Perished Rubber on pool tables . if buying second hand pool table check the bounce in cushion .

Have you ever experienced dead rock hard or spongy cushion’s on a pool table .
your game is spoilt by not being able to get the ball to bounce off and travel .
Derby pool perished rubber set

take a look at this set of rubber that I took off a table recently in Derby
Derby pool table perished rubber

it was that bad that it was stuck to the cloth that I was taking off the cushion , these perished rubbers are sticky to the touch and give off a foul smelling odour when you take the cloth off .
Derby pool perished rubber being replaced board
The set of cushions with no rubber on being glued and back edge of new rubber is also being glued with contact adhesive .
The table was an old lyme grove made around 1980 . and these looked like the original cushion rubber .
The table was purchased off Ebay 2 years ago , so beware of old tables on ebay and some not so old one’s that have rubber that is turning to soft gunge like this , or going rock hard.
it can be costly from £70 to £140 plus postage  for a new set of cushion rubber or replacement set of cushions .
this table was also recovered in strachan 777 Pool cloth in Burgundy Red.
Derby pool perished rubber new burg 777 cloth

I could have done without this messy job today but could not resist the challenge of getting it put right for our client  we are really busy at the moment the phone is none stop .
the next three days I am in Skegness at Butlins , they have had some vandals rip some of the cloths in the green baize Club so have called me in to repair them at short notice so had to juggle a few job’s around to fit them in .
but they are good clients and like anyone who has had work done for them by GCL billiards we do appreciate return custom , it also lets us know we are doing the work right as Butlins soon drop any Tradesmen who do not come up to to spec on work done.
other work in are 2 full size recovers in staffordshire , stretch and pool recover in Nottingham , two recover pool tables in Derbyshire, another recover in Nottingham for full size , recover pool table for Cricket board in loughborough , 2 set up full size snooker tables , 7 full size snooker recovers in Northamptonshire and two pool tables and one american pool , insurance job for dismantle and bring into store full size snooker , and around 4 stretch bed cloths plus our own rental pool tables maintenance and recovers etc .

I am away on holiday first week of July and it looks like we are going to fill most days in before I go away