Strachan 6811 Tournament Snooker cloth now available in 3 grades of weight for GCL Billiards Re-covering .

I have  just received my new price list for Strachan 6811 tournament snooker cloth

A new grade has been added ,  the new cloth is 29 oz grade and has been treated with spill guard , this cloth has just been introduced and is supposed to be faster than the 30 oz version and has stain resistant properties , although my experience of scotch guard is that it is not 100% stain proof . = faster version of 30 oz

our most popular weight is the 30 0z  as pictured below = the most used cloth in the industry , proven track record of speed  ball control on nice short nap and long life and all 100% wool cloth

old mill new cloth 6811 T

and there is a heavy weight version of 32 oz  =    longer lasting but will play slower than the other two grades again all 100% wool cloth no man made fibers.

Hulland ward 6811 embroidery

What ever cloth you require GCL billiards can supply and fit to customers preference , we always carry a stock of the 30 oz Strachan 6811 tournament so we are ready to recover , but other special weights are normally ordered and  into stock  for use within 24 to 48 hours during week days .
We are getting very popular and we would prefer if you booked your table re-cover well in advance of you requiring the work completed , as we can sometimes be fully booked out for 4 to 8 weeks in advance .