8ft Karnehm & Hillman snooker table installed in Cambridge .

Today I have been over to Cambridge to our client Eoin ( Owen )  who bought a 8ft Karnehm and hillman billiard table via our for sale pages direct from the seller .
this table was in very good order but required new nets and leathers and a re-cover .
the table is a three section slate bed , and required adjustable slate supports to be fitted as an extra and an advisable thing to do when installing .
this cut’s out the possibility of future slate sagging .

a photo of the table before dismantle and collection from our selling client , collected from the Aylesbury area .
in an upstairs location and was bought for just a few hundred pounds .

The table now installed in Eoin’s ( Owen) , Cambridge home .
Eoin  ( Owen ) has spent a considerable amount having the table collected and delivered plus the re-cover and new nets and leathers , &  adjustable slate supports
these Karnehm and Hillman tables are considered one of the better made tables here in the UK .
8ft one’s are very rare to find , this table will now give years of trouble free play .

Adjustable slate bearers are fitted to prevent slate sagging , many tables made in the 1980’s where not fitted with them .
GCL billiards fit them as precaution and preventative measure .
It also gives the client peace of mind that this slate sagging will be prevented in the future and also gives the option of adjusting it out if it did occur .