Hainsworth powder blue smart on this 9ft snooker dining table today .

I have been over to a private house near Ashby del a zouch to re-cloth a large 9ft raise and fall snooker dining table .
Ben was looking for something more bespoke to match the décor of his room and chose the powder blue in Hainsworth smart .
Hainsworth smart comes in a verity of colours , probably the most colour selection of any decent make of cloth on the market .
this  snooker diner is in the rare size of 9ft , not many 9ft snooker diners about , most manufacturers stop at 8ft because of the span , and dipping of slate in the centre .
This table has adjustable anti bow bars on the underside to take most of the dip out .
And surprising to find it was a three section slate bed and not a one piece bed .most raise and fall diners , have one piece slate bed because of the raise and fall device ,
you have to be very careful not to knock or shock the joints out of alignment when gently lowering and raising the dual action brackets .
I refilled the joints with body filler and sanded the whole bed in before fitting the cloth .

the 9ft diner during strip down of the green cloth .

close up of the Hainsworth powder blue cloth , a close enough match to the paneling on the lower wall .

the finished table  , you can just make out the five section wood table top stacked underneath .
this table will only be used as a dining table once a year at Christmas .

the adjustable anti bow bar device built to the underside of the table slate bed .
to adjust up slacken off back nut and tighten outside nut , reverse to let down the bow if too much .
you may also see the raise and fall brass brackets here too , click clack action to raise to play , and to gently lift again to drop to dine off on the lower height
the pin follows the zig zag to lower  , lift again to  the rest pin in cup ,  and again to drop down one side of the bracket through the zig zag to stop it falling too quick .
a simple device which seems to be the most used on all diners .