Re-cloth full size snooker table in Silver grey Hainsworth smart near Leicester .

Today I have been over to a village just south of Leicester to re-cloth in a coordinating colour of silver Grey
the house has this grey white theme running throughout the house in most rooms .
A big thankyou to James , who supplied me with a sausage and tomato sandwich and plenty of tea and cold drinks
it was a warm day today and James also supplied me with a standing fan to keep me cool .

A sports theme bar room with full size snooker table .

Hainsworth describe this as silver , but it is definitely a grey cloth ,
Hainsworth Smart Cloth - Pool Table Recovering
Colour chart for Hainsworth smart , showing the vast range of colours available to coordinate most rooms décor .

Another angle of the table showing the light flooding in from the window , this gives a better shade to what the cloth colour really is .
although Hainsworth say Silver , I would describe it more slate grey .

our client had hand painted the table in a white matt finish  , prior to our re-cloth .
new nets and leathers complete the renovation .
the next photos are all tables Geoff at GCL billiards has re-clothed in Hainsworth Smart cloth in a variety of colours chosen by our clients .

Hainsworth smart is available in a vast range of colours , this one is Paprika

Hainsworth Smart in Purple

Hainsworth smart in Royal blue

Hainsworth smart in Sage

Hainsworth smart in Powder Blue .

Hainsworth smart in Taupe

not a colour  I would recommend as it gets dirty very quick but here is Hainsworth smart in Gold
or Golden Yellow as I would describe it .

And last but not least Hainsworth smart in Green ,
as you can see you have a wide choice in Hainsworth smart cloth for colours , I would say the most choice  in this grade and make of cloth than any other on the market .
and that is why I recommend it to people wishing to look for a colour that suits their décor and style .
Hainsworth smart is a hard wearing thicker cloth that is long lasting .
The trick is to brush and iron it on a regular basis to keep it’s speed up otherwise it will slow down , as would any napped cloth of any thickness , if you allow it to roughen and scuff up .
So every 10 hours of use , brush and nap block and iron the cloth and you will find it plays very well .