Another 7×4 superleague pool table re-cover in nottingham

we have had our fair share of Hazel Grove MHG super league’s this month already .
this table is at the estates club that also has a 9ft snooker table upstairs  .
the last person to recover it should have cleaned the inside of the table out , it was shocking !

estates superleague before

The table above before I started to clean it out and re-cover it in 6811 Strachan pool cloth.
Estates superleague dirty rails waxed up
just look at the dirt and wax build up on the ball rails , I am sure the balls where sticking inside the table
If you allow a table to get in this state then the players will start picking the table up and slamming it back down to release a stuck ball , this will damage the feet and may even crack the slate.
This is why it is a must when re-covering to take slate out and clean the inside of the table out , wash down all ball runs and side eject tray .
estates superleague cleaning wax off rails

It is easy to clean the rails , a bucket of warm soapy water and a washing up Brush is what I used on this table , but a wet cloth will also do the same job .
estates superleague dirty ball tray waxed up

The side Eject tray will also collect dust and sweat wax and build up just like in this photo above .
estates superleague clened ball tray
the cleaned up ball eject tray , I also cleaned the swivel tray and side glass and the cue ball separator  device .
a clean ball tray and ball rails will result in NO BALLS sticking which makes for a much better game of pool without the frustration of a ball or balls sticking inside the table on the dirt wax build up.

Estates superleague broken coin spring
I also noticed that the return spring had broken on the coin mech , i just snipped the brioken part off , prised a new loop on the existing spring and put it on the slide lug like below photo
estates spring repair
A simple fix that took a couple of minutes
Estates superleague finished table
Finished table , cleaned out repairs done , and leveled ready for play and new ball skirt fitted.
I also noticed that the cloth before this recover had been spray glued on and was falling off the slate , he also got spray glue over the inside ball rails and centre ball run .
I asked who had done the last re-cover , and the owners said it was the slot machine people , they exchanged the cushions with a set that had already been done and re-covered the slate in 20 minutes with the spray on glue , GCL billiards took a full 2 and a half to  3 hours to complete the job properly , and that is the difference between a skilled billiards fitter and a speed fitter.
if you want a good job doing correct ,then get a cue sports table specialist who takes his time and carries out the work to a professional standard .