruce a table up , just by a good clean and degrease the table now looks presentable.
We where doing the table up for a sporting organisation in Derby , we like to do our bit for the local community and renovated this table at cost for them, after we inspected a table they all ready had on site which was falling to bit’s and new parts where not available as the table was made in the early 1980’s , we suggested a low cost option to replace at cost , which they agreed to do . and we are sure they will always contact GCL Billiards for any future re-covering work .

A photo of the winner supreme pool table after we renovated it in Strachan cloth and new cushions , plus coin mech and new door locks.
silver winner after renovation 1

We  donated Free a set of rules a cover & new set of balls and cue’s plus triangle brush and 12 chalk
siver winner accessories new
silver winner after corner balls