Re-rubber and Re-cover of full size snooker table in Derby

I have been working in an old Mill the last couple of days , the work involved stripping off the old white low quality standard rubber and replacing it with best quality Northern rubber Uk made and as used by the world governing body and World Snooker on TV tournament tables.
I forgot to take my Camera with me the first day so sorry no photo’s of the actual re-rubber .
So here are a few Photo’s of the table just as I was finishing off .
Hilton mill  old white rubber
the old Rubber that I took off , age is around 1980 and these still had some life left in them , but my client was having this table renovated for her Husbands Birthday .
and wanted it to be spot on for her Husband who was away for the week when I was told to come over and she actually booked me 6 weeks ago , he will get a nice surprise when he returns this Saturday .
The New cushion Rubber will last around 30 years in Home use , maybe more .
The cloth used was Best quality Strachan 6811 tournament 30 oz , a good speed and medium thickness makes this cloth long lasting and fast if Brushed and ironed regular.
a nice close shorn nap , makes this cloth ideal for someone who requires accuracy in their snooker play .
Hilton mill bed cloth on

There are a few grades of cloth in 6811 strachan this one being the top one and 6811 club being next quality down  , and there is is only £20 difference in price between these two grades of cloth .
A reputable firm will always fit and recommend the 6811 Tournament over the silver which is very slow and long napped , and not so reputable firms always fit substandard or lower quality cloth , and even chinese copy cloths so buyer beware get it in writing that they are using 6811 tournament 30 oz cloth and inspect the cloth before fitting as it is branded down one side edge .
Hilton mill cushion son finsihed table
The finished table , I must say I like the minstrel’s gallery around the upper floor , in fact I like the old mill as a building , just through the doors is a Brook with ducks and open fields
The Mill still has it’s large chimney and looks to have been a steam engine house outside too .
the owner was delighted with the work that was carried out , and i explained every step i took in the refurbishment of the table , explaining about the modern cut to the pocket opening , which where left exactly as before 4 inch to the fall , these are rather large pockets , but they like that size and would have struggled with their play on smaller pocket openings .
If you look closely just above the shade you may see a magnum of champagne , it is on a shelf just below the steel safety rail , this is for the first person to score 50 break or over , and it’s been there for 14 years unopened . Click on the photo to enlarge .
hilton mill peradon dust cover
The owner also took my advise and had a new Peradon fitted dust cover and a high quality Peradon Pure Bristle brush to keep the cloth in good order , they are also going to buy a Dowsing Iron , having owned the table for 14 years they have never had a Table iron .
A new set of balls and 6 new cue’s have also been purchased .