Arts & Crafts Thurston 9ft Billiard table move to North Wales.

I have had the pleasure of moving a very nice carved Arts & Crafts billiard table this week to North Wales .
My Client Alan contacted me over several months to locate a table he also kept an eye out for one suitable that could be picked up between Nottingham and Wales .
this one was advertised on Ebay and was located in Knutsford in Cheshire.
so nicely placed between us .

I arrived at Knutsford to be met by Alan and the seller Jo , the home was a very nice arts and crafted designed Home .
the table was left in the house by the previous owner , and Jo and her Husband wished to use the room for another purpose .
the table was supplied by Sir William Bentley Billiards to the previous owner who paid a very large sum for it .
Alan got it at a very good price , but it has to be said selling a  snooker table these days is not a very easy process and low offers or bidding is the normal process at which a table is sold
Alan won the bidding on the table so he arranged with GCL billiards to do the table dismantle move and set back up in North Wales .

the table being dismantled in Knutsford , note the arts and Crafts fireplace
the legs of the table are carved Acanthus leaf design , a common design used in Victorian time and later arts and crafts carving .
This table dates from 1910 to 1936 , that was the reign of King George V and this table sports a Thurston name plate in Ivory on one cushion .
This is also within  the time period of Arts and Crafts Movement from 1880 to 1920’s .

the Name plate on one end cushion of Thurston , the time period is of course taken from the King George V statement .
note the brass billiard chalk cup under slung the cushion .

the table was transported to Penygroes north wales near llanberis , I arrived approx 1.30pm
and the table was completed and ready for play by 4.30pm .

the finished table , now located in Alan’s North wales home .
a modern Home , yet will look the part with oak flooring and skirting , the oak table although darker blends in .
a modern LED light unit clad in oak on the ceiling is being planned .

Side frame carved buttons and lower bowed frieze and knee panels with matching buttons complete the Arts and Crafts look .
note the 1/4 sawn oak grain in the side frame .
the polish of the table is in very good order , and Alan did very well for the complete package of purchase and dismantle transport and erect in North wales .
I can only see the value of this particular table increase in value in the future .
A sought after 9ft size and a collectible Arts and Crafts piece , I am sure even Drew Pritchard & T just down the road from Alan at Conwy , would appreciate this classic time piece .
Now is the time to buy these tables , antique dealers shun away from them because of the weight and time it takes to employ billiard fitters to move correctly .
It is only a matter of time before antique Billiard tables take off again and become sought after especially the 3/4 sized ones like this 9ft , and prices then will be much higher ….NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY
An unskilled move can cause damage , Alan had the foresight to contact GCL billiards to  carry out this specialist work .
And also had the foresight to inquire about tables well in advance of buying one and then asking for my opinion of that table ,   and getting a quote to relocate it BEFORE BUYING !
GCL billiards have 41 years personal time served billiard fitter in Geoff Large .
If you have a table you wished to be moved contact the professionals at GCL billiards .