Sorry we cannot take anymore work on before Christmas we are fully booked out all days even Saturdays November 2015 /Christmas period

from 13th NOVEMBER 2015 to 4th of January 2016 …………………….Fully booked out for work


Due to influx of  Booking for work we have no more days available before christmas for any more work
We have become very popular Local and even outside our  Midlands area .
We have worked booked in for Portsmouth Area / Cheshire / Lincolnshire / Wakefield / Derbyshire / Rugby / Manchester / Nottingham / Mansfield / Grantham / & Leicester
I am sorry if anyone is desperate to have work done on their cue sports table , but there are just no more days or hours to spare
matlock cabin inside table shot
everyone wants there table either setting up or re-covering for christmas and it always gets busy this time of year
Butlins Artscape Budwieser purple and green water
We even have a week’s work at butlins re-covering their American 9ft   American pool tables in Artscape Budweiser logo printed cloth
it is jobs like these that take weeks up rather than a day
cue ball snooker area
add on 4 days work in a large snooker club
hunters Bar
also pool tables in another club taking more days out of the 6 remaining weeks to Christmas Day
add to these large job’s , around 20 private house tables to do and you can see why we are saying no more work before christmas !
we are very sorry to have to refuse work , and hope that you can use us in the new year
We are worth waiting for , we never rush work , and we try and improve a table if you are having problems
We also specialise in the transportation of snooker table and pool table supto a combined weight of 1600 kg Payload
van igor loaded inside cargo
our van with full size snooker table on board , this table with tools weighs around 1400 kg
if you require work doing we are available for bookings for work  from the 4th of January 2016 .