Seven supreme winners Re-clothed using Hainsworth Match and Elite pro cloth .

We visited a club in Grantham this week to re-cloth 7 supreme winner 7ft tables , six in Hainsworth green match and one in Hainsworth Elite pro green .
in the past our client had gone with the normal competitors standard cloth , grade just above club cloth .
and I suggested a treat for her customers to upgrade to the match cloth made by Hainsworth , a more smoother short nap and therefore faster tables .
the one difference to have one table covered in the speed cloth with no nap of Hainsworth elite pro .

as you can see the tables look pristine ready for the England  v Germany match tonight .
I will be calling back at the end of the year to re-cloth the 9ft American Sam K steels in Hainsworth Elite pro

May be an image of billiards and indoorMay be an image of billiards and indoor