New client old face in Derby…. 2 snooker table recovers plus nets and leathers

This job is one that I have been going to for many years , unable to get A firm to come in and recover the tables , GCL billiards was contacted for quotes for a maintenance  contract , we called in to service the tables first and then give a report on the condition , that was two months ago , it was arranged with us to start the recovering in august and just have a recover and stretch agreement and they will call us if they require any service visits in between as an extra.
this agreement has saved the Club around £200 per table on their old quote , and they are highly delighted with the work .

The Bonus for this club is they have the same grade  of cloth fitted, Strachan 6811 tournament  , by the same fitter who has done the work for the past 30 odd years , but at  a much lower service quote .
GCL Billiards will work with you to find a more competitive quote using the best materials. just phone Geoff on 07753466064 or email

all that requires doing now is to replace those old fashioned Hartley engineering billiard lights for the 2 new High Frequency twin tube soft white light , lighting units .
I will be writing to the club to recommend doing this , as many club’s in Derby have gone down that route of replacing the old lighting for the new.

The start of the recover and the finished recover with players on the table .
Derby AC 1 left



Derby AC finished left table


the old and new , nets and leathers replaced , looks like the old leather still had cigarette smoke in from before the smoking ban
derby AC old pocket

and the new net and leather
Derby AC new pocket

The middle pocket opening
Derby AC middle pocket

Derby AC finished table right

the right hand table now finished