Re-rubber and re-cover of snooker tables and pool tables in Derby for Cueball club

Danny at the Cueball club in Derby asked me to come in this week to carry out various re-covering of snooker and pool tables plus one full size re-rubber .
this well known local Derby club is well attended and the cloth on some of the tables will require a re-cover well before the normal two year wear expected from these Hainsworth cloths .
over the past 4 years Danny has improved the tables exchanging over cushions for better manufactured ones , and fitting new cloths and also nets and leathers , plus now we are getting into having a table re-rubber  every now and again .
Running a club this size you have to keep to a strict code of table improvements on a regular annual basis
where some of the tables will last longer than others , the main first six to seven tables get excessive wear and tear , and it is these tables that you have to keep on top of , or you may lose clients to a rival club very quickly as snooker and pool players can be some of the most demanding of clients to provide for .
and with Snooker and pool leagues are in on various nights being played the players often call in to practice on other off nights to keep on top of their game .
so Danny makes sure that the tables are looking their best , with regular brushing and ironing and then the annual recovering and maintenance of which I am very happy that he chose GCL billiards to carry this work out .
this is table 8  , a match table for one of the teams playing out of the Cueball club Derby .
this table has had new Northern rubber fitted and a shade opening up of the corner pocket openings especially at the rear of the opening after the slate fall .
a shade over 3.5 inch at the fall , this pocket used to close to near on 3 inch at the rear where the leather of the pocket plate is
it is now opening out to 3.3/8ths to 3.5 inch approx .
this is table 9 , and a favorite table of Cueball manager Wayne ( nickname Storm ) again  a match table
having Hainsworth Match cloth fitted to the 2 inch slate bed  for speed with it’s very close shaved nap and thin cloth .
the cushions having Hainsworth Smart cloth fitted to them , this is because putting thin cloth on cushions is very bad for wear and tear ,the thin cloth will split easy that is why we use a slightly thicker but still a short nap in the smart cloth for cushions .
you may notice that the lighting at the cue ball is all modern high frequency white light tube fittings  , this makes for a brighter playing surface and less shadows of balls and under cushion shadow eliminated .
these are the next best things for lighting a snooker table up , they mimic the crucible lighting in Sheffield .
not all cloths are easy to fit , on these thin match cloths you have to use a G clamp around the center pockets .
on club cloths I can just fit without the G clamp , the G clamp protects the cloth from being ripped when stretching and makes for getting the wrinkles out much better around that very hard to fit center slate fall . .
cueball derby pool room
the very Bright pool room where I have also been working re-covering some of the 6 pool tables .
cueball pool room busy
this room gets very busy on match nights and also on none match nights .
looking for somewhere to play snooker or Pool in Derby with plenty of free parking the size of a football field !
Bar snacks selection of beer and wines and friendly atmosphere then visit
The Cue Ball club
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