Another 7×4 Super league Pool table to recover this time in Newark

The superleagues have been making an appearance for me these last couple of weeks .
they where the top table to buy in the 1970s/80s , but with stiff competition from Supreme they have lost their top spot .
Superleague still make tables but they are much different to the old bench legged 1970s model , they are traditional style with turned legs and they also make a model with sloping plastic legs like the Supreme winner called the Magnum.
their other models being named Imperial and Winchester . these are the turned legged versions
So here we have the older superleague bench legged table , this one had a few problems in that the cushions where all mssing the centre fixings , lucky for our customer i had salvaged some second hand fixings from  the Derby job i did last Friday.
superleague newark blue 777 glued
the table being glued for the bed cloth fixing.
superleague newark 777 cloth logo blue

the logo of the cloth we where using today , the standard Strachan 777 Pool cloth , this cloth requires a lot of Brushing and ironing to make fast .
superleague newark missing fixingssuperleague newark replace sh fixings
the missing tumbler bolt , and replaced with some spare ones I salvaged from another second hand table in Derby .
These type of fixings are the fitters curse , they were never a good design , and were replaced with allen key bolts later on when the imperials where first introduced , but if you think these fixings are bad the mk1 one tables of the very early 70s had a cam fixing which used to unturn when balls hit the cushion , the tumbler has 4 prongs for a screw driver to slip into and turn to tighten , these snap off after a few re-covers..
superleague newark finished table with balls set up
the finished table in Royal Blue cloth , Our client also purchased from us a new set of spots and stripe balls .