Oak set of Riley Snooker cushions for sale fully renovated re-rubbered and ready to fit to a period Riley Oak table

Anthony Hamilton’s snooker cushions from his riley table that was once installed in his Fathers house for him to practice on in the 1980s/90s
Kirkham old cushions stacked up

I have just fitted a set of steel cushions to a table that was renovated in December 2013 , the cushions that have now come off are in A1 Condition woodwork wise and rubber and cloth wise , they come complete with riley pocket plates with Brown leather and nets fitted.
the cushions come in a clear light oak finish sealant that was applied by the owners.
The owners Brother has his  own Carpentry shop and is a professional Skilled Carpenter , he did a lot of wood work renovations to this set of cushions which by the way once belonged to Anthony Hamilton the snooker player from Nottingham
Kirkham set of old riley cushions and pocket plates
above you can see the pocket plates with the nets and leathers till attached and the slide in panels with the riley nameplate in the centre of it, these slide in to hide the bolt fixings when on the table .
Kirkham old Riley cushion on top of steels
in this photo it shows one of the cushions resting on top of the newly fitted steel block cushions that the owner has now upgraded to , there is nothing wrong with these cushions they have new rubber on , they do not require re-covering as the cloth has hardly been played on ,
the cushions in December 2013 having the new rubber angles cut to size .
the finish is natural light oak with no stain at all in the wood , note the 1/4 sawn oak figuring in the wood grain pattern ! it really is quality timber that you would not find on any modern snooker table .
the cushions as they look on the table , they have some very nice quarter sawn oak that is figured on the cushions see photo’s !
The steels are a bit less noisy on rebound thud , and the rebound slight better , but with these cushions being solid oak they have very good rebound value too .
If you have a Riley table that has old worn out oak cushions and you are thinking about having them renovated , then here is the best offer you are going to get , just £350 for the cushions complete with pocket plates ready to fit ,and they will just bolt straight onto any Riley welsh slate table with 5 bolt holes on the side cushions and 6 bolt holes on the end cushions , built before 1960s . by 1970s they had moved onto Italian slate with 6 bolt holes in every cushion , this set will only fit tables with side cushions that have 5 bolt hole’s and 6 end cushion bolt holes so please make sure they fit your table , if uncertain ask Geoff .

If you are unsure bring a side and end cushion along to compare the bolt hole spacing’s .

They are collect only from near Derby , direct from the seller’s home . He may even show you his fantastic basement snooker /games room and the table they came off .
Contact Geoff on 07753466064

or email me at         c.large@btinternet.com   ask for Geoff .

at £350 you are really getting the cushions for free as the work gone into to these cushions would cost you in the region of £500 to £600 + what ever the woodwork repairs came to

Re-rubber £325 and they where also re-blocked for the rubber to sit on new wood .
Re-cloth cushions £180
wood work repairs and sealing ?