Ex rental pool table sold , replacing with new stock on order . GCL billiards first choice for contract Pool table rentals .

Now and again my rental stock comes back in off site , it maybe a change of landlord or the takings do not cover the cost , but at the end of a contract they sometimes do come back into stock .
it is my policy to sell on tables that have come back in and replace with new stock , this way my rental stock is kept up to to latest spec tables that is being produced by Supreme
I first put this table out for rental in Nottingham in 2014 , it has come back in after this time and although it is in mint condition still
My policy of selling on and replacing with new stock is crucial to keeping GCL Billiards as first choice for Rental tables .
some times it can take up to 8 weeks to replace the tables as supreme have constant orders coming in all the time  , so we have constant orders going in as we expand our rental sites and stock
Railway inn sawley new supreme winner oak
I only had two oak tables out on rental most of our stock are Black pearl  , this one has now been sold to a local pub in Sawley near Long Eaton Nottingham Derby border  .
supreme factory 1
Supreme are running at full steam to produce more tables , but there is always a waiting list for tables as they cannot produce them fast enough
supreme 3 on van room for one more
these three went out to one rental site in Coventry  , I do not normally rent out over 15 miles from my base , but this site looks after the tables very well , and I must say our Rental arrangement does work well with this site which gets a re-cover every 6 months
arches tables without slates