Strachan Cloth Price increase = higher recover prices from April 1st 2018

We have just had our price list from our cloth supplier for year beginning April 2018
we have seen some increases in cloth prices over the last 4 years and we cannot keep deferring this increase .

over the last three years I have kept our re-cover prices at the same price , but I just cannot do that with the latest price increase.
the largest increase is on the 29 oz version of the Strachan 6811 Tournament , this used to work out at the same price as the 30 oz  recover, but it is now more expensive than the 30 oz .
but I will keep this price for the light weight tournament still at the same price  ( if I can get hold of it )
the 29oz is not always in stock .
I will try and limit the amount of increase , but we simply cannot go on paying more for materials from our supplier and taking the loss ourselves by charging the same price that I have been doing for the past 4 years .
I try to be competitive and stay within £20 of other firms prices .
Do not forget that we do not charge VAT on top of our prices , I have to pay the VAT for the materials and lose that , as I am not vat registered , this I do as 50% of my clients are private people and none vat registered businesses ., just like myself .
I would lose 50% of my clients if I went VAT registered , so I stay below the VAT limit on my turnover , to please my none vat paying clients .

all cloth in the Strachan range has been increased

This badly fitted Strachan  club fitted by another firm , is only £15 less per full size re-cover , than the much better Strachan 6811 tournament 30 oz and 29 oz finer napped cloth .
Some firms undercut us by £20 for a full size table but they then may charge 20% on top for VAT , They sometimes  fit this club cloth , and sometimes it may even have substandard writing on the under side , they get this cloth even lower priced as it is a reject , I have come across this on my travels when taking other firms cloth off as seen in Photo’s .
you will not find this stamp on any cloth GCL billiards supply .

As you can see the cloth is thick club cloth and slow but it was also fitted badly or they supplied substandard tournament with faults all over it or badly cut uneven  nap  , surely the extra cost of £20 is worth getting a qualified time served  billiards fitter in , who will advise you, and help you make an informed choice for your table recover .
So we try not to stock Club Cloth  and we do not offer it as a supplied in stock cloth , it is not rubbish cloth , but it is slow and thick and is used for duration cloth rather than a players cloth .
You can Trust GCL billiards 41 years of experience to guide you to the best cloth for your table for the type of play you require .
there is no such cloth available that is durable and lasts long and plays with speed .
to play with speed = finer thinner lightweight cloths , this reduces life span .
also some manufacturers claims to their cloth being better and lasting longer is not to be taken in .
With over 41 years personal fitting of cloths I can say without taking payment for saying this ,  that Strachan cloths are the best in the world at what they are designed to do .
From the 26 oz 6811 pool version to the very high priced No10 version , there is a cloth suited for your table and Geoff Large at GCL billiards will advise what is best for your cue sports table based on your type of play and expectations of cloth life and speed .
From pool tables to full size tables there is a Strachan cloth suited for your table and we will help you make the right choice .

Strachan also produces their excellent Super Pro Worsted cloth available in a variety of colors
this cloth forms well over the very hard to fit center slate falls of some manufacturers american 9ft pool tables and plays very well .

We can also direct you to a firm that prints designs into the Super Pro speed cloth for pool tables from 6ft to 9ft american ( Extra cost for this service )
but if you are a Pub chain or large establishment , you may wish to have a word with one of the brewery reps to pay for this , and cover advertising cost .
or even pay for the cloth and just pay GCL billiards the labour charge to fit it .
we can work with your brewery or beer rep to provide this service .
here are some we did for Butlins in skegness .
From personal coat of arms to football teams emblems , to beer logo’s , and also club names
the back ground design on this cloth could be stars , rain drops , paint ball splatter and so on .

You may notice that the shade design also follows into the cushions , these cushion strips have to be fitted to correspond with the design , it is like matching wall paper up .

the cloth kit comes with instructions on where to place each cushion cloth strip to align up with the pattern .
each cloth is colour coded .

Artscape Strachan super pro printed cloths come in various designs , and can be custom made using one of their back grounds to your own artwork logo