Pool Table Recovering …GCL Billiards No 1 in this area

We are very busy due to the fact that we are well known in the East Midlands and Midlands Area.
Geoff at GCL billiards has been Recovering snooker and Pool Tables for over 40 years in the billiards industry
from mid 197os to 2016 , working for a local well known firm and now for the past 5 years under the GCL Billiards Banner.
Below is just scratching the surface of what we do and where we go .
hastings direct cloth glued
a 7ft table in Leicester for a well known insurance firm being recovered in Strachan 6811 cloth .
Arches slates to one side before
three rental tables in Coventry also with Strachan 6811 recover
chequers pool strip down
another local rental table this time in Beeston Nottingham and yet again our most popular choice of cloth Strachan 6811 .
super league finished table best shot
it is not just modern tables that we work on , this is an early  1980s Super League in Burgundy Strachan 777 cloth
King billy finished table balls et up
we also get some very curious colours , our client at this Nottingham pub required golden yellow an Hasinsworth smart cloth
jack daniels black cloth
a private house in Leicester ordered this special Jack Daniels logo cloth again Hainsworth smart cloth
very expensive to have a logo cloth fixed to your table .
Butlins hotshots artscape bud dec 2015
we also recover 9ft american pool tables , these are Brunswick Crown tables at Butlins skegness
with Budweiser logo with water droplet design on Strachan super pro speed cloth .
Coopers 5 tables finished pool
a large club in Wellingborough Northampton with 9 pool tables also have GCL billiards maintain their tables .
Stabbo march 2016 strip down 2
one of our very regular clients in Stapleford Nottingham with 4 tables
west end finished pool
small pub also in Stapleford having their Supreme Prince recovered .
Hunters Bar Dec 15th 2015 7 recovers on pool
I will be at this large club in Grantham next week recovering 7 uk 7ft pool tables , 4 american 9ft sam tables , and one or two full size snooker tables
Butlins team diner dec 2015
two tables for staff canteen Skegness
Towers slate beds recovered now
9 tables that I did last year in Mansfield for a pool competition .
probation finished
a probation hostel 7ft pool table
pool table kegworth riley 7ft almost finished
a table in Kegworth
coop north beds glued match 2
A Northampton snooker club
cueball pool hall busy
Well known Derby snooker club
Nottm tennis disabled set up ready
Nottingham tennis Center
Derby county Black pool table
to Derby county training ground playing staff table .
newark blue pool side level
A private house in Newark
Supreme 6ft school recover finished
Local School in long Eaton
Sandiacre winner finshed mk1
Sandiacre Nottingham
Mansfield home play pool finished
Mansfield a private house
Sam K steel assemble slates on level and filled
Installing Sam K steel 9ft american pool in Sheffield
cricket from ball return end finished
England Cricket Board Loughborough
ascot glueing new 6811 cloth on

Derby again , I get to do a few in this town for private homes .
Rear view of van Igor
you may see our van about
if you have a pool table that requires a re-cover or maybe new cushions , then contact Geoff at GCL billiards for a quote .
a photo of the table to c.large@btinternet with your post code is all I need to give a quote .