Thurston Solid English Oak Full size snooker table for sale at just £200 space required !

Once in a lifetime Bargain of the opportunity to own a quality made Full size snooker table
This very fine carved leg Thurston snooker table is for sale at just £200
and that’s because the owner is very realistic on price and requires the room
Thurston oak table £200 martin cloth condition poor
This table will require some work to restore it , but then again the owner is not asking £1500 for it as it stands like some do
you can sympathetically stain and wax the table frame and have the cushions re-polished
the rubber will require replacing as does the cloth and nets and leathers  .
Please note the Score Board on the far wall is not being listed for sale with the table , but there is a standard scoreboard and accessories that do come with the table .
Thurston table £200 martin oak
from this photo you can see the scoreboard that is included with this table , also the metal Hartley engineering Joe Davies approved shadowless lighting canopy which is also with the table
and the balls and rests that are displayed on the table .
Thurston table oak leg carved martin close up
A very nice carved design into all 4 faces of the leg topped off with the finger carvings on the upper part
I am sure there is a proper name for this carving design but just not been able to look it up at the moment .

if you are interested in this very fine Thurston table then please contact Geoff by Email only at